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Reverence Episode 15


Reverence Episode 15


 “Year 1985, My name is Nora Albert I'm among the school's second generation, so on my third day here in All saint's girls high school, I found this almost shattered book in the library and picked it up, I started to read a story written in there by a girl named Genevieve Smith and it took my interest, well reading the book at first I thought it was our school's history but then I stood corrected when i got farther in the story, I didn't and couldn't believe that stuffs like that happened in the school, first the rumour about the crying child in the bathroom and then missing girls, how did their parents ever feel or find out about them missing and what ever happened to the girl Genevieve Smith or did she make the whole story up? The questions in my head opened a doorway for curiosity and I wanted to find out if what Genevieve Smith said was true. I decided to dig up further information on my own accord and I told neither of my friends about this, because the school was perfectly normal to me, everyday of my life was normal that another side of me wanted to drop my curiousness wanting to believe that Genevieve Smith made up this whole story, but then again I feel a strange truth behind the story. Just like Genevieve Smith wrote, we still showed Reverence every night before going to bed and our principal still remained miss Isabella Jenkintowns, she had a four Year old son who strangely doesn't attend school but always spend his little time in his mother's office. And Genevieve Smith wrote how Miss isabella Jenkintown was the nicest principal and how she understood every student, but no the Miss Isabella Jenkintown now is way different from what Genevieve wrote, The miss Isabella Jenkintown is now quiet, very distant from students and she hardly smiles, she hardly ever step out of her office.

 Well with my curiosity still brewing every day, I decided to find out more about Genevieve Smith and what happened to her. I decided to ask the librarian about the school's year book and if they had one and I was extremely happy when she told me the school had year books on each year, I wasted no time in borrowing the 1980 year book, it took me a lot of time before finding out which class Genevieve Smith was and her school profile just stated that she's Genevieve Smith born in the year 1964, was in class 8B and dropped out of school in grade eleven. The information felt a little weird but that same day I just returned the book back to the library.

     I was still curious with Genevieve Smith story, but then it was five years ago, I felt like I was wasting my time finding out anything. My curiosity still remained intact but I did nothing and just rewrote Genevieve Smith story in a neat and new book disposing the old one.

    I think my normal days started to get weird when I first saw miss Isabella Jenkintown's son, his mother doesn't let him wander around the school or let him even out of her office, so anyone hardly saw him, and then the first day he walked around the school hallway, when he passed by me, I found myself staring at him, his little height but mighty walking steps, his tiny shoe made heavy noises as he walked, he was wearing a black tuxedo that matched his dark hair he looked fierce and cute, all other student had no time in staring at this little boy, but I found myself staring at him so much that he noticed and his little feet got faster and he ran away.

  And then the next day around midnight, I woke up and head to the bathroom, so it was completely quiet and the lights in the bathroom were faulty that it starts to flicker. After easing myself up, I walked in front of the bathroom sink to wash my hand. As I washed my hands I looked up at the mirror and recalled Genevieve Smith story which said it was the mirror which the rumour about the crying baby started.

   I dried my hands and when I turned around I was a bit shocked when I saw a little boy standing by the bathroom door. I was a bit relieved seeing it was miss Isabella Jenkintown's son.

 He had a smile on his face as he stared at me, I asked him what was he doing in the bathroom and by the time of the night, he told me his mother was alseep and Just felt like walking around the school, I told him to go back to bed that it wasn't healthy to stay up late that he was just a little boy, and I added that ghosts would come get him if he stays awake and he let's out a laugh, and his reply laid printed in my head. “ghosts can't get me, I'll get them instead”. To be honest, I was surprised by his bold words and I smiled at him and told him he was one of the bravest boy I have ever met, but he shook his head with a smile saying he's not a boy and will not be a boy, I laughed saying he cannot change what he has been created as. And I was also surprised with the way he spoke, he had the voice of a four years old but the words that escaped his mouth were words that were bigger than him and also me. He said i have misunderstood the situation that he's not a boy but a man, I laughed again and told him he's a man but not yet, his little body needs to grow up for him to become a man, he smiled and told me he liked the way I laughed. I awkwardly thanked him for his compliment and was about to leave but then he called me back and asked for my name, I asked him he wanted my name and he just said that he liked me, I laughed and walked out of the bathroom without telling him my name. 'what a strange little boy' I had thought at that moment.

  The next day immediately after dinner, on my way back to class the principal son appeared out of nowhere and stood before me in the hallway, his eyes looking brighter likewise last night.  He asked for my name again and I decided to tell him, he left without saying anything, and just as I made a turn to the next hallway I almost bumped into miss Isabella Jenkintown the principal, it was the first time I'll be seeing her up close, she looked so pale and skinny, she glared at me and told me to stay away from her son and then walked away. I was taken aback a bit, she should have warned her son to stay away from me, I'm just being a student here.

  That night at exactly three pm a loud knock woke me up from my deep sleep, I was so surprised my roommates didn't hear the knock, they were all deeply asleep, I was a deep sleeper too, but I did hear the knock and they didn't.

 I went to get the door and surprisingly saw the principal's son in front of the door.

 He called my name happily and told me to come with him.  I was surprised, he's just four, what is he still doing awake and alone by this time of the night. I asked him why he wasn't alseep yet and he promise me he'd tell me if I come with him. I walked with him and he took me to the bathroom where we both met last night. Getting a little creeped out, I asked him why he took me here and he said the bathroom was his comfort place and his mother will hardly ever come here if she was looking for him, i asked him again why he was still awake by this time and he said he wasn't sleepy and that's all. And then I asked him why he woke me up and brought me here and his words were... “I was mesmerized by the way you looked, your eyes store a familiarity that made me find a liking to you, The way you smile is nothing but spellbinding, so I wanted to have an alone time with you.”

 I was shocked, beyond shocked, those words escaping from the lips of a four year old, or do I stand corrected? I said nothing and just watch him smile at me. What is going on? I had ask myself at that moment, I finally said something and told him I was sleepy that I had to leave, but then he told me to stay a little longer, but I couldn't stay I was creeped out, beyond creep out, I'm in the bathroom with a four year old boy who talks more like a ninety year old and by 3am. I told him his mother was going to get angry if she found him here and she found me here and he laughed saying his mother is a very foolish woman. I was struck by his words, who was this kid? I had no idea. I told him his words about his mother was very rude and he laughed again saying he wasn't wrong. I finally told him I was leaving and I did, I went back to my room that night and couldn't sleep so I grabbed the book I had re-written Genevieve's Smith story and decided to write mine down. Everything happening to me certainly wasn't normal. The next day I told my friends about what has been happening with me and the principal's son and they all laughed me saying I was delusional. I saw that I had to keep the things to myself and well it became worst, every midnight at 3am, a knock comes at the door where I'm the only one who hears it and it happens to be the principal's son, I answered him the first three times, but after a while I decided to pretend not to hear him anymore. 

  And about after a week, the knocks stopped coming, and I barely saw the principal's son, about three days later after that week, I was called to the principal's office to be disciplined for an offense I didn't do, when I got into principal's office, miss Isabella glare almost made me run, she stood up with force and walked up to me with tears in her eyes, at that moment as she spoke she looked like she wanted to swallow me, she told me to stay away from her son that it was for my own good, I didn't understand what she meant, she cried about it saying he wouldn't stop talking about me and it wasn't a good thing, and that she would like to get me expelled and it was for my own good. I was shocked, I didn't even know what to say or do..."  

  Juilette breathed out after reading all that.

"That's the end of chapter two Nora Albert story still continues in chapter three" Julliette stated. 

"I don't know which is more creepy, Genevieve Smith or Nora Albert story, I'm getting goosebumps" Anna stated. 

"Should we continue this tomorrow then?" Juilette asked. 

"Yes I would really like that" Anna nodded breathing in... 

 Juilette placed the book under her pillow and laid down beside Anna. 

"I'm speechless" Anna said as they both stared at the dim light bulb above their heads. 

"So many things have happened over the years in this school" Julliette said.

"Do you think it's ever going to stop?" Anna sighed. 

"I do... We just need to get to bottom of this and know how to act, even if we don't know how to end it, we have to know how to escape it, this school isn't one to toy with". Julliette stated. 

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