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Reverence Episode 13


Reverence Episode 13


 Anna and julliette sitting on Anna's bed stared at the book in front of them saying nothing.

"Open it" Anna said after a brief moment of silence.

"I know, but I feel like I shouldn't" Julliette replied.

"Well you wanted to know about the school's history and you found this old dusty looking book titled Reverence, now is your chance, you wouldn't want to get caught by the librarian without reading the book" Anna stated...

"Yeah that would be a shame" Julliette said opening the thick book. The amount of dust and sands that crawled out of the first page of the book made the girl's scrunch their nose in disgust...

"How long has this book lived?" Julliette joked.

"Where did you even find it?" Anna asked.

"like I said, under the shelf, it was lying on the floor." Julliette replied.

"But then the title Reverence, why Reverence when it's just about the history of the school" Anna shook her head.

"Well we're about to find out" Julliette shrugged turning the next page and immediately they both heard the dinner bell.

"Dang it, I don't even have an appetite" Julliette stated.

"Unlike you, I really need some food right now" Anna said standing up.

"Look at you weren't you shivering a while ago?" Julliette teased.

"Don't remind me" Anna rolled her eyes.

Julliette stood up and shove the book under Anna's pillow.

"We'll read it after dinner." Juliette said.

"Why under my pillow?" Anna arched one of her brows.

"Why not" Juliette snickered making Anna roll her eyes again.

   Both girls walked out of their room and headed to where dinner was being served.

"Oh and do you know Jane and I are on good terms now!" Julliette said as she and Anna walked down the hall together, their arms linked.

"Really.?"  Anna asked.

"Yeah, I did what the principal told me to do, I went to her dorm room and went to apologize, and she was like no problem that she doesn't hate me and she gave me a popsicle, the one I had earlier" Julliette expound.

"Well that's great, at least when we run into her you won't have to kill each other out with words" Anna chuckled.

"But do you know that Jane is the only one who shares a room with nobody, I get that she's the president of the student council and is adorned by the entire teachers and the principal, but getting her own room, isn't the favouritism overwhelmingly way out of the line, every dorm room is at least shared by four students, we're the only students who are two in a room, good thing we're not four, but then jane got a whole room to herself. " Julliette explained.

"I wouldn't like it, if I had a whole room to myself in a boarding school like this" Anna scoffed.

"me too, but then again, I felt something strange when I stood with Jane at her doorstep" Julliette expound.

"Please tell me you felt something positive" Anna sighed.

Julliette laughed. "I did".

"Anna I don't know how or why I became more of like a psychic but I'm not sure I like it, because I see things I don't want to see and I feel things I don't want to feel, and then this stupid grey hair, i feel like my grey hair is connected to this psychic thing happening to me, but anyways passing by the hallway, every time I make it pass the front doors of each of the rooms, I feel this negative energy coming from it, an energy that surpresses my whole body system, it's also the same energy from the alter in our room, so I think It's the alter placed in each of the dorm rooms that gives off this negative energy each time I pass by the rooms in the hallway, but then standing in front of Jane's room, I felt nothing, no strange energy coming from her, it just felt normal and I was shocked to be honest" Julliette explained.

"What if she has no alter in her room?" Anna asked.

"Don't be silly, she's the school president, just like the principal and nuns she ought to have one of the biggest alter like them, and you saw how she repeatedly told us to show Reverence multiple times, which means she should surely have to have an alter in her room to show how she's a good example, but then I felt no negative energy coming from her room, it's strange" Julliette stated.

"Well I hope there's a logically explanation for that" Anna shrugged.

   The girls joined the others around the dinner table and Jane led the short prayer before everyone starts to eat.



 Standing by the window in her window beside her bed, Ava glanced at the thick blue sky and let's out a sigh. She glanced at her wheel chair and walked up to Anna's bed, but suddenly the door to her room opened and her brother walked in.

"Ava..." Archie called, his mouth dropping as he saw his sister standing on her own two feet.

"Dang it" Ava muttered angrily dropping to the floor.

"No... No don't pretend, I saw you standing on your own... Like you can walk?" Archie asked.

"Well I guess you caught me, but don't tell mom, please tell no one you saw me standing or walking on my own" Ava pleaded.

"Lying to mom is one thing I can't do" Archie smirked.

"Oh please, like I haven't seen you lie to mom dozen of times" Ava said angrily standing up and walking towards her wheelchair.

"Well this is different, why are you lying to everyone that you can't walk?" Archie asked.

"Well technically, I just found out last night that my fractured bone has kind of healed up" Ava shrugged.

"And you kept that to yourself?" Archie scoffed.

"Well I had no choice" Ava said.

"You did have a choice." Archie rolled his eyes.

"Archie, I told you... Oh my God Ava, you're standing on your own!" Elizabeth gasped walking into her twins room.

"Well I'm surprised as you." Ava said glaring at archie who was snickering behind Elizabeth.

"Oh my God, it hasn't been a week and your leg is already healed up, this sure is a miracle, we're going to the doctor tomorrow for more confirmation and to take off your cast, oh my God Anna will be so thrilled to hear this news" Elizabeth smiled staring at her daughter's feet.

"Now isn't today the worst day ever" Ava muttered lowly that no one heard her.



 "Nothing feels like eating a perfect dish on a fine evening" Julliette stated happily walking into their room with Anna behind her.

"I thought you didn't have any appetite" Anna scoffed closing the door.

"I thought I didn't, but seeing such fine pasta dressed richly on a plate, your appetite would come crawling back" Julliette stated and both girls laughed.

  Julliette fell back on Anna's bed and shove her hand under Anna's pillow pulling out the history book she had kept there.

 "I'm going to try reading it now" Julliette said opening the first page of the book and sitting up.

  Suddenly the book fell from her hand and her hands dropped to her side.

 "Juilette..." Anna called surprised by juilette sudden quietness.

 Juilette grunt slowly raising her head up.

  "Are you okay?" Anna asked picking up the book that fell from Julliette's hand and giving it back to juilette.

"I'm fine, thanks" Julliette said taking the book. "I just had a vision."

"Really?" Anna said sitting beside Julliette.

"Yeah" Julliette nodded.

"A-And what did you see?" Anna asked, her inquisitive eyes lurking around julliette's face for an answer.

"I saw... You, walking into this school, with a suitcase beside you" Julliette explained.

"Me?" Anna tilt her head.

"Yes, it looked like you were coming into the school for the first time." Julliette explained, not sure of what she saw either.

"Wait, wait... If you see what will happen in the nearest future, how can you see me come to the school for the first time when I'm already in the school, or maybe... It wasn't me?" Anna was a bit confused.

"I mean I clearly saw your face, you didn't look happy" Juilette scoffed.

"Could you have maybe seen Ava and you've mistook me for her?" Anna asked.

"Well thinking about it now, your theory is right, so that means your sister will be coming here?" Juilette asked.

"I mean it's what you saw and the future is inevitable" Anna replied. "But she fractured her bone, why would she come here, this isn't good" Anna sighed. 

"If that was Ava, then you two look deadly alike." Julliette's eyes widen.

"Well... Like I said before, we're alike, but she's like way prettier in person." Anna shrugged rolling her eyes a bit.

"You sound like you're jealous of her" Julliette giggled.

"Well... Not that I'd like to admit this in front of her but a little" Anna shrugged.

"What why?" Julliette laughed.

"Well I just feel like she's more... Better than me at everything." Anna stated.

"So your definition of better is also the same as pretty. Because she's better than you at everything means she's also prettier than you?" Julliette tilt her head.

"Well yeah, that's how I see it" Anna replied.

"You're really sentimental, do you know that?" Julliette laughed. "And even if I see Ava in real life I'll still pick you over her."

"Pick me over her? What do you mean?" Anna gave Julliette a weird look.

"What do you think I mean?" Julliette retorted narrowing her eyes at Anna.

 Anna raised a brow.

"What?" Julliette shook her head.

"You talk weird." Anna said.

"You think weird" Julliette added.

  Both girls looked away and turned to the book.

"Well should we read the book then" Julliette said opening the first page.

"You've said that sentence more than a million times but still we haven't read anything" Anna said.

"Yeah, sorry I was distracted by Ava's beauty" Julliette teased.

 Anna glared at her. "Just... Shut up"

Juilette laughed. "What..? I smell jealousy".

"Shut it" Anna rolled her eyes.

 The bell was heard and both girls turned to each other.

"It's time for bed" Anna announced.

"And we still haven't read this frigging book" Juilette groaned opening the second page where the story began.

And julliette read it out loud for Anna to hear  "Chapter one, All saint's girl catholic high school, So all saint's girl catholic high school was founded in the year 1976".

"Wow... That's like... Forty... Forty four years ago" Anna said.

"Forty five" Juliette corrected.

"Yeah, wow forty five years ago? Wow." Anna said.

Julliette glanced down at the book reading about two paragraphs to herself before looking back at Anna.

"I don't think this is just a history book,  judging from what I just read apart from when the school was founded, this book feels like an autobiography. This book was written by someone who attended this school, look in this paragraph it says, 'This school was founded in the year 1976 but this is the year 1980 and to anyone who reads about this, just know I was one of the school first generation students and I hope no one finds this book but at the same time I hope someone does'.... "

"Now that sounds scary, someone actually wrote this book for someone to read but not for general purpose" Anna stated.

"Yeah and damn, I can't wait to get to the bottom of this" Julliette shook her head. 

"Yeah but first, you heard that bell, we'll be punished if we get caught in our school uniform" Anna stated. 

"You're right."  Julliette nodded standing up and dropping the book on the bed. 

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