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Reverence Episode 12


Reverence Episode 12


"Can we just get out of here" Julliette said placing her hand on her chest, Anna watched as she looked like it was hard for her to breathe before nodding and walking away from the garden with Victoria trailing behind them and wondering what was happening to julliette...

    "Are you okay?" Victoria asked, a little bit worried of what just happened.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Julliette said and gave Anna a small glance.

"Uhm... Okay, that was the school's garden and it's clearly restricted."  Victoria stated.

"Yeah I get that now" Julliette said.

"Okay, so... I'm going to go now" Victoria said a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation.

"Yeah sure, okay" Julliette said, her breathing finally becoming normal.

 Victoria glanced at both girls before walking away.


 Anna turned to julliette, worry written all over her face.

"Okay... What just happened in front of the garden just now." Anna asked.

 Julliette breathed in. "The garden is as infected as the school, standing in front of the garden what I saw wasn't just a garden" Julliette shook her head.

"What did you see?" Anna asked.

"Have you ever witnessed a fog before?" Julliette threw back the question.

"Uh, yes I think so..." Anna replied.

"Well not physically, but I saw like a fog around the garden, it's not like the usual and normal fog everyone knows, it's actually dark and black and you could hardly see the bushes or trees around, and then I suddenly felt this stiffness and heaviness in my chest, it suddenly felt hard to breathe, I don't know how or why, but I just felt like it was coming from the garden" Julliette expound.

"But if it came from the garden, then why didn't it affect Victoria and I.?" Anna asked.

"I don't know, I think maybe it's because I saw what shouldn't be seen and it gave me an effect" Julliette replied.

"Seriously, all this is creeping me out, I feel like throwing up my whole stomach" Anna said her eyebrows furrowed.

"Just try to stay calm and fight your fear, it helps, we'll get to the bottom of this." Julliette replied.

"We?" Anna repeated.

"We, yes, is something wrong with what I just said?" Anna asked.

"Yes, we're just two teenage girls being impacted in this boarding school, WE should have nothing to do with this, we should just report this to someone else, someone older" Anna stated.

"Someone older? Anna..! We cannot tell anyone about it, not that it's bad, but if we do nobody is going to believe us, we can tell No one about this." Julliette scoffed.

"We can at least tell a teacher." Anna added.

"Oh please Anna, for Christ's sake listen to yourself. A teacher? One of those nuns? And then what? What do you think they're going to do?" Julliette asked.

"And what do you think 'we' can do?" Anna retorted have to breathe and look ahead of what you can do." Julliette stated.

Anna sighed and crossed her arms over her chest "Okay so maybe you can see the future, see some things others can't, detect lightness and darkness, but I can't do neither of those things and that makes me feel like I've worn the wrong shoe".

"You wore no wrong show Anna" Julliette threw a comforting smile making Anna raise her brows at her...

 The bell was wrong and all the girls walked back into the school's building.


  The classes ended early that day and all the girls went back to their dormitories spending the one extra hour they have before dinner.

   Anna walked into her dorm room alone and went to sit on her bed, she and julliette classes both ended together but julliette had told her to go back to their dorm without her that she wanted to check something out.

    Anna sighed heavily sitting on her bed, she glanced at the window in the room and saw that the sun will be setting soon.

As Anna pulled her shoes off her leg she heard her name.

  A little startled by that, Anna looked around the room, clearly she was alone.

Or was it her imagination?

Has she been frightened so much that her imaginations are creeping up to her.?

 Anna shrugged her thought off and took off her second shoe before sliding her lock stockings off her legs.

“Anna” This time, the voice that called her name was clear and it looked like it came from behind her.

She quickly turned, but as she already knew and expected, no one was inside the room.

She suddenly froze but remembered julliette's word.

"Try not to be afraid." Anna said to herself.

"Anna..."  This time the voice was closer and husky. 

    Anna quickly got on her feet and rushed to the door.

Trying to be afraid? Yes she failed that.

Anna tried to open the door but the door which she walked in just a few minutes ago seemed locked.

  Anna pulled the door countless, turned the Knob from the left to the right but the door wouldn't open, she felt her hands vibrate and ears start to water up.

    Anna suddenly felt someone standing behind her and froze, she noticed her shadow on the door and someone else's shadow towering over her own shadow on the door and she shook in terror.

  Anna slowly turned around, tears crawling out of her right eyes.

Her head and heart wouldn't calm down and her limbs won't stop vibrating.


   The voice definitely came from behind. Anna was turning to see who was behind her but at the same time, too scared to turn fully and know who was behind her.

  Suddenly the door opened as julliette walked in with a popsicle in her mouth.

"Anna?" she called surprisingly, gazing at how weird her friend look.

"Are you... Okay?" Julliette asked, her eyes darting from the droplets of sweat on Anna's forehead to the tears on her eyes, and how her body shook slightly.

 Julliette closed the door and stepped in front of Anna when Anna didn't give a reply.

"Are you okay?" Juliette asked again.

"B-behind m-me" Anna stuttered.

 "Uh... There's nothing behind you" Julliette narrowed her eyes at Anna. "What happened Anna, you look frightened.".

Anna's voice shook but she managed to explain what just happened.

"Someone called your name..." Julliette sighed. "This isn't good".

"And it didn't even happen once, I heard my name being called thrice"  Anna explained her eyes had already swollen up from the little tears that escaped her eyes.

"Here have my popsicle, it'll calm you down." Julliette stated shoving the popsicle she held in Anna's mouth, the cold and sweet ice pop touching Anna's tongue and actually making her calm down.

  Anna slipped the popsicle out of her mouth. "It's been in your mouth for ages" She raised her brows at julliette.

"Does it matter?" Julliette rolled her eyes. "I just want you to have something to bite on when I tell you this" Juilette continued.

"Tell me what?" Anna asked gulping.

Julliette sighed. "They're both smelling your fear Anna, they know you know about their existence and that you're afraid of them, you're being haunted to get infected by them." Juilette explained.

"What?" Anna's pupil dilated.

"just sit down." Julliette stated, calmly helping Anna sit on her bed.

 Anna sat down and julliette stood in front of her with her hand on her waist.

"Okay so Anna, try not to freak out."  Julliette stated.

"What do you mean, I'm already freaked out, you just said I'm being haunted? And how could I also not believe that with what just happened, how do you expect me to stay calm and not freak out" Anna said, the popsicle shaking and melting in her hand.

"Because if you stay calm, your fear won't be all over the place, there's a fifty percent chance your fear might drop if you stay calm." Julliette stated.

"I don't know how you do it, but you seriously don't expect me to stay calm." Anna replied.

"I know, but I'm giving you a reason to try... Please." Juliette stated placing her hands on Anna's shoulder, juilette eyes widen when she noticed how Anna's body was vibrating under her touch.

How scared might she have been, to shiver this much?. Julliette thought. 

"I'm trying, but then thinking about what just happened, it's been playing over and over in my head, what would have happened if you hadn't open the door.?" Anna stated her eyes watering from recalling what just happened seconds ago.

  "Anna... Stop thinking about it" Julliette gave a tired sigh, she watched as her friend rant to herself of what just happened. 

Thinking of a valid way to keep Anna calm and to stop her from talking and adding more fear to her head, julliette did the most absurd thing ever. 

  Anna suddenly leaned back in shock of what just happened, the melting popsicle dropping from her hand and to the floor, her eyes widely open and fixated on juilette. 

"W-what... Why... Did you...." Anna fumbled her words, her face heating up. 

"What? It was the only way to calm you down." Juilette shrugged. 

"By... Kissing me..?" Anna blinked rapidly. 

"Yeah..." Juilette nodded. 

"A...and you think... I'm calm?" Anna was stuttering a lot. 

"Well... It worked by fifty percent" Julliette gave another shrug with a sly smile. 

 She thought to herself that it did work, cause Anna's expression went from fear to flustered. 

"What the hell... You just kissed me? Are you out of your mind?" Anna barked. 

"Seriously you don't have to yell, we were just sharing a popsicle just now, what's the difference." Juilette rolled her eyes. 

"C..can't you see what I'm trying to point out here.?" Anna stuttered. 

"What?" Juilette asked...

"We're both frigging girls!" Anna snarled. 

"Whoa whoa... Hold up there a bit miss Riles" Julliette laughed. 

"I didn't kiss you because I like you or I have feelings for you or something... Don't get the situation mixed up, I kissed you because it was the only thing I could think of and look, you look flustered and angry at me, isn't that great, how I shifted your fear to fluster" Juilette rolled her eyes. 

"How you're so blunt and annoying" Anna scoffed. 

"Okay well, I'm sorry if you found that annoying, now that you're less scared, I have something to show you" Juilette said shoving her hand inside her shirt and pulling out a book. 

'no wonder her figure looked all square weird' Anna thought. 

"So after class I went to the library, and you know how we're allowed to borrow any books there it can be up to a hundred books or any kind of book we just have to write it down and what time it was burrowed, well surprisingly, the librarian wouldn't let me burrow this one. But then i shoved it in my cloth and made my way out of the library, she didn't know, and I got really surprised and curious, why didn't she let me burrow it? Cause when she first saw the book in my hand she asked me where I found it, I told her on the shelf, well I didn't see them there I just lied and she told me to go put it back and that made me more curious, I wanted to know about this school history, I saw the school's history book but skipped it, but coincidentally came across this one lying at the bottom of one of the shelf and the title 'Reverence' got me curious. " Juliette stated. 

"is it a story book?" Anna asked a bit confused. 

"I thought it was, but turns out it's another history book but like an older version of the school, I mean like the other school history book they could have named it as 'The school's history book' just like they did with the other history books, but then they named this One Reverence, now, I feel a twitch" Julliette stated. 

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