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Reverence Episode 10


Reverence Episode 10


 spirits like that smell your fear, they stand no chance against you when you're not afraid, but takes over you when they smell the fear coming from you, so I beg you... Swallow your fear, do what you can Anna! " Juliette expound leaving Anna frozen on her spot.

She couldn't comprehend what was going on.

 Anna felt her body shivering due to the information she just recieved from Juliette and no matter how hard she tried to calm herself down nothing was working.

"Look it's okay. Don't feel too scared and let's go back to sleep"  Juliette gave a warm smile.

"If it makes you feel any better we can talk about this tomorrow morning, forget we heard anything, or you heard my voice tonight, let's just try to swallow in whatever happened tonight" Juliette said and though she was giving words of comfort Anna's fear wasn't ready to drop.

 Anna did have a lot of questions at that moment but had to sulk in it too, there's almost tomorrow to begin with.

 Anna nodded sightly and walked back to her bed and so did juilette.

 Anna tucked herself inside her bed and just stared at the ceiling, Juliette sat on her own and watched Juliette watch the ceiling without saying anything.

"Still thinking about tonight's event huh?" Julliette asked

"It's hard to not think about and with the whole school being infected or something" Anna sighed.

"Just try to not think about it and try to sleep" Juliette stated.

"I'm still perplexed of how you're so calm about this, I didn't get to see the so called spirits but you did and still you're not scared" Anna said.

"Normally I would be scared but then I know the consequences of being scared and I try to fight it" Juliette replied...

"You have a strong mind, I'm jealous" Anna sighed.

"We all have a strong mind, we just have to beat the weak one first" Julliete shrugged and Anna sighed and turned to her side..

"That will take me years, I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep tonight" Anna mumbled.

"Want to share the same bed tonight?" Juliette asked hoping for a positive answer.

 Anna threw a glance at her "Mine?" she asked.

"Definitely" Julliete smiled grabbing her pillow and walking down from her bed to Anna's bed. "I didn't like my part of room to begin with. It's dark" Juliette said getting one Anna's bed.

"Strange, we're both skinny but the big bed's still tight" Julliete joked.

"Oops sorry" Anna said scooting over and leaving enough room in the middle proving there's enough space on the bed.

"Finally on the bright part of the room" Juliette announced happily.

"Still need a crystal explanation on what you mean by the bright and dark part of the room" Anna said.

"I'll tell you tomorrow, but just so you know, I'm never going back to my bed" Juilette said snuggling her face in her pillow.

"You want Jane crying about reporting on us on our doorstep?" Anna hissed making Juliette laugh.

"She can report all she want, I'll find my way out of it" julliette said.

"You must be pretty stubborn at home" Anna joked.

"Well no, I'm very quiet at home, it's just me at home, my parents travel all the time and being the only one at home all the damn time, I just talk to myself or watch some movies, so there was no one around to exhibit what you call stubborn" julliette said turning to her left to face Anna.

Anna whose eyes were fixated on the ceiling smiled recalling a memory.

"I remembered when my parents travelled once, my three older siblings were at college then, leaving the house for just me, Ava, Archie my other older brother and Tommy the last child at home, and well let's just say the house almost came down crashing...

    As Anna talked about home, julliete said nothing and just stared at her side profile trying to comprehend the beaut in front of her, the way her eyes lits up when she talked about Ava or any other sibling. The way her smile was relaxed on her face as she stared at the ceiling and the way she batted her lashes prettily on her eyes.

 Julliette shut her eyes and opened them back again when she realised she had been staring for too long and let's out a 'dang it' that almost came out of a whisper.

"Huh?" Juilette Turned to her "am I boring you?" Anna asked.

"No.. No you're not, I was just caught up in my own thoughts" Julliette replied.

"Oh sorry, I should stop talking now"  Anna said.

"You can continue if you want, I was really enjoying Archie preparing a spaghetti that looked like cow's poop" Julliette said and let's out a small giggle.

"well we have to fall asleep early in order to get up early" Anna said.

"Looks like your fear has calm down a bit" Julliette stated.

"It has" Anna nodded.

"Thanks to my comforting presence" Julliette bragged making Anna rolled her eyes with a smile.

 Anna breathed out loud and closed her eyes.

"Good night" she said lowly to Julliette.

"Good night" Julliette replied

 Anna opened her eyes in frustration thirty minutes later "I can't fall asleep" she announced, making Julliette sleepy eyes fluttered open.

"Want to try holding my hand?" Juliette asked.

Anna nodded and both girls clasped hands.

   And just as Julliette fell asleep, Anna drifted to sleep too.

  Anna glanced around the unknown place she was, it was like a place of nowhere with just the ground at her feet, and the sky three inches above her head, it was scary.

   Suddenly she saw someone running towards her from afar. She noticed it was Ava running towards her with a smile and immediately she got to her Ava threw a hug around her body.

"Ava" Anna called surprised.

"It's so good to finally see you, guess what?" Ava asked gleefully..

"What?" Anna asked

"my leg is fine and I'll be starting school in about two Weeks" Ava said happily.

"No you can't come to this school it's not safe tell mom--

 Anna stopped talking when her sister vanished into thin hair.

She suddenly heard Juliette's voice behind her and when she turned she found herself in their room in school.

"What's wrong?" Anna asked seeing Juliette cry.

"It's Anna..." Juliette sniffed pointing to the floor.

"What's wrong with me, I'm right here" Anna said.

"Anna won't move or wake up" Juliette sniffed.

"But I'm right here" Anna said but was suddenly startled when she heard another voice behind her and turned to see herself talking to Juliette, and her present self felt more like an illusion. 

 Anna looked down at the dead girl on the floor Juliette has been crying about and shook her head. 

"That isn't me." she said. 

It's Ava. 

Anna was a bit confused about the whole situation and was trying to comprehend what was going on when the scenery changed.

 She suddenly found herself behind the school in an unknown kind of garden but it was still the school's vicinity.

"I never knew a garden existed in our school" Anna heard Juliette's voice behind her.

"Well no one is allowed in here, so we're all going to get seriously punished if we get caught" Anna heard an unknown voice behind her and turned to see a face she doesn't recognize.

"Who... Ar..e... You?" Anna asked.

"I'm Victoria" the girl smiled.



  Juilette and Anna's eyes opened at the same time and immediately the school bell was rung. Both girls sprung out of bed, their clasp hand they held last night releasing at full speed and rushed to the bathroom stall to get ready for breakfast before going to class.

While getting dressed for class Juliette said with a smile . "besides monday and Friday, the rest of the weekdays we have the same classes".

"Juliette, I had a weird dream" Anna announced,

"Oh really? I did had a dream, it wasn't weird, but I think I'll take it as more of a vision" Juliette replied.

"So what's this weird dream about?" Juliette asked packing her hair up and placing her rosary on her neck.

"Okay so it's really weird and things just happened too quickly, so first I saw Ava telling me about how she's healed and how she will be starting school soon, and then I saw you crying that I won't move or wake up but that wasn't me and then there was this girl, Vanessa... Veronica.. I don't remember her name" Anna said with a sigh trying to remember the dream.

"Victoria" Juliette helped.

 Anna looked up at Juliette. "How did you know?"

"I should be asking you that, because that is the same vision I had in my sleep, and then you dreamt about it, how is that even possible?" Juliette asked.

"Wait really?" Anna was taken aback.

"Yes I'm serious, this victoria girl took us to this garden behind the school, though the garden is closed we managed to walk in through the back and saw pretty strange things and marking on the floor and trees" Juliette said.

"I don't think I dreamt about any weird markings on the floor or tree but I did see the Victoria girl telling us we'll get punished if we were caught in the garden" Anna expound.

"Well I did see markings and did see her say that too, looks like my vision was more detailed than your dream, but then again we saw the same time." Juliette stated a hidden smile trying to creep up her face.

"Could it be possible because we held hands as we slept?" Anna asked.

"It might be!" Juliette shrugged.

"We literally need any explanation for this, logically, scientifically or religiously we need one." Anna said.

"Yeah" Juliette said, her smile finally creeping out

"Why are you so happy about this?" Anna asked.

"Cause it feels like I don't have to carry this strange burden alone on my shoulder anymore, someone else saw my vision" Juliette replied.

Anna gave her a look. "Sleep in your bed tonight"

"No, I told you, I'm not going back to that dark part of the room" Juliette replied.

"And what do you mean dark part, elaborate on that now" Anna said.

"Okay so naturally I have the brighter part of the room cause the window is opposite my bed and you have the darker part of the room" Juliette said.

"Okay keep going." Anna folded her hand.

"Now I don't know if this will work, but it worked last night so let's try it, give me your hand." Juliette said.

Anna did so and placed her hand on Juliette's hand and Juliette clasped both of their hands.

"Now close your eyes" Juliette said and Anna did so.

 Of course everywhere was black and dark with their eyes shut, but slowly through their closed eyes, Anna saw as the room appeared in front of her closed eyes and how the window was no longer facing Juliette's bed but her own bed, and julliette bed and the side of her room was so dark you could hardly see anything.

Anna suddenly opened her eyes and let go of julliette's hand.

"You saw it right?" julliette asked.

"I did" Anna replied.

"See, that part of the room is being infected because of the alter being close to it, to everyone's eyes I have the bright part of the room, but spiritually, you have the brighter part of the room". Juliette expound.Hi Peacemaker to add you to d stories +2348037873157

"I'll be calling my mom and heading home soon, this is all too much to take in" Anna sighed.

"Now don't be silly" Juliette laughed walking up to the door.

"come on, we shouldn't be late for class" Juliette said and as she stepped out of the door she bumped into a girl running in the hallway and they both fell to the floor.

"Are you okay?" Anna asked both of them helping Juliette up.

"Hopefully" Juliette replied standing up and helping the girl up.

"Sorry" the girl apologized looking up at Juliette and suddenly let's out a gasp.

"You're the girl with the white hair" she said to Juliette.

"It's grey not white and how nice of you" Juliette said sarcastically.

"Sorry if I got on your nerve" The girl giggled slowly.

"You did get on my nerve, it's not funny when you start getting grey hair you know" Juliette said and the girl apologized again. 

Juliette paused and looked at the girl's familiar face, she glanced at Anna and then back at the girl.

"What's your name?" Juliette curiously asked without thinking.

"Huh? You're not going to report me are you?" The girl squealed. 

"I'm not" Juliette scoffed.

"Okay... It's Victoria" The girl replied.


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