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Obscure Episode Two



Obscure Episode Two.


Three years passed with the people of Orrander living in peace. 
No one had the slightest idea of what happened with the King's son. And no one ever gave birth to children with the red marking.

  And every Crescent moon the king and queen managed to receive letters which contained information on how the young crown prince was living. He was growing up to be a charmer, he was just a boy but yet, when he speaks his words were clear and strong, two scholars were recently sent to the other castle to educate the crown prince of how to read and write, and the Queen was satisfied with it, and the king made a fine deal with her, allowing her to see her son every day of the full moon. .
 The first time the queen laid eyes on her three year old son, she watched him from afar being impacted by the scholar beside him, she couldn't be more touched seeing how he was concentrated on learning so much, his bright emerald eyes danced around in excitement and his small hands tried to scribble something down.
 The queen had no choice but to approach him.

It was the first time seeing his mother and the scholar couldn't help but excuse them.
Looking both at the Queen and the Crown prince, their beauty and resemblance were impeccable.

The Queen smiled at the crown prince and he smiled back not knowing why.
He had no clue it was his mother he was looking at, for the midwives brought him up to be the young boy he is now.

"How are you doing young lad.?" The queen smiled.
"I am fine." The crown prince replied and the queen smiled even more.
"Do you know who I am?" The queen asked.
The crown prince shook his head Negatively.
"Well, I'm your mother" The queen smiled.
"My mother?" The crown prince asked making the queen nod.
The crown prince said nothing and just watched his mother for a while...
And he finally spoke. "Are you here to take me with you.?"
"You do not like it here?" The queen had ask and the little lad shook his head.
 The queen was heartbroken hearing that and she promised they would be together someday.
 And every day of a full moon the queen would visit her son who seemed clearly normal that she started to doubt if the so called curse of Orrander was real.
 The Queen would watch her son from afar before approaching him, though he had no one but he always talked to himself and kept himself busy with his unique way of playing.
The crown prince always welcomed his mother every time she visited and he would spend the whole day with his mother and the queen still promised him they were going to be together someday.

  Ten years passed and the king and queen agreed to bring the crown prince back to the castle of Orrander, because clearly he didn't exhibit or cause any catastrophe like they said the bearer of the cursed mark will.

  Two days before bringing back the crown prince to Orrander, the king recieved a letter from the other castle from the Royal reporter informing of what had happened the previous night with the crown prince.
 It reported that the crown prince had gone berserk and pushed one of the servants off the window from his room due to extreme anger and that the servant falling from such high distance, died immediately.
  He didn't do just that, that same night, he had requested for a hot bath and when the servant prepared the water to be hot enough and compatible for the human skin, the crown prince requested it wasn't hot enough, the servant had to boil the water to extreme hotness that was dangerous to the human skin, but surprisingly the crown prince walked into the bath and didn't even flinch and then got angry again saying the water wasn't hot enough, when the servant tried to convince him it was the hottest, he dipped her hand into the water telling her to feel it and causing her skin to react and burn. And after that night it was like a strange switch in him because he never smiled again.
 He became aggressive and gets angry at the Littlest thing.
  When the king read the letter he head to the queen's Chambers to share the news to her but when Queen decided to read the letter herself, she disagreed with everything.

"So what is the Royal reporter trying to say? That my son is a beast for getting angry?" The queen scoffed walking back her forth in her room, her dress sweeping the floor.

"He's saying we should be careful!" The king stated.
"Careful? Of my own son? I laugh not".
"Adalind Don't let your emotions sweep you off, he's my son too and the character he's exhibiting is just plethoric, he is just a twelve years old lad" The king sighed.

"So you're saying my son can't get angry? Like every body else. You just don't want him back In Orrander" The queen yelled.

"Of course I do, but with what he did, he killed somebody Adalind, you read what the letter said, he pushed a servant off a window" The king sighed.
 The queen paused and let's out a sigh.
"He's exhibiting extreme anger and that is manacing" The king added taking his wife's hand.

"I want to see him myself, I won't be waiting for a full moon, tomorrow morning I'll be leaving the castle, he's my son, I have to see to believe" The Queen upbraided before flouncing out of the room leaving the king in a confused state.

    Immediately the sun rose, the next day, the queen set off on a journey to the other castle to see her son, she couldn't wait to prove to the king how the Royal reporters were wrong about her son. 

   The Queen fell to her feet as she stood in front of her son in his room and watch him stab his own royal scholar with a sharp stake.

 Splattered blood laid on his shirtless body and white britches.

 The young lad turned to his mother with his eyes red in colour, his eyes were no longer emerald but red.

"And why are you here mother?" The young lad asked giving his scholar a final stab.


   The queen couldn't find her words as tears fell from her eyes, This person wasn't her son.

"My teacher was being a bit annoying, I had to make him quiet" The crown prince stated.

"This... This... This isn't right." The queen shook her head.

"Does this frighten you mother? Because it sure is a wonderful sight" The crown prince smiled.

  The queen stood up and shut her eyes, it was definitely the curse mark. He's just twelve years old but yet he has killed two innocent people. 

"We can't bring him back, I'm afraid to say our son isn't our son right now" The queen said to the king after returning to the castle of Orrander.

"I'm sorry" The king said as he watched his wife eyes gather so many tears.

"Why us? Why my son? Why him?" The queen cried.

"I can't guarantee anything about him getting better or the curse leaving him but I hope he gets better" The king said embracing his wife.

 Getting better was an overstatement as to say, because as days passed the king and queen recieved letters containing horrid stories from what was happening with their son and how he's slowly becoming more of a murder and a beast.

 He lets his anger take over him and does the most impudent thing ever.
 The queen never failed to pray to the god of Orrander for the betterment of her son.

But her prayers felt like pins in water, as years passed.

The Queen never wanted to lose hope on her son returning back to Orrander, but with the information she everyday recieved from the Royal spy sent to watch the crown prince secretly, the Queen knew, it was it for her son.
   At eighteen the crown prince was already at a height that was intimidating and many servants had fled the castle because of the ruthlessness of the crown prince...

"He never wears a shirt, he only leaves his pants on saying he would burn if he puts on a shirt, he gets angry when things doesn't go his way, he locks himself in his room and only comes out at night, I never stood before him, but the servants who did all testified that, if you stand too close to him, you will definitely feel the heat coming from his body, his eyes are not the eyes of a human, your majesty for i have not seen the crown prince in person, but was told his eyes were red and thicker than blood. For this is the beast of Orrander taking over the crown prince. I am just a gardener at the other castle, but your majesty I want to live, I shamelessly fled the other castle to live, please spare me for doing something so foolish, I am just a lowly gardener and have no right to flee, but your majesty, I wish to see the sun rise every morning and if I keep staying at the other castle, I don't know what the crown prince might do to me, for the other castle is empty, all servants had fled the castle, leaving the crown prince alone. Have mercy on all of us your majesty..." The cry of a lowly gardener made the queen shut her eyes as the man bowed very low to the ground.

"You fled the castle without the King's permission and for that, you shall be punished, but for reporting all this instead of fleeing, you shall be banished, and as for the rest of the servants who fled without my royal consent, death awaits them.!"  The king ordered in rage.

 The gardener was taken away and the Queen fell to her knees crying.
"My son!"

"My queen, do not cry!" The queen consoled.
"He's all alone, there's no one at the castle to take care of him, my lord he's all alone, we should send more servants to him, he shouldn't be alone"
"And let him kill them? Adalind I understand where you are coming from but that boy is no longer who we call our son... The beast of Orrander has taken over him and there is no way we can Break that curse!" The king sighed.
"You want him to be all alone?" The queen sniffed.
"For lonliess is what awaits the beast!".
"My son, is not a beast! Please!" The queen cried. "He doesn't deserve what is happening right now, even it's just one, just a single servant to attend to him, then I will learn how to breathe properly!"

The king sighed not knowing what to say. 
He pulled his wife in a big embrace and while stroking her hair he said.
"For everyone lives matter, and so does our son's life, I can't guarantee the life of that servant going over to him, but our son deserves to live too.  Adalind for everything will be fine... I hope."
T. B. C

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