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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 9




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 9

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Killian's POV

Later that evening.....

We are back at the house, I park in the driveway. I rush to Claire's side to open the car door for her, but she shakes her head declining my help. She carries Ryan on her shoulder and opens the door herself.

Then she heads inside, while I follow behind. I open the door for her, she glares at me but enters the house anyway. She takes Ryan to his room and laid him on his bed.

I stand by the door watching her every move carefully. I know she's tired from all the crying, but she doesn't want to show it.

"Momma...." Ryan calls weakly.

"Mummy is here, my son. I'm right here!" Claire chants placing kisses on his forehead and cheeks.

"Wa... Water" he stutters.

"Water? Right, water!" She repeats.

She rushed out of the room and head towards the kitchen to get the water. I strides in the room and take Ryan's hand in mine, rubbing it gently.

"How are you feeling, Cham?" I asked him.

"Fine" he said.

"Get better soon, ok?" He nods. "Who is daddy's champion?"

"Me!" He reply quietly......he released a very weak and tired smile.

"If you want to be my Cham Forever, then you need to get better soon, alright?" He nods again.

I place a lingering kiss on his forehead. Just then, Claire comes back with the glass of water.

"Get away from my son!!" She said to me in an angry tone.

I stand up and turn to her, I meets her gaze. And man I shouldn't have, her eyes are darkened in anger.

"Baby.... I know I'm wrong, but I have to be here. He's my son too"

"He is MY son only. If he's your son, you wouldn't have let this happen" she said.

"Baby, mistakes do happen" I try to reason with her.

"Mistake? You call this a mistake?" She pause when she hears Ryan cough. She bends down and gives the water to him, bit by bit. "I don't want to argue with you in front of MY son, please leave"

I look at her speechless. I can't blame her for her attitude, I mean I deserve the cold shoulder she's giving me. I made our son suffer because of my stubbornness.

"Fine. I'll be in our room waiting for you"

I turn to Ryan, he's already looking at me. I send him a wink and he give me a small smile. Claire scorn at me and I quickly walk out of the room.

I'll do whatever it takes to make Claire forgive me.

Claire's POV

After attending to Ryan, making sure he is comfortable and all. I head to I and Killian's room, I need a warm bath.

I'm so thankful that my boy is alright, or else I wouldn't know where I would have been by now.

And this all happened because of Killian's stubbornness.

Stupid Killian!.

I enter the room and I'm engulf in a warm embrace, I momentarily close my eyes for a few seconds before I remove myself from the embrace. I don't need it right now.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I know this is my fault, I should have listened to you and none of this wouldn't have happened. I was just trying to help, I didn't know Anita could do something as evil as this.... I'm sorry, so sorry"

I mustered all my strength and pushed myself away from him......I held his collar and pulled him down a little bit, then I have him a very hot slap.

He held his cheek and open his mouth to speak but I didn't let him.....I have him another hot slap on his other cheek.

"Bastard!" I growled.

"I guess I deserve that" he said quietly.

I scoffed.

"You deserve more than that, Killian!!"

"I'm sorry......"

"Sorry?!" I cut him off. "Your foolishness almost cost my son's life!! You choose that outsider over your family!!"

"I'm so sorry....I didn't know she....."

"Shut up!!" I cut him off again "Do you know how scared I was, Killian? Did you see our son lying on the hospital bed? He looked so lifeless....And all you are saying sorry? You think a simple sorry can undo all this?" I asked.

I blinked rapidly to stop tears from running down my cheeks. Just at that moment, I see Killian go on his knees.

He looks at me with fear in his eyes, fear of losing something I don't know.

He grabs my waist, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my belly.

"I'm sorry, I really am sorry. Please forgive me, baby.... I promise I'll always listen to you and I'll never argue with you. Please just forgive me, please" he pleads.

I laughed sarcastically.

"You'll listen to me?! Stop making empty promises.....I'm nobody to you.....you don't have respect for me!"

"I'm a fool, baby....I was a fool for not listening to you and I'm sorry..... please forgive me"

I didn't say a word.

"Now I know who Anita really is..I thought....."

I sighed

"Maybe I and my son should leave so you can be with your Anita!!"

He shakes his head frantically.

"No, no no, no, no.....baby, don't do that. You and Ryan are all I've got... please don't leave, I have changed....I'm sorry for hitting you, I'm sorry for yelling at you and I'm sorry for not respecting your decision....I'm sorry for all my wrongs..... please give me a chance to correct them....give your foolish husband another chance.... please baby"

I'm moved by his apologize, but I guess I'm too angry to actually forgive him right now.

I try to remove his arms from my waist, but he didn't let me, he held onto me tighter than before.

"Please, I'm begging you" he said.

"Killian, I have nothing to say to you. I need to go take my bath now" I said.

He finally removes his arms from my waist, but he remains kneeling.

"Alright, I'll continue to kneel here until you are ready to forgive me" he said.

" What if it takes me days to forgive you?" I asked.

He shrugged.

"Then I'll keep kneeling" he answered.

I shake my head at his lame joke.

"Crazy" I said and head to the bathroom.

After I finish taking my bath, I changed into my nightie, then brush my teeth before I step out of the bathroom.

Immediately I step out, I stay rooted on the spot. A loud gasp leaves my mouth at the sight in front of me. I thought he was joking, I didn't know he actually mean it.

Killian is still kneeling!. I rush towards him and try to help him up but he stop me.

"I'm not getting up, not until you forgive me" he said he pouts his lips which makes him look like a cute little baby.

"Please forgive me" he repeats.

"Fine. I forgive you, just don't trust anyone else more than me. I'm your wife and it doesn't feel good when you don't trust my judgement"

" Thanks, my love. I promise to always listen to you" he said.

He quickly stands up and sweep me off my feet. He wraps my legs around his waist and plants his lips on mine. He kisses me with so much passion, putting all his unsaid words into the kiss.

He bites my lower lip asking for permission to enter and explore the taste of my mouth. I open my mouth and he enters, fighting with my tongue for dominance which he eventually won.

I'm so engrossed in the kiss that I didn't notice when he walks to out bed. He lays me on it not breaking the kiss. He holds the edge of my nightie intending to tear it, but I held his hand.

"No, no. No tearing, take it off slowly" I said.

"But baby, I enjoy it when I tear your nighties, it shows how eager I am" he whined.

" Killian!"

" Ok, fine. I'll take it off slowly" he said and begin to take off my clothes. While he's taking my nightie off, I'm also taking his shirt off. Within the blink of an eye we're both naked.

"So beautiful!" Killian said.

My eyes move to his manhood and man he's so ready for me.

" Oooh, I like" I said and gestures to his d**k.

He laughs and winks at me. He bends down and take one if my breast into his mouth, sucking and bitting on my nipple tenderly. While his other hand plays with my other breast, massaging it delicately.

I gasp for air. Soon he stops and kisses his way down to my lower body. He use his hand to spread my legs widely, giving himself proper view of my already wet pussy.

"Oooh, someone is so ready for me" he said teasingly.

Then he ducks his head in, his warm tongue going in my opening. He begins to suck on my pussy, taking all my juice in. He raises his head and sends me a wink, licking his lips. I can see some of my juice on his face, he really went all out.

"Soooo sweeeeet!" He exclaims.

Then he puts two of his fingers in me and begin to pump in slowly, after some minutes he begin to go faster. His movement is so fast that I couldn't hold myself for too long, I came all over his hand. He withdrew his fingers from inside me and look me straight in the eyes as he begins to lick my juice from his fingers.

"Delicious" he said.

I stand up from the bed and went on my knees, then I called him seductively with one of my fingers, biting my lower lip.

I see his eyes darkens more in lust and desire. He walks towards me at the edge of the bed slowly, his d**k dancing to no tone as he move. Finally he's in front of me, I use my tongue to trace his waist line slowly. He draws in a deep breath, as if trying to control himself. I smirk mentally, I bet he'll lose his cool real soon.

I take his hard d**k in my hands and begin to stroke it slowly. I feel him shiver under my touch, his eyes shut close. I smirk proudly at the effect I have on him.

I stole it for a few minutes before I put it in my mouth.

Killian's POV

This girl will be the death of me someday. She stroke my dick slowly, not knowing she's torturing me.

After stroking it for some minutes, she puts it in her warm mouth and my whole body shake, the electric in my body is getting higher.

"Fuck!" I hissed out in pleasure.

She begins to move her mouth on my d**k making it harder than it already is. She squeezes my balls in her soft hands, using her tongue to tease the cap of my dick.

"Oh, fucking little devil" I said.

She remove her mouth from my dick and brings her breasts forward, holding them up.

"Fuck my tits and fuck them hard" she said.

"Oh lala!" I exclaims happily.

I puts my dick in between her tits and begin to move, my pace very fast. I fucked her tits for some minutes and I couldn't bear it anymore.

I need her... I need to be in her... I need to bury myself deep in her right now.

"Baby, I need you. How about we make Ryan a little sister?" I asked her breathless as I continue to move against her tits.

"Yeah, good idea" she replies.

Without another word I raise her up and bend her over. I so much love doggy style, I thrusts into her in one swift.

"Oh, baby you're so tight" I said in hoarse voice.

I hear her giggle.

"That's because you're so big!" She said and twerk a little on my dick.

" Fuck!! You are killing me" I said.

Then I start to move very fast and rough. I can't go slow on her, not when she's continuously teasing me.

I held her breasts as I move, I thrusts deeper into her. I feel her pu*+y wrap tight around my dick and I know if I move much faster she'll come all over my d+k.

"Killian... Faster, I... I... Wanna cum!!" She said breathlessly.

"You wanna feel me pour my seed in you?" I asked.

"Yeah..." She answered.

I move a little faster and I hit the right button.

" Killian!!!"

" Claire!!"

We both moaned each other's name as we cum together. My eyes roll to the back of my head at the amount of pleasure that ran through my veins.

I remove myself from Claire and watch her fall back on the bed. I lay on top of her, putting my elbow on the bed to support my weight. I place a kiss on the joint between her neck and shoulder. I move to her lip and placed a lingering kiss on it,then I lied next to her on the bed.

"That was amazing, you were amazing, baby. And I love you" I said.

"I love you more" she said.

"I love you most" I reply.

Then we burst out laughing. We spend the rest of the night cuddling and eventually fall asleep...

To Be Continued

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