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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 14




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 14

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV


I stare at Killian in disbelief. I know I'm overreacting sometimes, but that doesn't call for a divorce.

"Killian, what is the meaning of this?" I asked.

"Meaning? Isn't obvious? I'm tired of you" he said.

"Tired of me?"

No. This isn't right. What deal did he make with Anita?.

"Killian, tell me. What did Anita tell you?" I asked.

"It's not about Anita, how many times will I tell you to stop putting blame on others" he said.

" If it's not about Anita, then why are you divorcing me?"

" I said I'm tired of you, just sign the papers"

I cross my arms across my chest.

" I'm not signing no papers. Not until you tell me the real reason you are divorcing me" I said stubbornly.

" Real reason? Claire, I don't need a reason to divorce you. But if you must know, it was a mistake marrying you. I thought if I marry you I can live a peaceful life. But since we got married it has been from one problem to another, I can't take that anymore" he said.

I shake my head.

" I don't believe you. You told me that you love, you can't just take that back" I told him.

" Love? I can say that to anyone. I love Lucas, I love Raven. I can love anyone"

I open my mouth but the words seems to disappear.

"Killian, what about Ryan? What about our unborn child?" I managed to get out of my mouth.

He just scoffs.

"You made it clear to me before that Ryan is not my son. But don't worry, I can help you get him back safe and sound. But that will be all I can do for you, you can take him and go where ever you want, I'm setting you free. As for that thing in your stomach, you can just abort it, I don't care. Just. Sign. The. Fucking. Papers" he said.

Tears starts flowing down my cheeks. I can't believe Killian would say that to me, I should have listened to my Mom. Men are deceivers, they are all liars.

I turn around looking at all of them with teary eyes. They all lied to me, I lock gaze with Keira and she shakes her head.

I take the papers with shaky hands, Killian's signature is already on it. I quickly sign the papers with anger filled heart and hands them back to him.

"There. I've signed it. Now we have no relation, we have nothing holding us back. As for Ryan don't stress yourself, I'll find a way to get him back" I turn around and run out of the house, crying as I went.

Killian's POV

I watch as my wife runs out in tears. I know what I said broke her heart, I know this divorce is not real but I can't tell her that. I need her cluelessness to make Anita believe that this is real.

I turn to Lucas and nods at him. He understands what I meant, so he quickly went after Claire.

Even though I ask her to abort our baby, I don't actually mean it, it's all for the show. So I sent Lucas after her to stop her from doing anything stupid.

"Killian, you almost went too far" Mom said.

"Almost, Mom? He went too far, what he said to Claire was just too harsh. It doesn't seem like you were faking it to me" Keira said.

I ignore her ranting. I bring out my phone and dialed the number Anita called me with last time. I wait for her to pick up, it didn't take long before she she picked up.

"Hello, Killian. I believe you have some news for me, correct?" She asks.

"Yes. I've got the divorce papers ready"

" Has she signed it?" She asks.

" Yes" I replies.

" Perfecto!" She exclaims.

I almost grunt impatiently.

" So, where are we meeting? I need to see that my son is alright before anything" I said.

" Don't worry, darling. I have my lawyer ready, we'll be having a court wedding today" she say.

" So, we are meeting in a court?"

She laughs.

" No silly, my lawyer will meet us at the address I'll forward to you. There we'll have our wedding. It's just a small wedding with just me, you and my lawyer"

" Is that even legal?" I asked.

" Yes. I'll send you the address now, I wanna see you in 15min. Until then, be a good boy" then she ends the call.

I turn to Keira.

"When I leave, get Lucas on the phone, tell him to track my phone and come with the cops. We must end this now" I said.

Not too long, my phone beeped. Anita send me the address.

" Okay, I have to go now. Get Lucas on phone now, he knows what to do"

" Take care, son" my dad said.

I nod and head out.

Claire's POV

I reach the penthouse in record time, and dialed the number Anita called me with earlier on.

The number keeps going on voicemail. Just then, Lucas walks into the living room.

"Boss lady" he called me.

Behind him are four cops. I look at him questioningly.

"Lucas, what is the meaning of this? Tell Killian I'll leave his house, there's no need to involve the police" I told him.

" Boss lady, they are not here to pack you out. They are here to protect you" he said.

" Protect me? From what?"

"Nothing. Just don't leave the house" he turn to the officers. "Officers please watch her very well, she's not allowed out of the house for any reason"

"Don't worry, Mr MacFarlane. We've gotcha".

I look between them. They think they can keep me here? Ha. They must be joking, I have another way to get out.

"Boss lady, please take care" his eyes move to my stomach. "Take good care of yourself" then he left.

I must go after him, it seems he's going to the place where Anita kept Ryan. I must go after him if I want to save my son.

I rush to our room, I open the window and look down. Hmm, it's not that far from the ground.

I'm doing this for my son, a little pain won't hurt. I put my leg out and jump, I land on the ground with a loud thud. And a painful grunts leaves my mouth.

I fall flat on my face, I try to stand up but pain struck my waist and I fall back down. I really can't wait for the pain to stop, I need to catch up with Lucas.

I managed to stand up and limp to the back gate. Just then I see Luca's car drive past, I quickly board a cab and tell the driver to go after his car.

I must do whatever it takes to save my son.

To Be Continued

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