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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 12




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 12

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I don't know why, but I keep getting the feeling that something is not right. Since Killian called me and asked about Ryan, I've been feeling uneasiness.

Also, at the mall. Keira received a phone call and suddenly decides to leave, I feel like something is not right. Call it a pregnant woman intuition or whatever, but I feel it.

Currently, I'm at home waiting for Killian's return from the office, I bought a lot of baby stuff that I wanna show him.

Speak of the devil. Killian walks in a drops his jacket on a sofa, he slumps onto the sofa and sighs tiredly. He close his eyes and starts to massage his forehead. I guess he's really tired.

I walk towards him and remove his hands from his forehead and place a kiss on it. His eyes snaps open and he gives me a weak smile.

"Rough day at work?" I asked.

He stays silent, just staring at me straight in the eyes. I see the different emotions flash through his eyes. Fear, anger, worry.

I sit next to him and begin to massage his shoulders.

"Killian, did something happen at the office?"

"No" he answered calmly.

Although his voice is calm, I can still hear the confliction in it.

He stands up abruptly.

"I'm going to take a shower, can you please prepare something for me to eat?" He said.

"Yeah... Sure" I replied.

Without even telling me a thank you, he head towards our room. And that is very strange of him, when he asks me for something he never leaves without saying thank you.

What is it that is making him worry?

Anyway, I will get him to talk later. Right now I need to cook something for him to eat.


I'm in the dinning table dishing Killian's food, when he comes in. He sits down and starts looking at me again, watching my every move.

The way he looks at me, makes me feel anxious. It's as if he wants to tell me something, but he's holding himself back.

I finish dishing the food. I sit on the chair next to him.

"Bon appetit!" I said.

He takes his spoon but doesn't bring it close to the food, he's just staring at the food, lost in his thoughts.

"Darling, are you Alright?" I asked him feeling concerned.

He snap his head to face me, then puts on a fake smile.

"Ye.. yeah" he clears his throat. "I'm fine, baby"

He takes a spoon full of rice and puts it in his mouth.

"Delicious!!" He said giving me a thumbs up.

I narrow my eyes at him. I know he's definitely hiding something.

Just then, our home telephone rings. I stand up to go answer it, but Killian stops me before I could.

"Don't worry. I'll get it" then he hurried to the phone and begin to talk to whoever is on the phone in a whisper.

Killian's POV

I bring the phone closer to my ear, making sure I lower the call volume.


"Why is it you? I was hoping someone else would pick up" I hear Anita's voice.

It's a good thing I was the one who picked it up then.

"What do you want now? Why did you call this phone? You could have called me" I whisper.

" Why are you whispering? Is Claire there with you? Oh, give her the phone I'll love to say hi.... Oh, your son will love to talk to her too, he's been crying for his momma" she said and starts to laugh.

I clenched my jaw in anger. I feel like I should reach in the phone and strangle her to death.

"He's such a cry baby. Maybe I should just do something to keep him quiet"

"Don't you think of hurting my boy, or there won't be any deal between us!" I whisper through gritted teeth.

She laughs.

"I'm not gonna hurt him.... Yet" she said.

" What do you want? Why did you call?"

" Yeah.... right. I wanna inform you that I have a change of heart. I can't wait for one whole week, I'll give you four days to get the divorce papers and divorce Claire"

I wanted to yell at her, but then I see Claire watching me from my perherial view.

"Four days?! One week is barely enough to get the papers ready, now you are talking about four days?" I whisper harshly.

"Four days is all I can offer or you can forget about seeing your son ever again" she threatened me.

I close my eyes and take in deep breaths.

Ok, I'm doing this for my son, I'm doing this for Claire, I'm doing this for my family. I chant in my head.

"Ok, fine. Four days is enough, just take very good care of my son. I'll get the papers" I said.

" Your time starts now" then she hangs up.

I drop the phone and remains in the same spot. Lost in my thoughts.

Why are we facing trials like this, first it was Derrick. Derrick is out of the picture, but Anita comes out of nowhere.


Claire's POV

Killian have been standing there for quite some time now, I wonder what he discussed on the phone. Cause whatever it is really got his mood down.

I take quick steps towards him.

"Are you alright, Killian?"

He turn his gaze to me and gives me that fake smile again, the smile itself is sad.

" I'm fine, baby. I'm just tired from today's meeting" he said.

I know he's lying. Lucas told me before that Killian doesn't have any meetings today, that was why I ask him to pick Ryan up.

"Ok, I know how to cheer you up. Now that Ryan's with your parents, why don't we play hide and seek. You know our hide and seek is really dirty"

He just stare at me for a split second and look away.

"No. I'm not in the mood" he said.

"Was it because of the phone call you received just now? Who called? And what did they tell you?" I asked.

He sighs frustratingly.

"It's just someone from the office. He's asking if I still need a model for our new RPG game" he answered.

Strange. Nobody from his office ever call our home telephone.

"I'm going for a walk" he said.

"Oh, I can join you" I said, but he shakes his head.

"No. I need some alone time" then he walks out of the house.

I need to find out what exactly is eating him up. But how do I begin.


Yes, I'll call Lucas. He must know what is wrong with his boss.

I dialed Lucas's number and wait for him to pick. The phone keeps ringing but he wasn't picking up. I kept trying again and again untill he finally picked up.

"Hey Claire!" he said.

"Hey, Lucas. What's up?"

"I'm cool. Why did you call, did you and Killian got into a fight?" He asked.

" No... But he's acting strange"

" Strange? How?"

" I don't know.... Something is bothering him and I can clearly see that, but he doesn't wanna talk to me about it" I said.

" Really?"

" Yeah. So... Do you happen to know what is bothering him?" I asked.

He was silent for some time.

" No. But whatever it is, don't bother him with too many questions. He knows what he is doing. Bye" then he ends the call.

Weird. Why is Lucas saying I shouldn't ask Killian any questions? Are they hiding something from me?

To Be Continued

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