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Reverence Episode 8


Reverence Episode 8


"That boy... The one at the gate, the one staring at us" Juilette pointed.
"I... I don't see anyone." Anna said looking at the gate and around.
"What? The one right there" Juilette pointed again her smile slowly fading.
 "I don't see anyone" Anna looked at juilette weirdly.
"What?" Juilette's voice was low as she glanced at the gate then at Anna.

 Juliette suddenly burst out laughing.
"Did I scare you?" Juilette smiled.
Anna paused not believing her ears. 
"What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you pull a stunt like that, it's not funny.!" Anna grunted angrily.
"Sorry it got on your nerves, I was just joking, there was no boy, sorry if you didn't find it funny" Juilette gave a light giggle.
"I definitely didn't find it funny" Anna said.
"I'll stop making horrible jokes then." Juilette said.
"Good" Anna sighed.
 The school's huge bell was suddenly rung making the girls flinch.
"It's time for dinner" Juilette said.
"Yes I think so too" Anna replied and both girls walked away from the window and to the cathedral with juilette glancing at the gate one last time.
 It definitely wasn't a joke.
 Anna and juilette joined the other girls around the dinner table and after standing up with the other girls to say a brief prayer, they all sat down back to eat.
 After dinner, the girls head back to their dormitories to get ready for bed.
"I hate this school!" Juilette said as she and Anna walked into their room.
"I can't say I hate it too, it's just not my style" Anna said.
"I actually heard murmurs about me 'oh em gee look, it's that girl from class this morning with the grey streaks' like can't a girl just live a normal life" Juilette sighed...
"You should be somewhat happy, cause you're lowkey kind of popular." Anna smiled.
"That isn't the type of popularity I want" Juilette scoffed.
 Anna gave a light laugh as she and juilette both walked to each of their beds.
 Suddenly juilette fell to the floor, Anna turned hearing the thud.
"Dang it" Juilette muttered lowly trying to stand up.
"Are you okay?" Anna asked walking over to her to help her up.
"I'm fine, I'm telling you this is a daily routine of mine." Juilette laughed as Anna grabbed her hand and pulled her up.
  Juilette gave a loud gasp and suddenly pulled her hand out of Anna's grip.
"What the hell was that?" Juilette gasped.
"What the hell was what?" Anna asked startled by juilette's act.
"That.." Juilette looked at Anna and reminded speechless.
"Juilette... Are you sure you're okay?" Anna asked.
"To be honest, I don't even know!" Juilette said and walked over to her bed to sit.
"Well... Okay.." Anna said not knowing what else to say and walked to her own bed.
 The girls got dressed in their night attire after the bell was rung and as both of them laid on their beds not saying anything Anna spoke up.
"So...? I'm going to go pray in front of the alter now"
"What?!!" Juilette suddenly yelled sitting up.
Anna suddenly burst out laughing "I was just joking"
"Don't joke like that please" Juilette breathed out falling back on her bed.
"I don't get why you're so worked up praying in front of the alter though, well you've been playing stupid jokes on me all day, I decided to let one out on you" Anna chuckled.
Juilette sat up and gave a sigh.

"Well very brave of you to think of such joke, and I'm not worked up with praying in front of the alter, I feel like we can both pray there, but there's just something that needs to be taken out of there" Juilette said narrowing her eyes at the alter.
 Anna sat up. 
"Something like what?" Anna asked.
"Something I can't seem to wrap around my finger." Juilette sighed.
"To be honest juilette, you're very weird." Anna said. "I'm not saying this to insult you or anything, but you're really really weird".
 Juilette gazed at Anna without saying anything.

"What?" Anna asked getting uncomfortable from he stare.
"You're pretty Anna" Juilette smiled.
"Uh... Thanks, but try not to change the subject here." Anna stated.

"Fine, I'm weird and I can see that, I don't need an earful to know that, and it's not like I chose this" Juilette blabbed.
"Chose what?" Anna asked bewilderly.
"Anna I'm not weird, I just manage to find myself in a weird place." Juilette stated.
"Okay, you're speaking English, we're seriously speaking the same language, we both have the same accent but yet I haven't understood a single word you've been saying" Anna shook her head.

"Okay then, should I give you and earful?" Juilette asked.
"Sure why not!" Anna shrugged
"Try to be serious" Juilette rolled her eyes.
"I am" Anna added.
"Okay so well you just have to believe me too, cause all these may sound weird too" Juilette stated.
"Just say it" Anna blurted tiredly.

"Okay, so I see things!" Juilette said.
"See things? How do you mean?" Anna asked.
"Like see things, see things before it happens?" Juilette replied watching Anna and waiting for a reaction.
"Like the future?" Anna asked waiting for when to scoff. It sounded more like a joke than a thing to her.
"Well it's not technically the future but sure you can say that!" Juilette shrugged.
Anna Remained quiet and blinked rapidly.
"You don't believe me do you?" Juilette raised a brow at her.
"I don't, sorry" Anna gave a light laugh.
"It sounds too good to be true, so that's why I'm going to tell you things that I saw before it happened, if you believe me fine, if you don't, it's okay!." Juilette said standing up from her bed.
"Okay... I'm all ears." Anna shrugged.
"So, when you first came here. I already knew you were going to be my roommate, I already knew your name was Anna, and I kind of wanted to expose myself when you introduced yourself as Anna and I said 'I know' and then you asked me how and I said I overheard your older brother calling you that on the day that you arrived, but I was lying, I already saw that I was going to be sharing a room with a girl named Anna, so that's was pretty much it".
 Anna paused trying to comprehend what she was listening to.
 "And how do you explain knowing around the school when it's my first time here, well I kind of had a tour around the school in my vision, sounds creepy, but it happened!" Juilette said walking back and forth beside her bed.

"So wait, since when did you start seeing... Like since when did this vision of yours began.!" Anna asked.
"Since... Last week Friday, I guess" Juilette stated. "And I think that's when my hair started having this grey streaks." she added.

"So like you woke up on a Friday morning and started to see things?" Anna asked.
"No, I didn't just wake up, I don't know how either, but I know I felt something different in me at that moment" Juilette stated.
"So what else have you seen and that has happened in real life" Anna asked, her eyes filled with questions and curiosity.
Seeing how inquisitive Anna was, juilette didn't mind answering any question.
"Well last night, I saw my mom having a baby and I don't know if she's pregnant or not, she's my mom but we're not that close, so my mom's hundred percent going to get pregnant, and then Jane the president of the student council, were really good friends." Juilette said.
"Good friends? Come on, you and Jane are bark and bite, you both clearly hate each other." Juilette stated.
"We might now, but soon enough we're going to change, sometimes when I see what's going to happened in the next few hours or days, I try to change it, I try to do other things so what I saw won't come true, but you can't change the future, not ever." Juilette shrugged.
"So what you're trying to say is that, you're intentionally crawling on Jane's skin so you won't get to be friends with her, so you'll be changing what you saw.?" Anna asked.
"Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing" Juilette grinned.
"So like, how do you see these things, does it come like you're watching a TV or what?" Anna asked.
Juilette laugh. "No, when I'm about to see, I feel it, my body temperature suddenly drops and my heart beat rises and I don't feel my feet and it just comes like a flash but I've seen whatever I wanted to at that moment" Juilette explained.
"Wow" Anna breathed out.
"So whenever I fall to my feet, I'm about to see something, so remember our first day here, how I fell and that's when I saw Jane and I being 'friends' and sometimes I just see some stuff through my sleeps!" Juilette explained walking up to her suitcase and shoving her hand into the suitcase extra pocket.
"You also fell this evening after dinner, that means you saw something right?" Anna asked and juilette paused.
She glanced at Anna and turned back to her suitcase.
"I did" she replied hesitantly pulling out a hand with a wrapped chocolate bar in it.
"Really? What did you see then?" Anna asked.
"Well... Nothing" Juilette replied nervously walking up to her bed and shoving the chocolate into her mouth.
"Nothing? But you just said you did" Anna scoffed, confused.
"Well it's not something I'd like to share" Juilette replied shoving the chocolate wrapper under the bed.
Anna gave her a look.
"The room cleaners will handle that tomorrow" Juilette rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, and you'll be reported, we're not allowed to eat any food apart from the one the school gives us, especially sweets late at night!" Anna stated.
"I'll just lie my way out of it" Juilette shrugged.
"Seriously? Lying?" Anna scoffed.
"It helps" Juilette grinned her teeth brown from still chewing the chocolate.
Anna shook her head. "Anyways why won't you tell me what you saw this evening you fell".
"Because I don't want to tell you" Juilette replied walking to her bottled water on the cabinet beside her bed

"Making it secretive is making me more curious!" Anna stated.
Juilette rolled her eyes gulping down her water.
She breathed out a "Fine." as she dropped her water.
"I saw us making out" Juilette replied plainly sitting back on her bed.
"Wait do you mean... Like... Kissing?" Anna asked to be sure.
 Juilette gave her a look, "No like baking breads, what do you think I mean." Juilette added sarcastically.
"I don't know why you saw that but we can avoid that right?" Anna asked nervously.
"I don't know, the future is inevitable" Juilette replied.

 Both girls remained quiet again until Anna spoke up again.
"If you're like seer, then that boy you mentioned from the afternoon wasn't a joke right? You actually saw a boy at the gate" Anna asked suddenly getting chills.
"Yes I did saw a boy, he had a slight resemblance with the lady at the hall" Juilette replied.
"The lady at the hall?" Anna repeated.
"The lady from this morning when we walked to class" Juilette said rubbing the tip of her nose.
"The one you said sorry to?" Anna said remembering juilette saying sorry to the wall this morning.
"Yep, that's the one." Juilette replied.
 Anna's breathing suddenly hitch. "so if you saw them and I didn't when were together, does that means they're not human?" Anna asked getting scared all of a sudden.
"Pretty much, they didn't seem human, their skin were pretty pale, and they both have the same aura, the same aura from... " Juilette head turned to the alter.
"From?" Anna leaned forward.
"The feeling I get from standing or walking past this alter, was the same feeling I got from the lady and the boy" Juilette replied.

"To be honest, I'm getting scared right now" Anna gave a nervous laugh.
"There's nothing to be scared about, you should be happy you're not the one seeing them, they're pretty ugly to begin with" Juilette stated, and suddenly the lights in the girls room suddenly flickered.
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