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Reverence Episode 7


Reverence Episode 7


"Finally I can breathe again!" Juilette said throwing herself on Anna and giving her a hug.

"What do you mean?" Anna laughed as juilette let's go of her.

"Not having a class with you for the whole day is the worst, first there was No one to talk to and everyone just gave me weird eyes, and a girl walked up to me and was like, hey my mom said if a teenage girl has grey hair at such a young age it means she's a witch in her past life, I looked at this girl without a word I almost ripped her mouth out of her face, how can people be so rude!" Juilette complained linking arms with Anna as they both walked back to their dorm.
"Maybe she's just jealous." Anna said.
"I don't think she's jealous, if all my hair turns grey, I'm really going to lose it, someone might think of me an old lady seeing me from behind"  Juilette said touching her hair.
"But it's not that bad, it actually stands out and is very pretty" Anna said and got a look from juilette.
"I know you're just saying that so I wouldn't feel bad" Juilette clicked her tongue... 
"I'm serious" Anna huffed. 
"Then if there's a way we can switch hairs, would you agree to have mine?." Juilette asked.
"... Y.. Yes" Anna shrugged.
"What the hell, you hesitated, that means you don't think it's pretty, you're not a very good liar Anna" Juilette sighed.
"Sorry" Anna chuckled lightly.

"But it's okay I don't have to care what other people say, it's not like I need their opinions or want to be friends with them or anything, one friend is enough, Anna you also shouldn't make many friends, friends are like responsibilities and burden" Juilette added.
"Tell that to my sister" Anna mumbled lowly.
 The two girls walked into their room and before they could even think about settling down a knock came in at the door...
"I'm too lazy to stand up, go get it Anna" Juilette sighed falling back on her bed.
"I'm not your maid or anything, don't boss me around." Anna scoffed as she walked to the door and opened it making juilette laugh.

"Yes..?" Anna said to the unrecognizable girl at the door.
"Anna riles?" She called looking at Anna.
"Yes that's me" Anna said.
"Okay, well your presence is needed at the student council office." The girl said sharply. 
"What? Did I do anything wrong" Anna had to ask. 
 "I don't know but sister Jane told me to invite you over to the office"  the girl said and juilette suddenly came down from her bed and walked up to the girls at door. 
"Did she do anything wrong?" Juilette asked the girl. 
"No she didn't, please just come with me sister Anna" the girl said and Anna threw juilette a look. 

"Let's go" Juilette said pulling Anna out of the room. 
"Ah sorry but it's just Anna Riles who's been called." The girl said. 
"I'm sure Jane won't mind a company of two and I can't stay in that room alone, so no, Anna and I are going together." Juilette snapped and the girl just sighed. 
 Anna didn't mind juilette's company at all, she really liked it. 
"I thought I made it clear that it's just Anna Riles that's being called here" Jane said to juilette immediately the girls stepped into the office. 
"We go everywhere together" Juilette shrugged. 
"Well this is totally none of your business and it will be nice of you to just enjoy the recess before dinner, so please leave the office" Jane said. 
"It's recess right? I get to be wherever I want Jane..." Juilette said putting a lot of stress on her name. 
"Well Anna needs all the privacy she can get for this." Jane stated angrily. 
"Privacy for what?" Anna chimed in. 

"Well your mother reached the school this morning while everyone was in class, and the principal promised to put you on the phone with her during recess" Jane replied. 
Anna gasped. "Really my mom?" 
"Yes" Jane nodded. 
"Wow, your mom's really sweet and considerate, it's your second day and she's all over you, trying to reach you and stuff, I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't remember she has a child here" Juilette laughed. 
"Well that's okay, I don't mind juilette being here while I talk to my mom, she can say hi to my mom too" Anna smiled with a slight shrug. 
"See" Juilette bat her lashes at Jane.
"Okay whatever you say, it must be rough for you having a clingy friend Anna" Jane said trying to get on Ava's angry side. 
"Well guess what, Anna and I are like best friends, sisters even, we go nowhere without each other." Juilette stated. 
Best friends? Anna almost screamed by that statement. She's never even had a friend needless to say a best friend. 
"What do you mean best friends you both just met yesterday" Jane laughed. 
"Sometimes you know they're your best friends with just a second of meeting them, and sometimes even shorter than a second you know don't like them" Juilette huffed. 
 Anna was given an android phone with her mother's phone number on the dialer. 
"Wow I thought it's going to be like a telephone or something, who would have thought it would be an android" Juilette laughed.
"what do you think this is? The 20th century?" Jane snapped walking away and received a glare from juilette 
"Anna!" Elizabeth heard her mother's voice from the other side of the line and she smiled. 
"Mom" Anna breathed out. 
"Oh my, sweetie how are you? How is the school, how is everyone. Have you make any friends, how is the school? Your room? The food?--
"Mom, mom one question at a time." Anna laughed. 
"Sorry, I just feel like I could burst any minute" Elizabeth laughed.. 
Anna glanced up at juilette who was looking at her with excitement, couldn't wait to say hi. 
"The school is great, it's very big, the foods are like heaven, the dorms are a little dark but it's okay, I like the fact that everyone has their own bathroom" Anna explained. 
"Wow if not for your scholarship I'm pretty sure this school cost a fortune" Elizabeth huffed. "So what about friends, have you made any friends?" 
"Well everyone is pretty skeptical to be honest and yes my friend is right in front of me would you like to say hi." Anna asked. 
"Of course yes." Elizabeth squealed. 
 Anna happily gave the phone to juilette. 
"hi... Mrs... 
"Elizabeth" Anna helped. 

"Just call me Lizzy" Elizabeth smiled happily, 
 They both exchanged a heartwarming greeting before Juilette gave the phone back to Anna.

"So How's Ava?" Anna asked her mom. 
"Oh she's fine, the only thing in worried about is like this not very comforting grey hair growing at the back of her hair, I asked her to come with me to the hospital for a checkup but she declined..."
"Grey hair?" Anna replied. 
"Yeah it's ugly and I hate it, oh speak of the devil, Ava's here would you like to talk to her, cause she looks like she wants to talk to you too" Elizabeth voice was sharp.
"Yeah sure, put her on the phone" Anna said. 

"Anna!!!!" Ava called cheerfully.
"What is it with you and yelling" Anna scoffed. 
"I'm just so excited to hear your voice, how is the school and how is juilette?" 
The question made Anna pause, she glanced at juilette and looked away. 
"How did you know of juilette?" she asked.
"What are you talking about, mom was just talking to her, I was there" Ava replied.
"No, if we can go back in time in our heads and try to remember, yesterday morning you told me, say hi to juilette, how do you explain that?" Anna scoffed. Her voice was low she was being catious and didn't want juilette to hear.
"I never said anything like that" Ava declined.
"Don't lie to me Ava, you clearly say that and also said something about showing reverence or something." Anna spat.
"Okay clearly, I remember the Reverence part, but juilette? I don't know what you're talking about." Ava said her voice sounding sincere.
Anna was angry.
"Okay then, what do you mean by show reverence?" Anna asked.
"Oh you see, you didn't let me finish that day, what I meant by show reverence is that, if anyone tells you to show Reverence, simply decline and do not try to pray in front of any alter" Ava said leaving Anna shocked.
The same time juilette has been saying, why are both of them saying the same thing? What is going on!
"And why do you say so?" Anna asked.
"because... Because I'm not in any position to say so, clearly because I don't know why too, so just put juilette on the phone, I want to speak to her too" Ava said cheerfully.
"No" Anna said.
"Please" Ava Sighed.

"It's on loud speaker Ava say hi" Anna said placing the phone in between she and juilette.
"who.?" Juilette mouthed to Anna.
"My twin." Anna replied.
"HI juilette!!" Ava called cheerfully.
"Uhm.. Hi" Juilette said.
"How are you?" Ava asked.
"I'm fine" Juilette laughed. "It's funny how you're so casual, acting like you've known me since forever"
"Well you know, a friend of Anna is also a friend of mine" Ava voice said.
"Yeah Right keep deceiving yourself you freak" Anna scoffed.
"Oh shut up Anna" Ava added her own scoff.
Juilette eyes widen by the sister lashing out. 
"You know what, Juilette and I won't let our recess go to waste talking to you Ava, get well soon and start" Anna said cutting the call.

"You know, you and your sister have the same voice" Juilette said as she walked side by side with Anna in the hallway, both girls just walking around the school wasting their recess. 
"People say we do even though I don't hear it, except being about three inches taller than Ava, I think we're pretty much identical with everything, and she's just the prettier one."Anna replied and paused to look out the window from the enormous window from the hallway.
"She's the pretty one? But you're both identical, how are you sure she's more prettier" Juilette laughed standing beside Anna as they both stared outside the window.
"I don't know, she's more girly and free and I think I'm more constrained and I hardly Wear skirts" Anna said staring at the school's gate from
"You're funny" Juilette laughed.
"I kind of like the view from up here" Anna said.
"Yeah me too" Juilette added resting her arms on edge of the window.
"Huh." Juilette suddenly said "What is a little boy doing in all girls school." Juilette asked staring at a little boy standing in front of the school gate and staring at her, he was dressed in a black tuxedo with his hair gelled back.
"He looks so cute in that tux" Juilette laughed.
"What boy?" Anna asked curiously wanting to see who juilette was talking about too.
"That boy... The one at the gate, the one staring at us" Juilette pointed.
"I... I don't see anyone." Anna said looking at the gate and around.
"What? The one right there" Juilette pointed again her smile slowly fading.
 "I don't see anyone" Anna looked at juilette weirdly.
"What?" Juilette's voice was low as she glanced at the gate then at Anna.
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