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Reverence Episode 6


Reverence Episode 6


Anna saw Ava running towards her with a smile.

"Mom made your favorite, pancake!!." Ava said happily.

"Ava? How are you walking? You slammed your leg with a hammer remember?" Anna stated.

"Yes you're right, but let's just forget about that for now." Ava grinned.

"No I can't forget about that, you need to explain to me why you did something like that" Anna yelled.

"If I tell you, you wouldn't believe me" Ava pouted.

"Are you planing to cook up lies? Just leave me alone." Anna barked and started to walk away with Ava screaming her name behind her.

"Anna! Anna!"

  Anna suddenly jerk awake from her deep slumber to see juilette standing beside her bed.

 It was a dream. She sighed.

"What? Having a nightmare? I've been calling your name for ages" Juilette stated walking over to her own bed.

"No... It wasn't a nightmare." Anna said standing up from her bed.

"Okay then get ready, the school's bell has been ringing for some time now and according to our time table, we have to take our bath and head to the cathedral for breakfast before heading to class and trust me, you do not want to be late." Juilette said and Anna quickly sprung out of the bed.

The school's bathroom was like a stall, a hundred of stall lined up on both side, there was nothing like taking turns while having to bath, everyone had a stall of their own.

  Juilette and Anna still made it in time to get to the cathedral for breakfast and having one of the richest breakfast ever, the girls went back to their dorms to get ready for class.

"Great, we have the first class together, I won't be going alone" Anna muttered as she grabbed her books for class staring at her timetable.

"Really?" Juilette asked checking hers. "Wow, first class together!" Juilette rejoiced happily grinning from ear to ear.

"But how we going to get to class, we don't know anywhere around school." Anna said as she and juilette was about to walk out of their room.

"Don't worry I kn-

   A knock interrupted juilette from completing her sentence and she glanced at Anna, both girls wondering who It could be.

  Juilette stepped forward and opened the door with Anna behind her, and juilette gave a sigh seeing it was Jane and two other girls behind her. 

"Good morning, juilette, Anna!" Jane gave a thick smile.

"Good morning" Anna replied but juilette didn't.

Jane glanced around the girls neck to see their rosary hanging there and she smiled.

"So did you girls both pray in front of the alter last night and this morning?" Jane asked.

Of course they didn't.

"Yes we did" Juilette replied her hand on her waist. "So... Jane... I mean sister Jane, can I ask a question"

Jane gulped "I'm not a fan of your words but sure go on"

"Why do we have to pray to the alter every morning and night?" Juilette breathed out.

"What?" Jane laughed. "Because praying is a good thing and we want to be closer to God"

"Can't we just do it without the alter?" Juilette shrugged.

"No we can't The first altar recorded in the Hebrew Bible is that erected by Noah--

"I'm not talking about history right now" Juilette interrupt.

"And so am I, I'm just trying to say this alter has been going on for thousands of years now and just because a teenage non religious girl has a problem with it doesn't mean we'll stop" Jane stated angrily.

"Sure... Fine, I don't want you to take it down, I could actually care less, and why are you even here Anna and I are about to get to class you're in the way." Juilette said.

"A little nice won't hurt your tongue and I'm here to help you both get to your classes, you're one of the newest student and as the president it's my duty to assure your punctuality to class and to make sure you know your way around the school and classes." Jane said holding up a forced smile.

Juilette raised her brows. "You don't have to worry, Anna and I know our way around the school than you do."

"No we don't" Anna suddenly chimed In.

"Yes we do" Juilette said pulling Anna out of the room and shutting the door.

 Jane glared at the girls as they walked away before walking away too.

 "What is wrong with you we don't know anywhere around the school, just because you hate Jane doesn't mean you have to blow it up for me." Anna complained as she and juilette both walked together in an empty hall with books in their hand. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to drag you into this, and I don't hate Jane , I'm just messing with her, and don't worry, I'll just follow my hunch and get to class!" Juilette said.

"Your hunch? Really? And what if your hunch takes us to the toilet instead of our first class." Anna complained.

"Just trust me on this one" Juilette rolled her eyes.

"Trust you my butt" Anna muttered

 Both girls remained quiet as they walked through the halls taking juilette's 'hunch'..

As both girls hurried to wherever their legs was taking them but juilette suddenly stopped and moved to Anna's side saying sorry.

Juilette started walking again but Anna pulled her back.

"I don't understand who are you saying sorry to?" Anna asked.

"Didn't you just see the lady who just passed by, I had to make way for her cause I was blocking her path and I apologized for it." Juilette explained and Anna's eyes popped out.

"What?" Anna paused. "No body passed by, we're the only ones in the hallway." Anna stated.

"Thats not true, that lady" Juilette Turned pointing to the left but suddenly froze.

"What's wrong?" Anna asked looking at the left to see why juilette paused, but didn't see anything.

"What Lady?" Anna asked.

 Juilette snapped out of her state and grabbed Anna's hand. "Uhm, there is no lady, let's just head to class"

"Why are you so weird?" Anna scoffed angrily walking so fast because juilette was pulling her so much.

"We're all weird." Juilette replied.


 Both girls managed to get to class all thanks to juilette's strange hunch and well Anna was surprised.

 They both got into the class and went to the back of the class since the whole seat had been taken. All eyes were on them for being the new student and Anna started to feel suffocated. No she wasn't good with strangers.

"Even if you're nervous, try not to look nervous." Juilette whispered to her.

"It's just my nature, I get tense up around new people" Anna added with a nervous smile.

"You'll come around." Juilette clicked her tongue, and Anna just watched her surprised by the fact that she isn't nervous at all.

"Are you sure you're new to this school?" Anna joked.

"Yes and I know what you're thinking, I don't get nervous, no matter how I hard I try, my nerve doesn't kick in" Juilette said.

"Wish I'm like that though." Anna laughed.

 An older looking Nun walked into the class, she was very tall and her Nun clothing was all white and thick, she had a big rosary around her neck and a nice face.

She walked into the class and gave a smile and immediately the whole student got on their feet. And so did Anna and juilette.

 Immediately all the student joined their hands together, closed their eyes, bowed their heads and turned to the alter in front of the class.

"Now we pray before the class starts" The Nun said and they all start to say a prayer recital. 

"Don't close your eyes" Juilette snapped at Anna when she tried copy the students. 

"What why? We're praying" Anna whispered. 

"Nope, not in front of any alter" Juilette stated.

"What? Why? I seriously need an explanation for all this juilette." Anna said. 

"And I'll give you one once I find out too, just don't pray with them" Juilette's words were slow as she grabbed Anna's hand and clasp them with hers. 

Anna sighed and glanced at juilette one more time before turning back to the class. 

 The prayer ended and the Nun who's clearly the teacher that morning, smiled. 

"I see we have two new students at the back, care two introduce yourself lovelies?" She smiled... 

Anna found the woman's smile quite comforting. 

Both girls slowly stood up and Anna gave a forced smile. "I'm Anna Riles" Anna said and sat down immediately. 

"Oh okay and how about you the girl with the grey hair" the nun said a bit confused about juilette's hair.


"My name's juilette Kruger, and nice to meet everyone and incase you're all wondering, I was born with the grey hair" Juilette said sharply to the entire class, cause everyone's eyes didn't leave her hair. 

"And it will be a little nice, if you will stop staring at me" Juilette stated her eyes glaring at the whole class. And they all start ro murmur, slowly looking away. 

"They're looking at you because it's unusual and that makes you special" The nun added trying to butter up the situation. 

"Or maybe they're looking for things to talk about me" Juilette folded her hands. 

"Just have your sit sweetie." The Nun smiled. 

Juilette sat down grumpily. 

"You've got guts" Anna nudged her. 

"I thought you weren't born with grey hair" Anna whispered.

"just a white lie" Juilette shrugged


 The class started and ended so quickly and it was time for the next Time, they both had different classes and Anna could already feel her stomach turn due to nervousness. She was fine walking and taking the first class with juilette and now with the second class going alone, she felt like she could throw up any minute. 

"We have different classes, now this is sad" Juilette said walking Anna to class.

"Yeah... It is" Anna sighed. 

"And we have like no other classes together again for the whole day until recess."  Juilette sighed. 


"I guess this is your class" Juilette said to Anna as they both stopped in front of a classroom. 

"How did you know, well this is class E but how did you know your way around the school.?" Anna asked.. 

"Instincts" Juilette smiled with a shrug. 

"You don't expect me to believe that do you?" Anna raised a brow at her. 

"I just followed my instincts" Juilette laughed. 

Anna gave her a weird look. 

"Anyways, I'll be going to my class now, I'll see you after the class and don't make any friends without me okay!" Juilette said jokingly. 

"I don't intend to even with you here" Anna scoffed. 

Juilette laughed. "Seriously don't" 

Anna laughed. 

"Okay then bye..." Juilette said and walked cheerfully to the opposite direction, while Anna just stood and watch her go, how could someone be so confident, cheerful, not afraid, not nervous and yet so plain.  She stands out so much, with her little growing grey hair and an eye colour that is not easy to decipher. She's nonchalant but yet she's not, she says want she wants caring less about the consequences. She hardly shoes fear and is always cheerful, she's very weird and says weird and creepy stuff but she mainly brush it off and she smile so easily.

Anna felt her blood rise as she watch Juilette go, and immediately juilette took a turn to the next hallway and disappeared out of Anna's sight, Anna felt like something was pulled out of her. She suddenly realised she was alone, but shrugged nervousness out of her head and walked into the class.


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