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Reverence Episode 5



Reverence Episode 5


The sound of the school's tower bell made the two girls look at each other.

"It's the bell" Anna said.

"And according to Catherine earlier, it's dinner time?" Juilette raised a quizzical brow.

"Yes it is."  Anna replied.

"What are we waiting for then, let's head to the cathedral, I think it's where the foods are served" Juilette said and Anna nodded agreeing with her. 

Both girls walked out of the room and suddenly bumped into other girls who were also leaving the dormitory and to the cathedral.

  Anna and juilette followed the girls since they were newbies and barely knew anyone and anywhere.


 "Close your eyes girls!" Jane the president of the student council yelled, her voice louder than the school bell,

The girls sitting around the long dinner table, all bowed their heads and closed their eyes.

Juilette and Anna glanced at each other before doing so.

"Now we call unto Father our Lord, to bless the food we're about to have and after, amen." Jane said.

"AMEN!" The students replied in unison, excluding Anna and juilette.

 The girls were severed some pretty good meals, it seemed more like a feast than a simple dinner in a boarding school, the foods weren't only rich in taste and quality, but was excess.

"This is like heaven." Juilette giggled to Anna.

"I know right?" Anna smiled back.

"No talking while eating!" Jane's voice snapped around the whole room and both the girls shrieked, realising everyone was awfully quiet and they were the only ones talking.

 They both gave an apologetic look and starts to eat.

 After dinner, the girls started to head back to their dorms and just when juilette and Anna were about to leave the cathedral, Jane walked up to them with her head up high and her red silky hair hanging by her shoulder.

 Jane was taller than juilette but was still slights short compared to Anna.

"You girls..." Jane began. "Need to learn a few things, I understand it's your first day here, and as the president of the student council and also the school representative, its my duty to bring the best out of every student, I understand everyone has flaws, but maybe a few rules and some womanly manners can push both your flaws away." Jane smiled.

"Jane... Can I be honest with you?" Juilette began stepping forward.

"That will be sister Jane for you, and sure you can be honest with me." Jane smiled.

 "I really don't like you" Juilette scoffed.

 Jane looked shocked by the statement but covered it up with a smile.

"You can't just dislike anyone without a reason!" Jane stated.

"Well I just don't like you, I don't need to have a reason." Juilette stated.

"One thing dear juilette, love your neighbor as yourself, now that is the number one rule from God" Jane smiled.

"love your neighbor as yourself, I don't even love myself to begin with so..." Juilette shrugged and turned to Anna.   "let's go Anna"

 Jane watched the girls leave her side and gritted her teeth in anger, it was the first time someone had actually been 'honest' with her. And she didn't like it. She wants to be loved by all, she's the schools representative after all, how could someone dislike her.


"Wasn't that a little rude to say to the president of the student council?" Anna asked immediately the girls walked into their room.

"Just because she's the president of the student whatever doesn't mean she has to be rude, I just told her how I felt." Juilette shrugged.

Anna smiled, seeing how juilette reminded her of her sister Ava.

"Well okay then." Anna shrugged. 

"Anna" Juilette called. 

"What?" Anna shrugged. 

"You seem pretty quiet, but you're not". Juilette stated. 

"What do you mean?" Anna was confused. 

"You're not always this quiet" Juilette said pulling her hair into a ponytail. 

"What do you mean, you barely even know me" Anna said staring at the back of juilette's hair which seemed to have more grey hair than black. 

"I don't know you, but I do know that you're the kind of person, who will love to talk more at every given opportunity, who would love to make more friends but afraid to approach them first, you also want to say so much but refrain yourself a lot, I bet my grey hairs you're not quiet at home at all!" Juilette expound causing Anna to freeze, how did she know so much? Was she that easy to read. 

 Her boring lifestyle was too plain her roommate read through her. Anna shook her head and pushed that at the back of mind. 

 She sat on her bed and took off her shoes. 

"Juilette!" Anna called. 

Juilette turned to her, her Hazel eyes flashing a little more grey and leaving Anna in confusion on what her colour of eyes is her real one. 

"Sup" Juilette said

"Your grey hairs, like the grey streaks on your hair, were you born with it or... You dyed it?" Anna asked. 

Juilette laughed "The school would have kicked me out if I dyed just a single streak of hair. And no I didn't dye it, neither was I born with it, I started getting grey hairs since like  three days ago I guess, believe me, I was shocked when I first saw it and so was my parent, they thought a cell died in my brain or something, but turned out I was fine, I don't know why it's  growing though, but I don't like it., it's like it's taking over my whole head, I mean who the hell would like to have grey hair at sixteen."

"So what would you do if your black hair as a whole turns grey?" Anna asked. 

"I'll dye it black again and if it doesn't stay, I'm going bald." Juilette stated giggling at the end. 

"You're not serious about that" Anna shook her head. 

  The girls flinched by the school's bell that suddenly went off, it's hard and slow jingling sounds making its way through every dormitories. 

"According to the time, and according to Catherine, I think that's the last bell for today, and the bell signifies it's time for bed." Anna expound. 

"Yeah, but isn't it early for bed, the sun just set!" Juilette scoffed. 

"It's a boarding school, what do you expect, we have to go to bed early in order to wake up early and get ready for class." Anna replied.

"It's just my first day here and it already feels like my seventeenth day" Juilette shook her head, unbuttoning her uniform shirt. 

"To be honest you seem very comfortable in this school, you act like you've been here before, you're not nervous at all, and you have no problem talking to anyone, and you also act like you know everyone." Anna explained. 

Juilette smiled. "Is that how I am? I didn't know." 

"You are, you seem very transparent" Anna added. 

"I might be more obscure, you never know" Juilette said taking off her shirt with just her sports bra on, Anna's eye suddenly dart to her chest and then back at her face.

 Juilette paused noticing what just happened. "I don't like being stared at, can you turn around please... While I change." 

"Yeah sorry," Anna quickly said turning around and sulking in embarrassment, why did she do that? 


 Both girls laid on each of their beds wearing their sleeping garments, the moon had come up and the night had come cold. 

 They were both quiet when Anna said. 

"we're about to sleep, so isn't it time for us to like pray, remember show Reverence." Anna said. 

"Yeah, you're right" Juilette gulped..


  Both girls stood up and walked in front of the alter in their room, their hands tangled in their rosaries, Anna was holding the prayer book and as they approached the alter juilette didn't look happy. 

 "Okay then, I'll start with any prayer" Anna said opening a random page in the prayer book. 

"Okay make this quick" Juilette said, her breathing hitching up. 

Anna started. "in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirt i call unto th--

"Stop!" Juilette suddenly interrupted Anna. 

"What?" Anna asked. 

Juilette glanced at the candle at the alter.

"Slowly step away from the alter" Juilette ordered and Anna did so moving back as juilette did. 

"What's wrong?" Anna asked again.

"I could hardly breathe standing in front of the alter, look to be honest I haven't prayed before not once in my life, but I do feel that this isn't right" Juilette said taking the rosary off of her hand.

"What? I'm confused juilette" Anna breathed out.

"What I'm saying Is, we shouldn't pray to that alter, not tonight, not any day" Juilette breathed out. Anna looked at her, she was taking her time to breathe, it was like something was holding down her breath.

"Why do you say so?" Anna asked.

"Look I don't know but just don't!!" Juilette almost yelled.

"Sorry" she suddenly apologized walking up to her bed.

"Look juilette you're scaring me, isn't praying supposed to be a good thing?" Anna was starting to sound offended. "You're not a Christian, so maybe you don't understand how it works, we pray before and after we eat, sleep, go out".

"You're making me sound like an atheist, I am not an atheist, just because I wasn't born with any religious belief doesn't mean I can't believe in God, I'm not refraining you from praying I'm just saying you shouldn't pray to that alter.!" Juilette's voice was agrresively loud.

 Just the first day in school and they're already arguing.!

"If you give me your reason then I won't pray to the alter" Anna said folding her arms across her chest. 

"I have no stupid reasons to give you Anna, just don't." Juilette scoffed.

"You have no stupid reason? then I'm praying without you." Anna said walking towards the alter.


 Anna paused hearing her name, it was juilette who called her but at the same time it sounded like Ava's voice and at the same time juilette's voice.

 Anna Turned to juilette and slowly gasped when she saw tears in juilette's eyes.

"Please don't!" Juilette sniffed. "If you want, we can both hold hands and pray right here, but please, not In front of the alter".

Seeing how juilette was Anna turned away from the alter and walked over to juilette.

"Thank you!" Juilette sniffed wiping her tears.

 Both girls held hands and bowed their heads. "I don't know how to pray so you take the lead" Juilette said sounding a bit relieved.

"Everyone knows how to pray, just talk to God and ask him for what you want tonight, if it's his protection or guardiance or blessing, but don't worry I'll take the lead tonight" Anna stated.

"Thanks, call unto his guardiance then" Juilette said and slowly glance at the alter before closing her eyes and turning to Anna listening to her pray.


 Juilette seemed a lot relieved after their small prayer which didn't happen In front of the alter and both girls ended up on each of their beds.

Anna stood up, about to turn off the lights when juilette stopped her.

"Don't turn off the lights."  Juilette said.

"But I can't sleep with the lights on" Anna replied.

"Neither can I, but don't turn it off please." Juilette said and Anna sighed. First it was her sister that night, now it's juilette.

Anna sighed and fell back on her bed getting under her blanket.

Juilette who was still sitting up and having no intention to fall asleep anytime soon called Anna's name.

"What?" Anna replied not getting out of her blanket or even looking up at juilette.

"Do you know, you got the bright side of the room?" Juilette said.

 Anna suddenly crawled out of her blanket. "What do you mean bright side of the room, didn't you purposely take that side of the room because it's bright, when the sun rises you'll see how bright that side of the room is because of the window close to it"

"Ah yes, it is bright during the day, but nighttime, yours becomes the bright side, and mine becomes the dark side." Juilette stated.

 Anna feeling confused looked at juilette to see her staring at the alter, not moving or blinking but just talking.

"But during nighttime, the room is equally bright due to the fact that it's night and the light bulb lits up the whole room in equality, so what are you talking about?" Anna asked.

"No, I know what I'm talking about, that part of the room is way brighter than here... It's scary over here." Juilette said and shut her eyes she opened them back up again and smiled. "But don't worry I'm not scared".

"Huh?" Anna was as confused as ever. "You talk confusingly, I'm going to bed now" Anna gave juilette a weird look before covering her blanket over her head.


 Over at the riles residence.

 Ava laid in Anna's bed and let's out sigh.

Elizabeth who has just walked in smiled at her daughter.

"How you feeling Ava?" Elizabeth asked.

"Feel okay..." Ava shrugged glancing at the cast on her leg.

"Missing your sister?" Elizabeth asked.

"A little bit" Ava smiled.

"A little bit?? You miss her that little.?" Elizabeth laughed.

Ava laughed. "It's okay because we can still reach other"

"How?" Elizabeth looked confused.

"I thought twins have a telepathic mind, don't Anna and I have one?" Ava asked.Hi Peacemaker to add you to d stories +2348037873157

"Haha very funny" Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "You and your silly jokes, those are just lies,  even my twin and I failed to understand each other needless to say reach each other telepathically." Elizabeth said causing her daughter to laugh.

"But if you want we can call the school tomorrow and talk to Anna" Elizabeth said.

"Yes that'd be nice, I'd like to talk to Anna" Ava smiled.

"Okay then, and why aren't you sleeping in your bed, this is Anna's" Elizabeth asked walking towards the door.

"It's brighter over here, that side of the room is dark and Anna's side is bright, I can't stay there." Ava muttered.

"Sure whatever you say, should I turn off the lights?" Elizabeth asked.

"No, but thanks mom, goodnight!"

"goodnight Dear" Elizabeth stated before walking out of the room.

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