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Reverence Episode 3


Reverence Episode 3


   Archie rushed into into the girls room and so did Connie, Leslie and Joan hearing the girls scream.

"What happened?" Joan asked seeing Ava on the floor and Anna in front of her.

 Ava quickly shoved the slegde hammer under bed and turned to her older sister making a sad face. 

"What happened?" Joan asked again walking towards the girls.

"Ava just hit hers-

 Ava's pinch to Anna's arm stopped Anna from talking.

"I fell at the sides of my bed to the wall and had my leg stuck, I tried to pull it out and when I did, I heard a small crack. I'm scared!" Ava stated tears crawling out of her eyes.

 Anna was dumbfounded as she watched Ava lie to the rest of the  family.

"Do you think it might be fractured?" Connie asked walking up to his sister.

"It might, look how swollen it is" Leslie added.

"Let's see if you can stand up." Connie said slipping his arm around Ava's shoulder and helping Ava stand up.

 Ava winced when her feet touched the ground, the pain was truly unbearable.

"I can't" Ava cried.

"Can we all just stop talking and go to a hospital like immediately." Joan yelled.

"Archie, go find my car keys and get my car ready" Connie barked, his thick voice covering the whole room.

 Archie walked out of the room hearing his brother orders. 

 Connie swept Ava off her feet and carried her out of the room. 

Anne didn't move she just stood there and watched her family go. 

"What are you doing Anna, let's go.!" Leslie said pulling Anna out of the room and snapping her out of her reverie. 

"What happened what's going on?" Elizabeth asked coming down the stairs and seeing her kids all in a hurried and worried state. 

"Ava fractured her bone, I think" connie stated walking out of the room with Ava in his hand.

"What?" Elizabeth yelled, her face suddenly pale from the news. 

 She rushed out of the house with her kids. 

 Connie gently placed Ava inside his car and told Annie to get inside too. 

"But I didn't get injured" Anna stated. 

"Well we don't know that for sure, get in." Connie stated. 

"But I'm perfectly fine." Anna growled. 

"You're her twin, she'll get comfortable with you inside, get in and let's go to the frigging hospital!" Connie barked and Anna sighed and walked inside the car sitting beside Ava. 

"Why don't we all take the family car." Elizabeth said, she was in her panic state. 

"You can take the family car with the rest, and meet me in hospital, I'll just drive these two to the hospital." Connie stated getting into the car. 

"Okay honey see you in five." Elizabeth stated, rushing inside to the living room to grab the keys for the family car. 

 No hiding on how rich they were with Elizabeth getting confused on different car keys.


"Why did you do it?" Anna asked Ava as their older brother drove them to the hospital. 

"Keep your voice down" Ava whispered. "If Connie finds out I did this to myself you're so going to get it." 

"Oh shut up you freak!" Anna rolled her eyes. 

"Give me your reason or I'm telling the whole family you did this to yourself" Anna threatened. 

"Fine! I... I don't want to go to that boarding school.!" Ava replied. 

"What?" Anna yelled. 

"Keep your voice down." Ava whispered. 

"Is that why you have to go so far and slam that hammer against your leg?" Anna scoffed. 

"Just leave me alone Anna, my body isn't yours" Ava pouted folding her hand. 

"You're seriously acting weird, what is wrong with you, what if you never walk again?" Anna asked. 

"I don't care, cause this is better... Way more better." Ava replied. 

"way more better? Way more better than what?" Anna was about to go crazy. 

"We're here!" Connie announced stopping the car. And both girls glared at each other before keeping quiet. 



 "So it's broken alright, but it will heal" The male nurse said to Elizabeth and her kids after wrapping Ava's leg in an orthopedic cast.

"Really?" Elizabeth looked like she'll cry anytime soon.

"Yes she will in about a month or more, but don't worry, and for now she'll have to use crutches or a wheelchair." The nurse shrugged. 

"We'll get her a wheelchair, crutches still sounds dangerous." Elizabeth stated and the nurse nodded. 

"Well them miss, your daughter is perfectly fine."  The nurse grinned  walking away from the Riles... 

"It's going to be okay Ava okay!" Elizabeth sighed at her daughter. 

"Yeah, thanks mom." Ava replied. 

 Anna gave Ava a glare but Ava looked away. 

  The Riles left the hospital and drove back home, Connie helped Ava to her room and Annie was told to assist Ava with anything she needed and Anna didn't like that, but couldn't oppose. 

Elizabeth promised Ava her wheelchair will be coming the next day, and the boarding school for her would be canceled until her legs get better and only Anna would be attending for now. 

    "So how do you feel, fooling mom and the rest of the family.?" Ava asked as they were both alone in their room. 

"I feel great" Ava shrugged. 

"You're seriously unbelievable!" Anna scoffed. 

"Look Anna, I know what I'm doing okay... This is for the best just trust me!" Ava stated. 

"Why would I trust you, you weirdo and don't ever tell me to trust you again, I can't possibly see myself trusting a psycho slamming things on their leg." Anna spurted angrily. 

"Anna, I know you hate me, you've always complained about me being your twin, you've always wished to be born single." Ava rolled her eyes. 

"You've said the same thing too." Annie yelled. 

"And I thought you'd probably like to me see hurt so...

"Oh my God Ava, you're so dumb" Ana groaned angrily. 

"Thanks" Ava shrugged.

 Anna left the room angrily leaving her sister to wonder how she'll have to get to the bathroom all by herself. 


 Sunday came by so fast with Annie giving her sister the silent treatment, it's not like it's the first time they'd be giving each other the silent treatment. 

  Ava got her wheelchair and got to move around the house herself. She somehow managed to get to pee all by herself without Anna's help. 

 Sunday went by like the wind and monday came. 

"Get ready to move..." Connie said to Anna as she grabbed her suitcase outside and to Connie's car. 

"I know that!" Anna grumbled angrily 

She fixed her luggage in Connie's trunk and slammed the door real hard letting Connie welp.

"look if you're mad about going to this boarding school, you shouldn't take it out on my car." Connie hissed at his sister. 

"The trunk was heavy, I had to choice but to slam it" Anna stated. She was pretty mad that she would be going to the school without Anna, somewhat all her imaginations about the school always included Ava, she was really sad. 

 Ava appeared with her wheelchair and gave Anna a smile. 

"Good luck with your new school!" Ava smiled. 

"get lost" Anna spat. 

"Don't tell your sister to get lost" Elizabeth chimed in walking out of the house. 

"Really, you're still not going to talk to me.?" Ava scoffed.

"Just get out" Anna rolled her eyes cashing Ava to laugh.

 Everyone at home at that moment said goodbye to Anna and before she got into Connie's car, Ava wheeled her chair towards her.

"Anna" she called

"What do you want?" Anna shrugged.

"I just want to say one thing." Ava replied.

"Which is?" Anna shook her head.

"Show reverence." Ava stated.

"What does that mean?" Anna looked confused.

"I didn't speak Spanish right? I said show reverence" Ava stated.

"Why are you so weird Ava" Anna sighed.

"Because I can't help it" Ava smiled.

"Just go play with toys or something when I'm gone" Anna stated.

"Oh and one last thing. Say hi to juilette for me.!" Ava grinned.

"Get lost" Anna yelled angrily, she was really mad. Her sister kept saying weird stuff and weird names.

  "You ready?" Connie asked Anna.

"Yeah" Anna replied.

"Okay then put on your seat belt" Connie ordered and Anna did so.

 Anna glanced at her sister one more time before Connie the car drove away.

She didn't like this at all.


 The drive to the school took about five hours and Connie had to stop at the gas station at least two times, to get his car filled up. Anna was already having her time at the back of the car enjoying her deep slumber when Connie pulled over.

"We're here Anna!" Connie stated stepping out of the car.

He turned to see his sister fast asleep and sighed.

 "Anna!" He pressed the car horn causing Anna to jerk awake.

"Wake up sleepy pants were here" Connie stated and Anna gave a light yawn before stepping out of the car.

  Anna noticed another car ahead of theirs and figured it must be another new student too.

She turned to the gates of the school and let's out a loud gasp.

"Sweet geez, this school is huge, and I thought my old school was huge enough." Anna gasped.

"What do they learn here anyway, that they've got to create such big building." Connie scoffed walking to the car trunk to get Anna's stuff out.

"If it weren't for my scholarship, I bet mom and dad would be paying trillions for me here." Anna laughed   causing Connie to laugh too. 

Their laugh looking somewhat alike. 

 Suddenly a nun dressed in her blue nun uniform walked up to Connie and Anna, a long rosary around her neck and wrist. 

"Whoa!" Connie said seeing her not realising how offensive his eyes were on her and how he sounded, until the young looking nun gave him a look.

"Sorry" he apologized with a nervous laugh.

"Anna Riles." the nun called with a weird accent, well that was what Connie and Anna thought.

"Y-yes that's me." Anna stuttered, she was taller than the nun and she suddenly felt like she was being offensive.

It's not her fault the tall gene runs through her family.

"Well I was told to come assist you, welcome to All Saint's girls catholic high school" The nun said cheerfully making Connie and Anna glance at each other, they were both sulking in the laughter that could burst out any minute because of her accent.

"Well... Thank you for having me" Anna said with a small smile, 

Connie cleared his throat causing his sister to snort without control. 

"Sorry" Anna immediately apologized and glared at her brother. 

She didn't really want to laugh, but Connie triggered it. 

  "Anyways I think your older brother's work is done here, now you just have to take in your suitcases and come with me." The nun smiled and Anna nodded. 


 Anna walked to the back of the car trunk and pulled out her last box, she grabbed her suitcase and gave Connie one last look. 

"Now stay happy, and don't feel down Ava isn't coming okay?" Connie stated and Anna rolled her eyes. 

"I don't need her." 

"we all know you do... Just focus on your books and don't go getting any boyfriends okay!" Connie stated trying to sound smart. 

"It's an all girls school genius! You should be saying that to Ava, she can make Boys out of anything." Anna said causing her brother to laugh before waking away with the nun.

  Immediately Anna stepped into the school, she felt it. She paused and turned to look at the gate and her brother trying to start his car outside and suddenly the gate and he brother felt so faraway. She shook her head and walked up to the nun. 

 She was taken to the principal's office and was given a timetable of the schools daily routine, a handy book filled with the morning prayer recital, and her school uniform. The principal who was the Head nun sent her condolences to Ava since she couldn't make it here and after everything, Anna moved around with another nun to the school dormitory to know where and how her room looked like. 

"Now this is your room, lucky you everyone had to share the room by four students staying in one, but you get to be just two. Lucky you" The nun stated opening the door. 

  Anna walked in and almost passed out seeing how gloomy and dusty the room was with just two beds facing each other and a cabinet at each sides of the bed. 

 She noticed girl standing by one of the bed and turned back to the nun

"Now that's your roommate, anyways since you're both new if you need anything just visit the student council office which is at the end of this hall and you'll both get it, bye for now" The Nun said in a hurry walking out of the room and closing the door. 

 Anna walked to the other bed since slightly glanced at the girl who has been awfully quiet and haven't said a word. 

She wanted to say hi, she wanted to try and start a conversation, but she was really bad when it comes to meeting new people for the first time. 

"HI" the girl said making thing a whole lot easier for Anna. 

"HI... Hi" Anna said, panicking a bit. 

 "So we're both roomies for now." The girl started. 

"Yeah I think so" Anna replied looking up at her to get a better view of her. 

 She was short, skinny, had black hair with weird gray streaks in front and at the back too. 

 Her eyes were Hazel and mixed with a colour Anna couldn't decipher. 

"Anyways I'm juilette by the way" the girl smiled. 

"And I'm Anna."  Anna replied. 

"Yeah, I know" the girl smiled. 

"Huh... How did you know?" Anna asked and the girl suddenly looked nervous. 

"Well... I... I overheard your brother calling you that outside when my parents drove me here." juilette stated. 

'Oh they were the owner of the car I saw' Anna thought and suddenly paused. 


The word ringed a bell it shouldn't have and suddenly she remembered her sister's voice saying.       “say hi to juilette for me” 


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