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Reverence Episode 2


Reverence Episode 2


 After dinner that evening the Riles family left the dinner table leaving the dishes for Joan and Leslie like they always do, not caring if they girls likes the idea or not, but the girls are used to it and just let it slide.


 The twins got in their room, their faces was as grumpy as ever, their mother just told them to start packing and they're not happy about it.

"Why does everyone wants us to leave so badly." Ava scoffed sitting on her bed which was at the other side of the room.

"I don't know, aren't we like the sweetest in the house, Archie should be the one leaving" Annie added and they both nodded.

"But still let's try to look on the bright side, maybe this boarding school can be fun, you know how day schools are always boring, just try to think about how fun it will be, you know the school is a very big school, remember when we were taking the exam and how many activities were listed at the bottom, there's music class, ballet class, gardening class... Think of all those fun stuff " Ava added.

"Well thinking about it now, it could be fun." Anna shrugged.

"Exactly, so let's get packing and by Monday, it's like we'll be leaving for an adventure" ava stated happily.

"You dream too much" Anna scoffed.

"It's better to dream and think of a bright side" Ava shrugged.

"Sometimes you think of negatives too, so your expectations doesn't go beyond your height, like for example it's a catholic school, think about how religious the aura would be, were not even catholics." Anna pinned.

"Well mom's fine with it, and I don't think it'll be that bad." Ava shrugged.

"Well whatever you say!" Anna replied.


 Both girls start to pack, both asking each other for opinions on whether to drop or take a particular type of clothing.

 The girls were done with packing their bags and the moon already came up in the sky.

 Ava was on her bed with her phone and Anna was in the same position in her own bed.

  Ava suddenly dropped her phone and breathed out a sigh.

"to be honest." she started. "I hate making new friends."

Anna's head suddenly turned to face her twin. "No kidding, it's like a pain in ass"

"I'm just saying goodbye to my friends and its just sad how I miss them already" Ava pouted.

"Well cheers to us who don't have any friends." Anna grinned.

"And you think that's a good thing?" ava laughing standing up and moving to the window.

"It's a great thing!" Anna smirked.

"Oh and Ava, did you see the school uniform in this school's magazine.?" Anna asked.

 Not hearing a reply from her sister Anna Turned to see Ava standing by the window and staring at something outside.

"Ava!" Anna called grabbing a pillow on her bed.

Still no reply.

"Ava!!" Anna yelled throwing a pillow at her sister who suddenly flinched.

"What in the world carried you away!" Anna scoffed.

"Oh sorry" Ava giggled. "I saw a commet, I don't know, it looked like a comet and at the same time looked like a meteor, I couldn't tell."

"It's not like you haven't seen a comet or a shooting star before so... Why were you so lost?" Anna rolled her eyes.

"Well... Just forget about it, what were you saying?" Ava asked.

Anna sighed. "I was asking if you saw the school uniform in the school's magazine"

"Oh yes, yes I did saw it, it was pretty gorgeous, like the colour is outstanding purple and yellow, it's absolutely gorgeous" Ava stated.

"Yeah it is, I think that's like the only thing making this boarding school approvable in my head." Anna added. 

Ava suddenly gave a great yawn. "Wow I'm feeling sleepy all of a sudden."

"weird, you don't fall alseep unless it's 11pm it's just 8:30..." Anna scoffed.

"I know right, but you know you can't drive sleep away" Ava smiled and walked away from the window and to her bed, but suddenly fell to the ground.

 Anna looked up at her sister hearing the thud.

 "Are you okay?" Anna eyed her sister on the floor.

"i don't know..." Ava replied looking astonish, she seemed confused as to why she suddenly fell.

"Well then, stop being a creep and stand up." Anna grumbled and Ava stood up.

 She Turned her sister.

"D...did you see that?" Ava asked.

"see what?" Anna Asked.

"That bright light..!" Ava replied.

"Uh... No" Anna gave her sister a strange look. "are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine" Ava said with a 'Not-so-sure' tone.

 The twins exchanged weird glances before Ava got on her her and covered herself in her blanket.

"Weirdo!" Anna muttered lowly.

"I heard that!" Ava yelled from under her blanket.

"Well it's not entirely false." Anna shrugged.

"Shut up!" Ava yelled causing her sister to giggle.

  The night was quiet and so was the house of the Riles, everyone was fast asleep and only the sound of the clocks ticking and the cool breeze escaping from the air condition could be heard.

 Anna being a light sleeper woke up to the little groans and hitch breathing coming from her sister on her bed, which was opposite hers.

 Ava seemed to be having a nightmare as she turned tossed and turned on the bed. 

 Anna turned on the lights, and suddenly the dark room became bright, she couldn't possibly fall asleep with her sister making noises like this. 

 She walked up to Ava's bed and called her name. 

"Ava!" Anna called tapping her sister lightly. 

"Ava!!!" she called again shaking her sister lightly. 

 Ava eyes opened and she suddenly flinched. 

"What do you want from me?" Ava yelled. "Get away from me" 

"Are you okay?" Anna yelled astonished by her sisters words. 

Ava suddenly gasped sitting up. 

"Anna" she called. 

"Well yeah, it's me, what is wrong with you?" Anna shook her head. 

"Sorry" Ava apologized cleaning the  tears brewing in her eyes. 

"What happened, what's wrong with you?" Anna asked, her eyes filled with worry. 

"I... I just had a nightmare." Ava replied. 

"A nightmare you brought into reality!" 

"Sorry" Ava sniffed. 

"Well anyways, I'm trying to fall asleep, so just keep it down." Anna said and after giving her sister a small glance before walking up to her own bed. 

 Annie tried to turn off the lights but Ava suddenly declined. 

"Please don't turn turn the lights off" Ava pleaded.

"But we both can't sleep with the lights on."  Anna stated. 

"Please just for tonight. Other days can be exceptional, but just for tonight"  Ava pleaded. 

"ughhh" Anna groaned getting on her bed and covering her face with her pillow. 

  Two hours passed with the girls still awake in the middle of the night, Anna couldn't sleep because of the light and was still a little worried about her sister still awake. 

 Ava still traumatized by her nightmare, sat still on her bed, her hands hugging her legs.

 Annie opened her eyes and turned to sister.

"Like to share your dream?" She asked.

Ava shook her head Negatively. "I don't remember it."

"Okay then." Annie angrily and turned to the other side of the bed.

 After staying away for more than thirty minutes, Annie fell asleep, and so did Ava, still with the lights on.


 The next morning Anna woke up and lets out a long stretch before turning to her sister's bed. It was empty.

 She shrugged and and walked out of her bed.

 After brushing and taking a bath, Annie joined the rest of her family in the dining room for breakfast.


  As they all ate, Annie glanced at Ava at the end of the table, to see her not eating and strangely quiet. She ignored her and ate hers quietly.

"What's wrong sweetie? Why aren't you eating?" Elizabeth asked Noticing Ava.

 Ava didn't reply, or make a move she just sat still until her mother touched her lightly causing her to flinch.

"Are you okay?" Elizabeth gasped.

"I...I'm fine." Ava replied. 

 Everyone's head turned to Ava at the table and she gulped nervously. 

"Are you sure? Cause you seemed to be out of it since this morning, you've been spacing out!" Joan chimed in. 

"I..I'm fine." Ava replied. 

 Anna suddenly spoke up. "She's still traumatized by the nightmare she had last night."

"You had a nightmare? And you're being a baby about it?" Archie laughed.

"shut up Arch." Connie barked. 

"Agreeing with Connie here" Annie said giving her brother a glare. 

"Well it's okay, it was just a nightmare, don't let your worries cause indigestion and eat okay!" Elizabeth stated sweetly and Ava nodded. 

 Ava glanced at her twin and Annie nodded at her. 

 Ava gave out a sigh and grabbed a pancake shoving it in her mouth. 

 After breakfast, Archie was asked to do the dishes, even though he opposed and complained about it, he still did it.

 The twins went back to their room, Annie got on her bed grabbing her phone and Ava just stood by the window staring at the morning sky, minutes later she walked out of the room in a hurry slamming the door and making Annie flinch.

"Hey what's with you, why did you slam the door like that?" Annie asked immediately Ava walked in.

"I didn't know, sorry!" Ava said closing the door.

Anna noticed the sledge hammer in hand.

"What are you doing with Connie's sledgehammer?" Anna asked standing up.

"None of your business" Ava shrugged sitting on the floor.

  Anna watched as her sister stretched out her right leg and raised the sledgehammer.

"What the hell are you trying to do?" Anna yelled.

"Just let me be okay!" Ava said shutting her eyes and gripping the hammer tight.

"Ava..?" Anna called still watching her sister.

 Blood drained from Anna's body when her sister suddenly slammed the hammer against her leg causing her to scream.

"Ava!! Are you crazy?" Anna screamed walking up to her sister who was groaning at the pain she just caused for herself.

 "What the hell were you thinking!!" Anna yelled.

"Look just shut up" Ava groaned.

"If mom asks, tell her I fell and  fractured my bone."

"What?" Anna was confused.


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