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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 9




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 9

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella



        lucas pov 

"Sir the investigator is here"my secretary said as she led the man in

"Thank you Sandra "i said and she went out while the investigator walked in

"Good morning"he said

"I dont need your greeting,all i want is for you to give me good news and it better be what you are about to give me"i said

Its been four years,four good years and nothing About milly

Have hired a lot of investigators and have used up all my time and resources and still nothing

And time is going,have got to find milly and ask for her forgiveness,i owe her that and i only hope that nothing bad has happened to her

"Well this time sir,i have good news "he said

"Tell me,did you find her"i said

"Yes sir,she lives in australia,i managed to locate her due to a lady called lily,she is the wife of max torres,the owner of torres empire,i also managed to find out that they have booked a flight,milly is coming back here around noon their plane would be landing soon"he said

"Finally,tell me what the name of the flight is and also the time,i want to talk to her before anyone else"i said 

A while later with the time and also the name of the airport in my head,i went to my car heading there

   For four years now have been waiting for the  i would see her again and now that have got the chance i wont miss it a bit

  I got to the airport quite early and i  waited,have been waiting for four years now,what more a few minutes

  Soon the flight arrival was announced and they began to walk out,i stood amongst the people waiting for their loved ones and family to come out

And then i saw her,she was in a pair of jeans topped with a white shirt ,she had her hair down,her glasses wasnt there and she had make up on

  She has really change,i thought,i wanted to go to her but i found myself resisting,i just couldnt go to her,not now

And besides she was being followed by a lady who i was sure to be lily torres 

And they had two little girls along with them

One was with lily while the other was with milly

I only focused on the little girl with milly,she looked exactly like milly and me

I thought starring at the little girl,could it be what am thinking

I thought still starring at them and just then milly turned looking at my direction but i was quick in keeping myself hidden

  I thought that by seeing her again,everything would be cleared but i just cant,not yet and with what i just found out i cant do it yet not until i know the truth fully

         💭milly pov 💭

As soon as we got out of the airport,i immediately got into the car with lily

I dont know but i have this weird feeling that someone is watching me 

Someone i knew perfectly,this is the reason why i didnt want to come back

But if i had refused lily,she would never have forgiven me  and i did miss her 

 I just hope that my time here wouldnt  result to them finding me

We got to lily house and were given our room each

"Mommy this place is so big,its bigger than our house in argentina"lisa said giving me a smile

A smile which is very similar to lucas

I shouldnt be thinking about him,for years now have managed to put his name and everything that has to do with that creep behind me 

And this is not the first time am seeing lisa smile,so why the hell am i now seeing his smile on lisa face

"Mommy are you okay"little Lisa said coming to touch my face

"Am okay lisa,i was just thinking about something "i said

"Could it be about my daddy"she said

"No?what makes you say that ?"i said

"Dora told me that she didnt have a dad just like me but everything changed when her mom came here to search for her dad and now she has a dad and a mom too,could my dad be here too"she said giving me an innocent smile

I just cant tell her,i cant tell her that she was an outcome of rape or that if her father knew of her existence,he wouldnt care

"Lisa dear your dad is not here ,he is somewhere very far away"i said 

"Can we go there too"she said 

"No we cant,its a forbidden place,its like a place where the monsters are staying,do you want the monsters to come eat us"i said

"No mommy"

"Then we definitely cant go,i hate monsters"she said hugging me

If only she knew that her father was a monster himself,i thought sadly


"You look a bit sad milly"lily said as we packed the food for the picnic

"Do i?"i said starring at her

"Of course you do,would you like to tell me whats going on "she said

"its nothing lily"i said

"Fine i wont push you but just know that i would be here willing to listen "she said

"Thanks lily but really there is nothing "i said 

And just then max came down to call her

While i packed the rest of the things,lily had to be forced by max before she could leave the house

I silently watched max and lily,they were really inlove with each other,you could see it by just starring at them

I would never have this kind of relationship with anyone

Theyve Been some guys who had asked me out in the past but i refused

They were all the same ,lucas has ruined me for anyone else,i think being a spinster would suit me for the rest of my life 

    We got to the park and i was introduced to kate and kyle,lily sister and stepbrother

  We all sat on the floor chatting,i suddenly had this weird feeling that i was being watched

Just like at the  airport yesterday,i wonder who keeps on watching me secretly or could it just be my imagaination

"Seems like your having a crush"lily whispered into my ears suddenly starring at  the entrance of the park

I turned to see him there,there was no mistaking it

Lucas stood at the entrance starring at us or better yet at me

How the hell did he find me????

         💭lucas pov💭

I stayed at the enrance starring at milly,

As soon as i got back home yesterday,i made a call to the investigator and he confirmed to me that milly had given birth to a little girl,a girl which was named lisa

And certainly the child with her yesterday could only be lisa

Throughout yesterday i felt bad,bad that what i did to her resulted to her having a child

A child she had alone,a child i never knew anything of till now,a child which was mine 

I still had to confirm if lisa was my child and if she is,then i wont stay away from her and milly

  From a distance i could see the little girls playing and milly quickly going to them to put them amongst the older ones

I know that she did it because of me,she has seen me already and this time i wont back off

  Milly and i will talk to each other today and not a day less

I thought to myself..........

       💭milly pov💭

"Whats wrong milly you look lost"lily said patting my shoulders as we all went back to the house

"Its nothing lily"i said

"Am tired of hearing you say that,am not taking more of that,its either you tell me or i force it out of you"she said pulling me to the garden while max walked the kids in

"Now tell me,whats wrong?"he said

"Its him,i saw him lily" 

"Who?is he the man at the park"she said

"Yes lily,he is the one,the bastard who ruined my life years ago"i said

"Oh milly"she said hugging me

"But he seemed like a descent man"she said

"You musnt let appearance decieve you"i said

"I once fell for that trick long ago and he used it against me lily,he broke me completely and now he is back,i dont know why and i definitely dont care,have got to go back to Australia ,that is the only place am safe"i said

"But it is not fair that you run away,he should be the one that is suppose to run away"lily said

"He cant do it lily,apart from being the bastard that raped me,he is also rich and powerful,i just dont want to have anything to do with him,its for the best"i said 

"Fine then i will help you book a return ticket"she said as we both walked in

   I got upstairs and began to pack my things and lisa things

I have a weird feeling that lucas knows that am staying here too and am sure that he would come looking for me and before he does that i would have left already

  With lisa in my arms i got downstairs to find lily talking to him

"Milly we need to talk"he yelled at me when he saw me

"We have nothing to talk about "i said as i walked back upstairs with lisa

And in a flash he was beside me,"we have to talk but before that tell me is she my child"he said starring at me............


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