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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 8



Lucas Revenge- Chapter 8

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


          LUCAS POV

"I never raped your sister,i got to the park that day and heard her screaming for help,when i traced the voice i found her being raped"

"Thats a lie!!!luisa herself called your name when i asked for the name of the guy who raped her"lucas yelled at him 

"I dont know why your sister called my name but what i do know is that i saved your sister,i can still remember that day,i took off my shirt,covered her,carried her to my car,took her to the hospital,yes the hospital,ask the nurses there who brought your sister to the hospital ,they were all there on that fateful day,your sister while she was being taken in asked for my name and i told her"he said

  I stood still starring at the floor,the men were still there holding unto us

Have i really made a mistake,did i really jump into conclusion

"Am such a fool,if i had known that my sister would be the one to suffer in all this mess,i would never have helped your sister,i would never have interferred,and me a stupid fool went off on a darn trip trying to tail the bastard that raped your sister while mine was being ruined by you,i hope you can forgive yourself cause i doubt if heaven will forgive you either,what you just did to a poor innocent girl will continue to be a burden you carry for the rest of your miserable life"david said and shrugged off the hands that held him and then he left the office

I also freed myself from the men that held me,i could see the look of condemn in their eyes

I need to talk to luisa,she is the only one that can clarify this,i thought as i took my jacket and left the office

I drove like a crazy man and as soon as i got to the hospital,i went straight to luisa room

Thanks to the doctor effort,she is getting better

She was standing by the window and when i walked in she gave me a smile

  "I thought you said you will be coming in the evening"she said

"Yes i said so but there is something i have to ask you "i said

"What is it?"i said

"Tell me is it david ambrose that raped you?"

"What ???"

"Just tell me luisa"i said

"David Ambrose was the one who helped me"she said

"Oh God,shit!!!! Then why did you tell me that david ambrose was the one who raped you"i said

"Did i say that?"

"Yes luisa,it was after the day you were raped,i had come to you to ask and you went hysterical and the nurses came to give you a sedative to calm down your nerves and then....then.....oh no,i should have realised it"i said 

"Realize what?"

"That it was the sedative given to you that made you say david cause i kept on asking you and it was david ambrose you called"i said sitting on the chair

"Oh God,oh no"i said as i covered my face with my  hand

"Whats wrong lucas,did something bad happen"she said coming to seat beside me

"When you said it was david ambrose that raped you,i wanted to avenge you,wanted to make him suffer"i said

"Oh no dont tell me you killed him?"she said gasping

"No i didnt do anything to him but to his sister"i said

"Dont tell me that you......."

"Yes okay,i did it,i raped her,did the same thing to her"i said feeling so guilty

"Lucas!!!!"she said 

"Am not different from the creep that did this to you,but i did it because of you,to avenge you but i took it out on an innocent girl"i said 

She held me close to her,hugging me tightly

"Its going to be okay "

"It cant luisa,i ruined someone life and that will keep on tormenting me for the rest of my life"i said remembering milly

  David was right about something,milly will always be a burden,a burden of guilt that i carry for the rest of my life




       💭MILLY POV💭

 "Lisa,dora,you both should come here"i yelled when i saw them wandering off on their own

 "Just let them be milly"lily said as she starred at the two of them  

"But this place is not safe lily?"i said

"Dont worry milly,its fine"she said taking hold of my hand

I gave her a smile,something that i rarely do with others except with lily and lisa my daughter

   Four years ago i decided to leave the states with all my life savings ,i came to a little town in australia

  Here i started my life afresh and gave birth to my child,the only one i live for which is lisa

  I worked and gave took care of my child,though the villagers gossip about me and wondered who lisa father could be,i hardly have friends in the town cause they think am immoral to have gotten a child out  wedlock but i didnt care,as long as they dont say right into my face,am contented with it

  I starred at lily and saw the happy look on her face

She just recently got back with her husband max

I wont deny it,i envy  her,she has everything that makes her happy,whereas i.......

It doesnt matter right,am quite fine with my baby....

"So will you come "lily said

"For the picnic?"i said starring at her

"Yes for the picnic,i want you there,youve been a good friend to me ever since we arrived here,you even helped max find me when that psycopath james kidnapped me,you play a really important role in my life and have missed you already"she said

I didnt know what to say,have been trying to hide from my family cause i know they would be looking for me and going back to the states will only give them the chance to find me

"Please milly,come,its just a day hangout,i really want you there and you havent seen my son yet"lily said 

"Okay then,i will come with you"i said not feeling sure

I only hope that when i get there i dont meet or see anyone i know there,i thought to myself

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