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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 7




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 7

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella



        milly pov

"Get dressed and get out"he said standing by the door putting back his trousers

"You pig you raped me,you ruined my life,how could you"i said curled up on the floor in his room

"Its the same thing your brother did with mine,am just returning the favour"

"But its unfair why take it out on me,i never knew your sister and whatever my brother did has nothing to do with me"

"Your wrong sweetheart,whatever your brother did has everything to do with you,you will keep on being the bearer of every of your brother doings"he said

"You have no idea how much i hate you"i said

"Same here love,did you think i will ever be in love  with someone as plain as you,well no and now that have gotten what i want,you can get out of here ,i never want to see you again"he said and walked off

I felt so dirty and ill,i couldnt even get up

He came back in with a new set of clothe,throwing it on the bed

"Put on something or you can go like that,its your call but before i get back,i Dont want you here" he said and walked off

I starred at the dress and threw it away angrily

I arranged my torn clothes well and then left the room 

        💭Lucas pov💭

I stood by the balcony watching her leave 

 Why?why do i feel guilty

This is the right thing to do,so why do i feel guilty

David doesnt feel or look guilty,i should be happy right

Have gotten the ultimate revenge,have avenged my sister,i should be feeling happy and satisfied but no i feel guilty

  And why i dont know,i saw her fell,something in me wanted to go to her but i held back

She is best left on her own,she is only paying for the sins of her brother

She is just a bait in all of this,the real thing will be when david comes to confront me

Cause am sure that milly would tell him and its that day am waiting for

The day david will come to confront me

She stopped and bent on the floor,from the way her whole body shook,i knew she was crying,i turned wanting to go and meet her but stopped myself

Luisa also cried,she suffered more than milly and its only fair that milly goes through the same and am sure that david would also feel the pain too 

   I took out my phone and dialled a certain number 

"There is a Lady i want you to come pick ,get the car and hurry up"i said and switched off the phone

  This is the least i can do for her,i thought to myself


        MILLY POV

"You sound ill my child,is something wrong "

"I just have a splinting headache mom"i said to her on the phone

"Just make sure to use your meds and also hope your not missing us"she said

"I miss you guys a lot"i said 

"Dont worry we will be back by nextweek and your brother is he back yet?"

"He will be back tomorrow "i said

"Fine then,just take care of yourself and if you need anything just call me"she said

Should i tell her,should i let her know that two weeks ago i was raped

Feeling scared and ashamed ,i wished her goodbye and switched off the phone

  I just cant,i cant tell anyone about it,it shames me a lot and knowing that i had been warned made me feel guilty

Ever since that terrible day,i havent been myself

I hardly talk to anyone or go to school or even to see my friends

Am no longer the person i am and its all lucas fault

The bastard,i really hate him.

Just knowing that he only got close to me all for the sake of revenge brought me pain

"I never loved you"

"You were just a bait"

"You will be the bearer of your brother doings"

I still remember each of his words every day

I dream of it everynight and wake up only to burst into tears

And now more than ever am having this weird feeling that am carrying his child

A child which was formed out of rape,when i first knew that i was expecting his child,i thought of terminating it but then i stopped,the child is not to be blamed

And if i had to do something that was to leave

I just cant withstand the shame  and i cant bring shame on my family

They dont deserve it and neither do i,its best i go to somewhere no one knows me,that would safer at least

But before doing that,i better write down a letter to let them know that i will be alright

           💭david pov 💭 

"Welcome back sir"the butler said collecting  my  things

"Where is my sis"

"She must be in her room" he said

It seemed odd,milly was suppose to be in school

I got to her room only to find her things gone

I saw a letter on the bed and took it

"By the time you  will be reading this,i would have been gone,i had no option than to leave,i dont deserve to be with you guys,my life has taken another path and its best i go away rather than to stay and put a stain to our name,i choose to leave not because i want to but i had to and am really sorry,i will be fine,so dont try calling or try to search for me

                                            Love milly"

"James,james "i yelled out the Butler name 

"Yes sir"

"Do you know where my sister went to?she left this darn letter,saying she is leaving for good and no one saw her,what use are you guys to us"i yelled at them

"We didnt see her leave sir"james said

"Then you should find her,find my sister before i do something bad to you "i yelled at them as i dialled her number

Have got to talk to diane or probably that lucas guy,he must know why she left,someone just have to tell me something or i will run mad

              💭LUCAS POV💭

i sat in my office talking to some very important client

I could hear the noise from outside but i didnt pay any attention to it

"No Sir ,you cant go in,you cant"my secretary said as she was pushed into the room with david Ambrose following

"Am sorry sir,i tried to stop him but he wouldnt listen"she said

"I need to speak to you"david yelled at me

"As you can see am having a meeting here"he said

"I have to talk to you and i mean now"he said coming to my desk 

"Fine then,have also been waiting for you,gentlemen can you please give us a minute"i said and soon everyone left

 "What the hell did you do to my sister"he yelled at me

"Same thing you did with mine"i said

"What nonsense are you talking about"he said 

"Remember the girl at the park,the one you raped and scarred for life,well that was my sister,you jerk,you dont know how long have been waiting for this day,the day when i get to punch your face in"i said taking hold of his shirt and hitting him hard on the face

He also fought back,hitting me too and we were like that for a while until two guys came in seperating us

"You bastard ,what did you do to my sister "he yelled at me

"The same thing mine went through,you raped my sister and i did the same with yours"i said and saw the expression change in his eyes 

"You touched milly?"

"More than that"i yelled at him and if it wasnt for those guys that held him,he would have come to attack me 

"You bastard i never raped your sister,the girl at the park is the same girl i saved okay"he said

"Thats a lie"i yelled at him

"Its the truth you bastard,i didnt rape your sister ,i never did"he said 

But that cant be he raped Luisa or could it just be a misunderstanding


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