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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 6




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 6

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


           MILLY POV

I sat in his car as he drove me to his house

I starred at him and saw the look of anger still there

Whats he really angry about?is it me going to see his sister,if that is it then i wouldn't go and look for her again

We stopped right in front of his house and he got down walking off

He didnt even help me open the door,which was unlike him

  Should i still go in with him,i thought feeling nervous

This will be my first time going to a man house alons but i had to know what is wrong with him,i had to give him the benefit of the doubt,i had to hear him out,afterall there is no harm in doing so and lucas have proved to be a gentleman

  I got out of the car and went in with him

The house was quite big and i wont deny very beautiful

  I saw three ladies scrambling out of the house

I saw him by the bar drinking a glass of wine

"They are my maid ,i sent them off cause i want to be with you alone"he said 

"Okay"i said sitting on the chair

"Would you like to drink some"he said

"No,i would like it if you just get to the point"i said

"Okay fine,i will tell you the whole truth milly,everyone of it"he said giving me a crazy smile

Have never seen lucas this way before,what has gotten into him ,i thought

 "You saw my sister right?"

"Yes i did"

" and they must have told you that she was raped"he said gulping down his wine

"Yes,they did "

"She had been waiting,waiting for me to come see her but because i was working late i couldnt make it to her and then she was raped,my poor loving sis was raped"he said as he kept on drinking the wine

He was really hurt by what happened,just by looking at him i could tell that he had been hurt a lot

  I stood up and went to him hugging him to myself but he pushed me away

"You havent asked me yet who did it"he said

"Did you find the person"i said

"Oh i did find that person and i intend on doing the same thing to him "he said

"You mean you will rape his sister too"i said

"Yes,afterall its an eye for an eye"he said

"Wouldnt that  be going too far"i said

"I dont care,you havent asked me yet what the person name is"he gulping down more wine

"Do i really have to know "i said

"You have to,afterall you want to know more about me right?"he said

"Fine then,tell me who did it"

"David ambrose,does it ring a bell"he said


"Ambrose,your brother is the bastard who cruelly raped my sister"he said

"Thats a lie,david might be anything but a rapist"i said

"How sure are you?and besides the one could got raped saw him,so tell me what more"he said 

I still couldnt believe what he said,david could never hurt a fly neither  would he have hurt lucas sister

  And just then something he said a while back got into my head

"An eye for an eye"

Oh no?he was planning to do the same thing

I picked up my bag starring at him

"I think i should leave now"i said

"Dont even bother,as of now the door are all locked "he said 

"Why..."i said nervously

"We both know why"he said smiling

My heart began to beat fast,he was going to rape me,he was going to rape me

"This is just a misunderstanding,am sure we can talk about it"i said as he walked closed to me

"There is nothing to talk about,the same thing that happened to my sister will happen to you too tonight "he said

"No lucas"i said moving past him wanting to run off but he pulled me back by my hair

"Ooouch......."i yelled 

"Your going to go through the same pain my sister went through "he said

"No lucas please,no"i said as he pushed me to the chair

He drew me to him kissing me roughly,tearing my dress

"Lucas dont do this,please"i said trying to push him off

"She also  begged,my sister begged him but he didnt listen to her and so i wont do the same to you too"he said kissing my lips

I pushed him off angrily and ran up the stairs

"You cant hide from me milly,you will be mine tonight "he said

His words felt like some horror in my ears

I kept on running until finally i got into a room

I tried closing the door but it was too late,he had gotten there and he was pushing the door open

I quickly ran to the other side of the bed

"I told you right ,you wont escape from me"he said

"Please lucas Dont do this,please am still a virgin"i said as i watched him pull off his shirt

"There is no going back,do you know how long have waited for this day,i had to pretend being inlove with you,i had to waste my time and money on courting you but that wont happen anymore,have wasted enough time in courting a ugly girl like you, its time i got all of it back and you being a virgin would only make it nice"he said

He pulled me to him and tore my shirt away 

"Lucas no please no"i said

"Sorry my dear milly,your pleas are nothing to me"he said as he tore my clothes away completely

  I got tired of fighting back,i could only let him have his way with me

I couldnt do a thing,not a thing and he raped me.......


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