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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 5




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 5

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella



       MILLY POV

I woke up feeling so  very happy

Its been three days,three good days of being courted by lucas

I starred at my room which was full with flowers

 He would always send me a bouquet of flower everyday

Though have told him to stop severally but he just wouldnt do it

"Its part of the courtship "he would say anytime i asked why he sent the flowers

"It will surely remind me of you "he added

"But what if my brother sees this"i said

"Then you find a lie to tell him okay,what matters is that i love you and from what i see you love me too right?"

 I would only stare at him,i didnt know if i should tell him that i love him or not

I always keep shut even when my heart felt like screaming out to him that i love him too

But a girl has got her own pride and i wont tell him yet until am sure about his feelings for me

  I picked up my phone and dialled his mumber

Its odd that he hasnt called me

I called his number only for him not to pick the call

I got dressed and left for school,all through the class i was thinking about him 

No call or text or his daily flowers for me

"Hey you look gloomy,whats wrong ?"diane said

"Its lucas,he hasnt called me "i said

"Missing him already,your such a romantist"she said

"This is serious diane,he would have called or text me but nothing diane,could something be wrong with him"i said

"Well you wont know if you dont find out"diane  said

"Should i go and check on him then"i said

"Well i think so,we might find him in his company,have always wished to see his company "diane said excitedly

"Fine then lets go"i said 

And soon we were in the car on our way to lucas office 

We got there only to be told that he just left for the hospital

While diane went home,i went to the hospital to look for lucas

I kept on wondering why he was at the hospital,could he be sick?

I got to the hospital only to be told that he was in the room assigned for his sister

I was surprised because lucas never told me he had a sister ,his story had been that he was an orphan

"Do you know why his sister was brought here"i said

"She was raped or so"the nurse said 

I was shocked,i already feel pity for the poor girl 

She didnt deserve to be raped,it causes a serious damage to someone and just imagining her going through it made me feel sad

But why didnt lucas tell me a thing ,i thought as i got to the room assigned to his sister

  I found the girl laying on the bed with her eyes closed

She looked so weary and pale

The poor thing had been raped,i thought still starring at her

"What the hell are you doing here?"he said 

I turned to find lucas starring at me.


"You shouldnt be here,you have no right to be"he yelled at me

"But lucas i......ooouch!!!"i yelped when he held my arm

"Get out of here,i dont want you here"he said pushing me out and closing the door

 This is the first time I would see him angry

And i wondered what got him so angry,is it me seeing his sister or me knowing the truth

I was about entering my car when he called my name

 "Hey am sorry"he said

"Why did you react that way"

"Its a really long story,you wouldnt be interested in it"he said

"I will okay ,did you realise that youve been lying to me"i said

"I know have been lying to you but we can talk about this milly"he said

"I dont want to talk to you "

"Please milly,come with me and i will explain everything"he said  

I dont know why but i had a bad feeling,a bad feeling that something bad was about to happen 

Would it be wise to go with him,i thought as i starred at him


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