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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 17




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 17

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


      MILLY POV 

 I gently pulled out my hand from his "what are you saying??"

"I know this is all so soon but please accompany me to greece"he said

"Just because i brought milly to you,doesnt mean that i would start doing everything you ask me lucas,though i have forgiven you,i wouldn't want you to think that you and i can go back being the way we were before"i said 

"Why cant we?"he said 

"Have suffered so much for what i did to you and youve also beared the pain of giving birth to my daughter with no one,isnt it time we tried to make something of our lives"he said

"And what would you suggest,that i follow you to greece and  then do what?"

"Stay with me,at least having your company there would help me go through all the recovery i have to go through "he said 

"But why would you want me there?"i said 

"To watch over lisa and maybe sort of a companion to me"he said 

Having to be close with lucas would only reopen things that i will rather  forget

Things that i never want to remember and so rejecting  his offer would be for the best

 "No lucas,i cant accompany you"i said


"No,as far as am concerned your the father of my child and thats all"i said 

"But milly cant we be friends,companion or something else,dont just treat me like am only lisa father"

"Okay lucas lets get somethings straight,youve ruined me for any other man and whats left of me,i want it to be alone with myself,i dont want to be with anyone most especially a guy,am sorry lucas,you will just have to go alone"i said 

I quickly went to get lisa and her things and we both left the place

I dont know what has suddenly prompt lucas to ask me that question

But i think that where he went to with david had given him that idea

I starred at david and saw him playing with lisa,giving her his full attention not  wanting to talk to me but i knew he was hiding something and i intend to find out

        💭lucas pov 💭

"That was too forward,you should have waited a bit"Luisa said

"Not when i would be leaving for greece  tomorrow "i said as i kept on typing

 "So then stay and woo her a bit more,dont just rush her" 

"I once did that with her and am not sure if she would want to go through the same thing again"i said

"Thats all in the past lucas what matters now is that your sincere with her now and whatever you do or however you court her its all genuine"luisa said

I had been disappointed when  she refused,i hadnt thought that she wont be comfortable around me yet and i had asked her that question hoping she jump into my arms and say yes

That  was the milly i knew before,the milly now is a different,it would be hard to get into her heart but i do hope that i suceed even if it means lying to her about my health

"Your right luisa,i will prosptpone my trip even though its a very important trip and i will make sure she accepts my offer of going to Greece with me"i said meaning every word

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