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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 16




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 16

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


         LUCAS POV 

"Daddy write out your name for me"lisa said as she sat on my laps eating the desert  the maid had brought for her

"What do you  plan on doing with it"i said 

"To frame it and put it in my  room"she said starring at me and i had to laugh to that

She is just so cute and adorable and  she is my child,my daughter,i thought feeling very proud

"Common daddy come write out your name "she said again

Just hearing her call me daddy made me feel so proud 

I got on the floor and wrote out my name,she bent down with it ad started copying out

I never would have thought that milly would bring the kid but she did and she even forgave me

I thought that when  i had hugged her a while back she would have pushed me away but she didnt

I starred at the balcony and saw her standing there,she had given lisa and i some space,so we could get to know each other well enough

She has a big heart,i know for one that what i did to her would have cost some people to be in jail but she didnt send me to jail,she forgave me when i needed her forgiveness,how i  really admire her,i thought i went to her

The wind was blowing her hair and i stood for a while starring at her pushing back her hair,she had changed from the milly i knew years ago and i wouldnt deny that she is much prettier.....

 She turned suddenly catching me starring at her,i quickly went  to meet her

"Is lisa playing on her own "she said

"Well she seems to be learning how to write my name ,she intends on framing it and putting it in her room"i said and she smiled,a smile i missed seeing

"Thats lisa for you"she said 

"Is she always like that "

"Stuborn,naughty,cute at times,kind and also a charmer "milly said

"Something which you possess "i said and just then her smile changed

I think i must have passed my boundary,i thought

"Milly i...."

"Tell me what are you doing about your illness,cant there be a solution "she said

Ah the sickness thing ,i have to think of something

"Luisa told you that i was leaving right?"i said

"Yes,your going back to greece"she said

"Well am going there to start my treatment,i never really wanted to go for the treatment but for my daughter i will,she needs me as much as i need her"i said starring at lisa

"Would you be bringing her over to greece to see me "i said

"I dont know,am not sure"she said 

"But why?"

"Geeece is  a far away place "i said 

"If your worried about your ticket and all,i will always pay for it,just please bring lisa to see me"i said 

Just then the door opened a smiling luisa and david walked in 

"Urrrgh lucas,i will like to talk to you"david said

"What is it about david"milly said walking ahead of me and i couldnt miss watching the way her hips swayed

Whats wrong with me,i had already ruined her life once and doing so again would only make me a bastard,i must not want milly,she will only be the mother of my child and thats final

 "Its just a conversation between us guys,so just stay here with luisa,we will be back soon"david said and i followed david to the car

"What do you want to talk about"i said

"Not me but my dad,he wants to talk to you "he said and soon the driver drove off

"Why does he want to talk to me"i said 

"I dont know,he just wants to talk to you"david said

  The driver drove into a restaurant and we both went in

David led me to a table where his dad was already sitted

I greeted the man and we both sat down

"Lucas martinelli right"the old man said and i nodded

"You must be wondering why i called you here"he said

"Yes i do"

" i heard about what you did to my daughter "he said and i stared at david who gave me a look before starring away

"Well if you have heard then yoir free to put me behind bars,i would gladly surrender"i said 

"Milly doesnt want that,she doesnt want you in jail,we all want you to be in jail but she doesnt want her child to see her dad in jail but what i want to know now is how you can restore back my daughter honour,afterall you were doing the same for your sister"he said 

I thought about what he said for a long time and the only thing that could come into mind was one thing

I starred up at the two men and said


"You must be crazy right"david said

"Stop david,no insults,by marrying milly would that give her back her honour"he said 

"It wouldn't really give her that but  once am married to her i could easily restore back the things i took from her"i said 

"This is utter stupidity dad,would you let a rapist marry your daughter"david said

"I said no insults here david,at least he has know his mistake and he has asked for her forgiveness,now its all left for you to persuade her to marry you and give my daughter the happiness she deserves "he said to me

"I would try my best to make her accept me but first i need to go to greece and do something there"he said 

"And would that be to check on your health?"he said 

"Yes"i lied again starring at him ,until when would this lie keep on growing

"Thats good,if you are to marry my daughter you must try to get cured,milly can even go with you"he said

"Really ?"

"Well it will all depend on milly,if she will go with you"he said

"Then i would persuade her,i will make sure she follows me to greece"i said feeling happy

I would make milly my wife,her father has already given me the go ahead,its only left for me to woo her back andi hope i do it right this time

        💭milly pov 💭

"they've been gone a long time now,are you sure you dont know where theyve gone to"i said 

"I dont and you should stop worrying"luisa said

Just then i looked through the window and i saw the car coming back

"They are here"i said as i went outside

Lucas came out of the car first and he was looking at me in a strange way

He got to me and pulled my hand  starring right into my face

"Milly would you go with me to greece?"he said starring at me


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