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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 15




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 15

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


            milly pov 

"What are you saying david"my mom said starring at me

"Her getting pregnant is not because she slept with a boyfriend of hers,its a lie we cooked up ,the real truth is that milly was raped by her brother"david said spilling everything

"Is this true milly"my mother said

"Yes mom,its the truth"i said and she came to hug me

  "My poor baby,you must have suffered all by yourself"she saud crying

"I need to tell you that luc......?"

"Just leave,leave luisa and never comeback "david said pulling her by the arms as he walked with her to the entrance

A while later we all sat in the living room and while david explained everything  to my dad,i kept on thinking about what luisa said

Lucas is dying,i still cant believe that a man as virile as lucas has cancer

But what would Luisa gain in lying to me

"He must go to jail"my mother said suddenly bringing me back to reality

"No mom,please,lets not bring up the past,let it stay the way it is"i said 

"But he committed a crime against you,he is a beast for even laying a hand on you "my mother said while my dad and david kept quiet

"No mom please dont,i dont want to bring up the past and if this goes out,people will know and they would stare at me with pity most especially lisa,she would be looked at as a child of rape and i dont want that,so please lets leave it like that"i said

"But he just cant go scot free for it"david said

"Believe me when i say this lucas too has suffered for it"i remebered luisa words 

"Lucas have also suffered"i said 

"Seems like that luisa has brainwashed your head "david said

"She didnt brainwash my head,she just told me some things that he went through too,lucas is dying "i said and they all starred at me

"Dying?"david said

"That was what luisa came to tell me,he has cancer "i said

"Thats a big punishment"my mother said

"And its a terrible one,i want lucas to pay for what he did to me but i cant go as far as to wish death upon him,no matter what he is lisa dad"i said

"What are you planning on doing now"my father spoke for the first time

"Luisa told me that he is going back to greece tomorow and his only wisb is for him to be with his daughter,so i was thinking that i let her see him"i said

"You really have a good heart milly"my dad said urging me to come hug him

I stood up and went to hug him

"your kind ,strong and good,i hope that lucas guy have finally learnt his mistake "my dad said

"He has learnt it"i said really hoping that he has learnt his mistake

Unknown to us all,dad had his own plan  in mind

         💭LUCAS POV 💭


"I just had to okay,she wouldnt let  you see the child "luisa said

"And  does that now mean that you should lie,we are talking about death for crying out loud"i said Angrily

"Thats is the only thing that could pop into my head and when i told her that you were dying,you should have seen her face,am pretty sure that she would bring lisa to see you"luisa said somehow giving me a little hope

 Though i didnt like the way luisa lied about me dying and having a cancer

But she suceeded in getting milly to at least feel a bit compassion for me

"from what i noticed about milly,she is a very charming and kind girl while her brother is the big headed one ,he keeps on meddling in milly business"she said looking angry

"Its because he had once failed her,he had left her on her own and i had used the opportunity to get close to her so that i can..i can...."

"Its okay lucas,it doesnt matter anymore,what matters now is that  you are genuinely asking for forgiveness and am sure that someday milly will forgive you and am also sure that before you leave for greece she would let you see lisa"she said patting my shoulders

At least something good will come out of luisa lie,i just hope that she lets me see lisa,lisa my child,i thought to myself happily

         💭MILLY POV 💭

"Are you sure about this milly,once you take lisa to him there would be no turning back"david said as we parked right in front of lucas new home

"Am sure david,the man is dying and he would be leaving to greece,he wont see lisa,with just the little time they have,they can at least meet each other"i said

 "Fine then,i will be here waiting,once he tries anything call for me"he said 

"I will call on you"i said holding lisa hand as we got out of the car

  Breathing deeply i walked towards the house

"Mommy where are we going?"lisa said

"Youve always wanted to see your dad right?"i said to her

"Is my daddy here?"

"Yes lisa,your dad is here"i said 

"Yipeee!!!!"she said happily 

Just then the door opened and i saw lucas standing by the doorstep starring at us

"Is he my daddy" lisa said

"Yes lisa,he is,go to him"i said giving her a go ahead

 She ran to lucas who was already waiting for her with his arms opened wide

 He carried her into his arms holding her tightly

I felt touched watching the two holding each other,had i really been cruel by leaving with his child,i thought

"Mommy told me your my daddy,are you really?"lisa said

"Yes i am"lucas said kissing her forehead and she giggled

He starred at me and gave me a smile,a smile i couldnt return because i felt like crying,crying for lucas who is sick and also for seeing the father and daughter  renuion

"She really came "luisa said coming out of the house 

"Yes she did,you said milly would and she did bring my child to me"he said starring at me 

Luisa ran straight into my arms to hug me

"Thank you milly,thank you"she said as she released  me

"There is really no need to thank me"i said 

"You doing this only shows that your a good person milly"luisa said

"Is david with you"she said again and i nodded

"Have got to get him to forgive me,am off "she said as she ran  off to him

  Lucas with lisa walked towards me

"I never really expect this from you "he said 

"Am not that cruel lucas"i said

"Yes i know that milly,if there is any hatred in you then its all my fault,i brought it out in you the day i...the day i....."

"Its okay lucas you dont have to say it"i said

 And suddenly he pulled me into a very tight hug

"Am sorry milly,very sorry,"he said as he burried his head on my shoulders

For the first time in a while,i find myself not pushing him away but instead i found myself patting him gently on the back and finally letting go,its time i forgive and forget

To be able to live a good life i had to put the past behind me and that is what am going to do

"I forgive you lucas"..........


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