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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 14




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 14

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


         milly pov 

"Its so good to see you again my friend"luisa said walking towards me to hug me like weve been best of friends for years

"And she must be lisa,isnt she so gorgeous,from my side of view i think she looks like her dad"luisa said that last part starring at me

I drew lisa to me and starred at luisa

"Why are you here"

"Thats no way to talk to  your friend milly"my dad said

"Dad,mom please watch over lisa,my friend and i need to talk "i said 

Together we both went outside 


"Why are you here?"i said in anger

"Believe me when i say this milly,i didnt come to stir up trouble"she said

"Then why did you come?"i said

"Its on behalf of lucas"

"Listen if your here to beg me or....."

"I didnt come to beg you,i just came to explain the real side of things,lucas is not to be blamed,i am"Luisa said

"Nothing gives lucas the right to hurt a woman all for revenge,there is simply no justification for that"i said

"I know too,i know but he did it thinking david raped me,you see in greek a girl virginity is her pride and when that psycho beast raped me,i had lose my pride and my dignity  and my brother being him  tried to restore it back in a way for me but he did it in a wrong way,he raped you and took away your innocence but let me tell you this when he found out that you were innocent,he hated himself for it"she said with tears in her eyes

"I watched him suffer for it,he would always drink and get himself drunk,he hired a lot of investigators just to search for you and each time they came back without any good news he goes crazy and ends up drinking and getting drunk,there are times i would catch him standing by the door holding your picture in his arms,saying your name and there are times that he would call out your name at night,i watched everuthing milly,he really suffered too"she said

Though i had been the one rape,i didnt really go through all this and i must admit that lucas had really went through a lot

But i just cant forgive him,if lisa hadnt been in my life,i would have also gone through the same thing

"He is paying for his sins and i hope he dies with it"i said not really meaning my word

Its the anger in me that brought it out

"Seems like your wish would come true"she said suddenly

"What do you mean"i said 

"You said he should die with it"she said

"Yes i said that but  it doe......."i stopped and starred at her

"Yes milly,lucas has few months to live"she said

"But how come"i said

"There was a time he drank himself up,with the help of the neighbours i took him to the hospital and they confirmed to me that lucas has cancer"she said crying

I stood shocked hearing what she said,lucas has cancer and he has a few months to live,could that be the important thing he said to me at the park

"He wouldnt tell anyone milly and trying his luck with you today will be his very last time"she said

"Why did you say that"

 "He is going back to greece tomorrow,please milly let him spend a little time with lisa,please "she said begging me

"And why is she here?"david said and we both turned to stare at him

He was so very angry 

"David"i heard luisa say behind me abd before i could say jack she had gone to him hugging him

"I never got the chance to thank you,thank you so much "she said crying in his arms

David wanted to hold her at first but when he saw my face he pushed her away

"Your thanks wouldnt change what your darn brother did to my sister"he said angrily

"Its a mistake i made david,please forgive my brother and i"she said

"No Luisa ,you and your brother messed up my sister life,i wont let you do it anymore,now get out"he yelled at her

"Whats going on"my parents said as they came out of the house

"Its nothing dad"i said

"Please david"luisa said still crying

"What did you do to the guest david"my mother said

"I didnt do a thing,they did it to us,her brother and her"david said

"What did they do"

"Her brother raped milly,thats the secret we have been hiding from you dad and mom"david said breaking the truth to our parents


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