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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 13




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 13

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


     Lucas pov

"So how did it go?"luisa said

"Bad"i said as i sat on the chair

"What happened and have you been in a fight?"she said 

"Its that meddlesome david,he just had to butt  in"i said angrily

"You shouldnt have fought with him"

"That was my intention,i never wanted to fight him but he just wouldnt listen and i had to defend myself"i said

"So inshort it didnt go well?you didnt talk to milly"she said

"I did talk to her"i said sadly,remebering the things she said to me

"And so?"

"she wont ever forgive me and she doesnt want me near my child too"i said 

"I think its time i talk to her"she said

"No luisa,dont meddle in this"i said

"She has no right to keep you away from your child,yes you did something bad to her but a child cant be seprated from her father"she said

"But i dont deserve to be called that girl father"i said sadly

Luisa took my cheek and made me look at her

"Heaven and i are both know that you have suffered enough,its not fair that you suffer more"she said patting my cheek

"But what can i do,David wont let me come close to them and milly hates me and i also hate myself "i said

"Tell me something,the man that rapes you,if he comes back to ask for your forgiveness,would you accept"i said

"If he is really sincere about it,i might forgive him ,why ask?"

"Milly told me to ask you"i said sadly

"But the bastard that raped me is not here,your situation is different,dont give up lucas,no matter what you have a child with her,continue to seek for milly forgiveness,who knows she might soften a bit and let you near the child"

"Would she really do that?"i said

"She could have killed the child but she kept it that shows that she has a heart and am very sure that she would someday forgive you"she said 

I held her hand holding unto her word,i just hope i can make milly forgive me,i really need her forgiveness

       A WEEK LATE

        💭milly pov 💭

"Its so good to know that you will be staying here and you have a lot of explaining to do,i would never have thought that you could be rich and from what have seen,your family loves you a lot,why leave?"lily said as she held little jack in her arms 

  Feeling bored at home,i decided to come visit lily and then along with the kids we went to the park

  Lisa and dora played not too far from us while we sat on the bench talking

"The shame was too much and i didnt want my parents to feel diassapointed,so i had to leave" i said

"It was never your fault in anyway milly"she said holding my hand

"I know but i just couldnt take it"i said and lily held my hand

  "Mommy "

"Aunt milly" 

Both lisa and dora ran towards us holding a rose each

"Mommy the man over there asked me to give it to you"

Its the same rose,for the past one week have been receiving a single rose from someone

Someone i dont know but knows me,ot couldnt possibly be lucas,he wouldnt do this to seek my forgiveness and besides he knows that i wont ever forgive him,so who could it be

"Where is he lisa?"i said

"Over there "she said pointing outside the park

"Lily i will be back "i said getting up

I had to know who the mysterious person is

I got to the entrance to find a lot of people there but who could that person be,i thought trying to find someone who had a rose with him

   Just then i saw someone with the rose and he turned out to be lucas

I cant believe this,he just had to send me roses,if he knew what roses meant to me,he wouldnt have sent it

crushing the rose i went to meet him

"Lucas!"he turned on hearing my voice

"here is your darn rose and dont you ever send me one again "i said throwing it at him turning to leave immediately

  "Wait milly"he said pulling my arm

"I dont want you touching  me"i said

"Fine alright i wont touch you but please hear me out"

"If its about me forgiving you then,its a big no "i said

"Can i talk to lisa"he said

"Of course not"

"Please milly,just this once"he said

"For what?she has never missed or want you in her life,why still bother us"i said 

"Milly i......its something very important"he said

"Tell me what could that important thing be?"i said

"Its something to do about me and even if its just for once let me talk to her"

"No lucas,get it into your head that she doesnt need you,just leave us before i call for someone and it wont be funny"i said

"Fine i would leave"he said as he walked off

I stood watching him walk off sadly,i wonder what the important reason is.....

  Lucas words still bothered me until we got home

 Lisa and i walked in and i was surprised to find my parents entertaining someone

We all walked in and i was surpised to find my parents entertaining a guest

"Oh milly your finally here,your friend is here to see you and she is a very charming girl"my  father

The guest in person turn and i saw that it was luisa,lucas sister

Why is she here?????


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