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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 12




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 12

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


       milly pov 

"David dont,dont do a thing please,dont"i said running after him

"That creep doesnt have a right to show his darn face here"david said

"Please david dont let this get worse,just leave him there let him  keep on calling my name "i said to him

"No milly,he needs to be shown that you have someone who will protect you now and just stay here,he musnt see you"he said and walked off

  I stayed hidden in the garden and i watched david walking towards him 

"Why the hell are you here"david  said 

"I need to talk to milly?"he said

"Milly is not here,so i would advise you to leave before i lose my cool "he said

"Am not leaving until i speak with milly"lucas said

"Well then you leave me no choice you rapist "david said hitting him on the face

I saw lucas moved back a bit and he turned to face david

"I didnt come to fight with you"lucas said

"Just shut up you bastard"david said hitting again

He was about to hit him a third time but lucas Dodge it and hit him back

Then a scuffle began,watching the two of them fighting like some maniac made me ran out to them

  "Stop david,lucas,just stop it"i said as i went to david trying to pull him away from lucas

But mistakenly i fell hard on the floor and it took me  a while to recover

"Milly are you okay,are you okay"looking up i found lucas starring down at me wanting to help me up but i moved back from him

"Dont you dare touch her"david said pushing him away

He helped me up and held unto me

"I just want to talk to milly,please"lucas said starring at me

"She doesnt want to talk to you,let her be?"David said

"You arent milly damn it"he said snapping at david

"You bastard ....."david yelled wanting to hit lucas but i got into their middle

"Its enough you both ,just stop it please"i said and when they both starred at me,their temper cooled  off

"David stop fighting lucas and you lucas leave,i dont want to talk to you"i said starring at him

"Milly please just give me a few minutes"he said

"Seems like i would have to get us guards to keep away rapist like him"david said 

And i didnt miss the look of hurt on lucas face

"Whats going on here"my dad said coming out of the house along with my mom who is with lisa

"Lisa"i heard lucas called gently and he had a smile on his face

"Its nothing dad?"David said

"If its nothing why do you too look dirty,have you been fighting "my dad said starring at david and lucas

They didnt know what happened to me years ago and i wasnt going to let them know now

"I only came here sir to......"

"To talk to me dad,he came here to talk to me,david please go in with dad and mom,i will talk to him "i said giving david a pleading  look

Angrily he went off with my parents

"Mommy arent you coming"lisa said

"I will  be there soon my love"i said waving her to go inside

  She went in and i took a deep breath before turning towards lucas,its time to confront the ghost

   "Why do you like to ruin my life,why?"i yelled at him

"I didnt come here to make a scene ,i only came because i want to talk to you"he said

"To talk about what?is to talk about the day you raped me,the day you ruined me and turned my life upside down"i said

"Is to ask for your forgiveness "

"My forgiveness?i want you to do something for me,ask your sister if she can forgive her rapist when you know the answer you come back to me"i said feeling so very angry

"Milly i....."he said trying to touch me but i moved back

"I dont want you touching me"i said moving back

He moved back and starred at his hands

"Your scared of me right?"he said

"If i were i wont be here talking to you"i said

"But you moved back from me a while ago"

"I didnt want you touching me,if you had touched me if would have brought back that night,that dirty horrible night that i suffered for  what i didnt do,something that i wasnt to be blamed for"i said as the tears fell off my face

"I didnt know milly,i had gotten the wrong information from luisa and i had seeked out my revenge on you "he said

"Its so easy to say you got the wrong information,its so easy for you to say that,after ruining an innocent girl life"i said hitting his chest

"And that is something i will always hate myself for for the rest of my life"

"Hate wouldnt be enough lucas,you have to suffer the same way i did"i said 

"Tell me,how do you want me to pay,i would do anything"he said

"Just leave me alone,get out of my life"i said

"That would be hard for me to do milly because there is now something that binds us together"he said

"And what would that be?"

"My daughter lisa"he said

"Listen and listen good to me lucas,lisa is my child,my only child,she is not yours"i said

"You can deny me anything milly but not to meet my daughter"he said

"A daughter you created through rape,you know it had crossed my mind in the past to terminate the child but it wasnt the child fault,the fault was all from you,i gave birth to my child and raised her for four years and now out of nowhere you walk out like a macho ogre teling me that you want my child ,well no lucas,no!!"i said

"Call me whatever name you want but i wont  give up on my child" 

"We shall see about that lucas"i said and walked off angrily

 I wont let him come near my child,never,i thought to myself

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