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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 11



Lucas Revenge- Chapter 11

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella



        lucas pov 

I got home feeling so very angry,they had left and had left me at the airport feeling so sad

David didnt even let me see them,he didnt allow me to meet my child

And knowing milly and david,i wont ever be given that chance

Feeling so frustrated,i went to my only source of peace

My drink,it has been the only thing that has kept me going

Just then luisa walked in and on seeing me with my drink,she walked towards me

"Still on this lucas"she said taking the drink away from me

thanks to the constant care she recieved from the doctor,luisa managed to get out of the rape world she was in

She took back her life and live life the way it is 

Though she is still scared around some guys,she has managed to feel free around the rest

   "She is back"i said 

"Who ?"

"Milly "i said 

"Finally,common lets go meet her and ask for her forgiveness "she  said 

"Have been trying to talk to her but she wouldnt give me that chance "i said

"I know,if i were to see my rapist again,i wouldnt want to see or talk to him"she said 

"Thanks for reminding me of that"i said 

"No am not trying to remind you of that" she said 

"I know,afterall am a rapist"

"We both know that you did it for me,you did it thinking it was david who raped me"she said

"And that has been the greatest mistake have ever made in my life" i said

"Tell how did milly react?"

"She was scared,frightened of me,the same look i had seen on the day i raped her,i just cant forgive myself "i said 

"Its going to be okay lucas"she said holding me

"Its not,it just wont,can you believe that the horrible thing i did to her result to her getting pregnant "i said 

"You mean she gave birth?"

"To a little girl called lisa,she looked like an angel"i said 

"Did she see you"

"yes she did and she was crying,my child was scared of me"i said 

"Maybe she doesnt know you yet,give her time ....."

"Time?milly wouldnt let me get close to her"i said 

"That is because you both have not talked yet,youve not apologised to her,youve not told her how much Youve suffered too"luisa said

"She wont ever give me that chance and david,david would not let me get close to her"i said

"We will just have to figure out something lucas,you musnt give up yet"she said holding me close

Luisa is right,i must not give up not just yet......

        💭milly pov💭

I stood in the room watching mom and dad play with their grandchild

Theyve really missed me alot,ever since David brought me home

Its been cries and happiness,especially from my mom who was at first angry that i went off and then happy that have returned and with their grandchild in toll

They never knew the real reason why i left ,i never told them and david also

While my parents played with lisa,i walked with david in the garden outside

"Its all my fault that that creep did what he did to you"david said 

"It was never your fault"i said 

"If only i hadnt helped  his sister,if only i hadnt told her my name,this wouldnt have happened"he said looking guilty

The only person that is meant to feel guilty is  lucas not him

"Dont david,dont feel sad,you only did the right thing back then and i am proud of you"i said 


"Yes david,you saw someone in distress and you helped and besides lets think about it,in all of this mess i have lisa,your little charming neice and am sure that you two will get along"i said giving him a smile

"Your a real fighter milly,through everything  you came out strong,am proud of you"he said hugging me


On hearing lucas voice,i moved out of david arms

"Whats wrong ?" David said

"Its lucas,i heard him "i said

"That cant be,he wouldnt dare show his face here"david said

"Milly,i wont leave until weve talked"he said again

David stood up looking so very angry

"Am going to kill that fool"he said walking off....


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