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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 10




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 10

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella



         MILLY  POV

"She is not your child and get your fiflthy hands off me"i said

"No milly,i wont leave until you tell me whose child she is"he said again

I was already shaking and lisa was already crying,i could hear lily calling for max

And as soon as max arrived,he stopped at first

"Why is lucas martinelli in my home"he said starring at all of us

"Just get him out of here,he is harrassing milly"lily said

"You perfectly know that is a lie,i only came to talk to her"he said

"But she doesnt want to talk to you,now get out,milly has someone protecting her and i wont let you harm her for the second time"lily said hitting his chest

"Now is not the right time,its best you leave lucas"max said 

 "But i have to know is she mine"he said starring at me

"What do you think,after what you did to her you didnt think that it would result to a child right?well she is your child and now that you have your answer you can leave,get out "lily said

I could see the sad look on his face,he looked so remorseful 

Its just too late,too late for him to come back into my life,too late to have him close to us

  After what he did to me,i dont think i can ever forgive him

As soon as the door was locked,lily came to hug me

"Max please take lisa in"lily said to her husband

And he took crying Lisa from my arms

 "Common,you must have been shocked right "she said

"More than shocked,i knew that someday i would have to meet lucas but not in this way,seeing him again bring bad memories for me,thats why i need to leave,have got to go back to Australia ,he will never find me there"i said still shaking

"I think what you need now is a good sleep,you dont look good"

"No lily,i need to leave as soon as i can,you dont know lucas,he might come back again saying i did something and he might hurt me again,i dont want that please"i said 

"Okay fine,you will leave but i will accompany you"she said

"You dont have to lily...."

"I will okay,now lets go get your things in order and then we will leave for the airport soon"lily said and i nodded

          💭lucas pov💭

I drove the car straight to milly brother's house

Milly is leaving,she is going back and i havent talked with her yet and if i tried to stop her,she wouldnt pay me any attention

The only person that can talk to her is her brother

He would know what to say to her so she would not leave

And i still need to have her here,to ask for her forgiveness and also to get to know my child

A child that had result out of the rape,i really hate myself right now,really despise myself for what i did to milly and thats why i need to have her here,i need her here so i can get her forgiveness and be at peace

For four years now i havent been at peace,what i did to her keeps on tormenting me,so the sooner i get her to forgive me,the better

   I parked my car right infront of the mansion

It had all began here,i could still remember coming here to pick her whenever we were going for a date

She would have been waiting by the window and as soon as she sees me,she would give me a smile and wave at me

Starring at that place now,it looks empty and knowing that it had all been caused by me,i felt so sad 

I knocked on the door and was glad when david himself came out

  "What the hell do you want,both my parents are around and they musnt see you here "he said pushing me back

"I know am the last person you want to see now but i need to tell you that milly is back "i said

"What?where is she?where is my sister"he said

"On her way to the airport,she is going back to where she came from"i said

"Then why are you here,you are supopse to stop her"he yelled at me

"You know very well that she wont listen to me,thats why i came to you,you have got to stop her,dont let her leave"i said

"Of course i wont let her leave for the second time,did you bring your car"he said

"Yes i brought "

"Take me there"he said and together we went into my car and rode off

        💭milly pov💭

We got to the airport and  lily accompanied lisa and i into the airport

"Thank you lily,thanks for everything"i said as i hugged her

"I will come visit you all the time"lily said hugging me

"And i would be waiting for you"i said holding her back

"Goodbye little lisa"lily said as she knelt in front of lisa

"Goodbye aunt lily"she said waving her off

While lily waved us off,we both walked in 

I felt kind of sad leaving lily here but i have to do it,i cant live here,not where lucas martineli has dominated

 "Milly,milly,milly"on hearing that familiar voice i turned and saw david running towards me 

As soon as he got towards me,he pulled me into a tight embrace

"Where did you go,you have no idea how much have missed you"he said 

I hugged him back,i had missed him a lot 

In the past have tried to call home but anytime i hear their voice,i caught the call

I always felt ashamed,i knew that if mom saw me now,she would be ashamed and dad would be disappointed 

Thats why i never called home and now seeing david only make things worse

 I pulled out of his arms and  starred at him

"The plane is about to leave david,its time we say goodbye again "i said

"Not on your life,i wont let you leave again,i wasnt there to protect you,i failed to do so  in the past but not anymore,you are going to come home with me "he said

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"you know that i cant "

"If its because of that creep then you dont have to worry i will protect you from him,just dont leave "he said

"Mommy who is he "lisa said 

And he starred down at lisa,on seeing her he knelt in front of her

"Is she......."

"Yes david,she is my daughter lisa,lisa say hi to your uncle"i said 

"Hi uncle"she said and he pulled her to him hugging her

I could see the tears in his eyes and i know that he is blaming himself for what happened to me and i didnt want that

"David,dont ?"i said pulling him up

"When you nedded me the most i wasnt there for you,am sorry milly"he said hugging me again

 "Excuse me ma'am,are you still going,the plane would leave soon"the security came to us

"She is not going,she is coming home with me"he said as he carried lisa

"David i....."

"If you are worried about that rapist you shouldnt because i will be here to protect you from him and i wont let him come near you or lisa"he said

"Now shall we?" He said as he took us through the back exit

"Why are we passing here"i said 

"Because he is out there waiting for us to come out but he will wait till eternity because i wont let him get close to you"david said and i nodded

I wish i can really believe what david said but i knew deep down that i couldnt,knowing lucas he would find a way to talk to me and he wont give up now that he knows that he has a daughter.........


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