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boys in love-Semi Final


boys in love-Semi Final
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai drove to the dorm after getting a call from Audrey

"Kai, you are here" Audrey said as he entered

He looked around and saw Chris seated in a corner busy with his phone

"Why did you call me?" He asked Audrey

"Well.....The CEO freed us,he said we should release another music" Audrey explained

"You don't look so good kai..what's wrong?" Hayden asked

"Its nothing" he said

"Are you sure...your eyes looks like you've been crying, what do you think Chris?" Hayden asked Chris ,he just ignored him

"Hey, Chris, I'm talking to you" Hayden said, raising is voice a little, probably because he was upset

The door opened and Trevor entered

"Ugh..Trevor, what are you doing here?" Audrey asked

"I came to do something interesting" he said and moved to kai

"Let's talk outside" kai said and he scoffed

"I have nothing to discuss with you outside, let's say everything here" he said

This time, Chris stopped what he was doing and looked at them

"I told ivy everything" Trevor said

"Shut your mouth" kai said coldly and Trevor grinned

"Why? Are you scared to tell your group members who you really are" he said

"No.......I'm scared to show you who I really am" Kai said and turned to leave when Trevor grabbed his shirt

Kai jerked his hand away and punched him

"Oh my goodness" Hayden and Audrey chorused

They were surprised since kai was an easygoing person who never got angry for no reason and someone who would never fight

Kai pulled Trevor up with the collar of his shirt and glared at him

"Wow...look at those glaring eyes, it won't be so hard for you to kill me since you've done it before" Trevor said and kai punched him again

He fell on the floor as his nose started to bleed

"Listen, I never killed anyone with you,you killed him alone, you are the murderer not me.. So,don't you ever include my name in it" Kai said , obviously angry

His eyes were red as they looked like he was going to burst into tears again

"What are you guys talking about? Who killed who? Who is the murderer?" Chris asked, looking confused 

"Am I hearing the wrong thing?" Hayden and Audrey chorused ,they were looking even more confused than Chris

"I told you not to mess with ivy,are you testing my patience" Kai said and Trevor smiled

"Yes,I'm curious to know what you can do"

"How dare you smile right now!!" Kai yelled and wanted to punch him but Hayden and Audrey dragged him back

"Let go of me!!" He yelled as they dragged him to his room

Trevor stood up and dusted his cloth

"He is damn annoying" he said, he looked up and saw Chris with a puzzled look

"You should have a lot to tell me" he said and Trevor sighed

"Chris, what happened was....."

"Did you kill Ivy's father?" Chris asked 

"Well........." Trevor paused and sighed again

"Did you really kill her dad?" Chris asked again and Trevor nod


"Darn it!" Chris yelled angrily and banged his hand on the wall as his hand started to bleed

"You are bleeding" Trevor said and wanted to touch him but he moved back

"Don't touch me"


"I knew you were dangerous but I never knew you would go to the length of killing a human" he said

"I'm sorry" Trevor said

"Get out!" Chris yelled at him

"Chris... Listen to me"

"I said get out!" He yelled again

Kai sat on his bed as he recalled what happened the day ivy's father died


Kai sat in the dorm living room playing games on his phone when Trevor entered looking moody

"What's up" Kai greeted without looking at him

"I'm not okay right now, my girlfriend's dad hates me" Trevor said and kai scoffed

"Why did he hate you?"

"I'm not sure,maybe......" Trevor suddenly paused and looked at Kai

"Why are you staring at me?" Kai asked, his gaze still on the phone

"Hey....do you know any poison?" He asked and kai looked at him with shock

"What are you going to do with a poison?don't tell me you are trying to kill your girlfriend's dad with it" kai said raising his voice a little

"No!why would I do such a thing,some cats are always disturbing my sleep every night so I'm going to feed them the poison" Trevor said defensively

"You are so heartless.... You should look for another way to get rid if the cats why are you trying to kill them?" Kai said and Trevor pouted

"Please tell me" he said and kai sighed

"Alright... How about potassium cyanide" Kai said and Trevor smiled

"Potassium cyanide?sounds great" he said and ran outside

Kai walked out of the dorm hours later when Trevor ran to him 

"Kai, the police are after me" he said and kai arched his brow


"I killed someone.... I killed my girlfriend's dad with potassium cyanide"

Ivy laid on the bed in her room,she kept thinking of Kai

"Stop thinking about him ivy,he killed your dad, he is a bad man,he is a murderer" she thought to herself

She sat up and stared at her phone

"That jerk, I told him never to appear in my face and he is really doing it" she said as tears gathered in her eyes

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"You are so mean Kai!" She yelled as tears dripped from her eyes

Her mother opened the door of her room and entered

"Hey ,I'm leaving for work,make breakfast yourself"

"Whatever" ivy said and Laid back on the bed

Her mother was about to leave when she decided to ask her a question

"Mom,I have a question"

"A question?"

"Mom,let's say you have a boyfriend and he did something really terrible to you,what will you do?"

"Something terrible like what?"

"Hmmm,let's say he killed your dad"

"If that is the case, there are three options I have" her mother said and folded her arms

"Three options?"

"1.break up with him,2.Revenge,3.forgive him"  

"So which will you choose?" She asked her mother

"It depends on my feelings for him" her mother replied and checked her wristwatch

"I'm late for work" she said and ran out

Ivy unlocked her phone and stared at kai's picture which she used as her wallpaper

"Should we just break up? It would be better than getting revenge on him" she thought to herself


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