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boys in love- Final


boys in love- Final
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Ivy took a cab to crest entertainment industry, the company that now owns her

She was about going to the Ceo's office when she saw Rose coming out of a room with a makeup box

Seems like she just finished doing make up for some celebrities

Once Rose spotted Ivy, she turned to another direction to leave but Ivy stopped her

"Where are you going?" Ivy asked as they stared at each other

"What is it? Why are you stopping me?" Rose said and Ivy sighed
"Why did you do it?" She asked

"Do what? You must think you are something now since you are a rising star" Rose said 

"Why did you reveal it to everyone that I was a girl?" Ivy asked but Rose was quiet
"OK......let's forget about everything,let's stop this awkward fight between us" Ivy added and Rose scoffed

"Why are you suddenly acting nice? Is it to get your revenge on me?" She said raising her voice

"I should be the one getting angry right now, Do you know how hard it was for me? I couldn't expose my face to the world for some time because I was too embarrassed to do so ,my heart ached so much because I discovered that my best friend betrayed me and I couldn't stop my tears when I discovered Kai knew about my father's death" she said and Rose looked at her with shock

"Kai knew about it? What the heck!!"

"It was so hard for me, I had no one to tell because my best friend betrayed me" she said as tears gathered in her eyes,however, she was surprised when she heard Rose crying

"Hey ,why are you crying?"

"I'm sorry Ivy, I didn't know you were going to go through a lot" she said and Ivy smiled

"Are you really apologizing?"

"I'm sorry Ivy" she said and Ivy hugged her

"It's okay"

Hayden drove to a restaurant to get some food for himself and the remaining boys

After buying, he was about to get back in the car when he saw Lucy coming out of her own car

Their eyes met,however, Hayden was surprised when he saw Lucy smiled at him

"Am I dreaming?" He asked himself and turned around to see if Lucy smiling at someone else

But No,she was smiling at him

"We met again" She said and moved closer to him

"Lucy... Why are you...." He couldn't complete his statement cause he was still in shock

Lucy was always cold to him,she never smiled at him and anytime they met,she never looked at his face

But that day,it was totally different

"Why do you look so shocked?" Lucy asked 


"Did you came to get food for Kai and the remaining boys?" She asked and Hayden nod

"That's great,I came to hang out in this restaurant today cause I'm bored" she said

"Lucy,why are you suddenly acting nice?" Hayden asked and she smiled

"Are you shocked because of that? Well...I decided to come back to my senses, what's the point of loving someone who has an eye for another woman? I made up my mind to love the person who loves me" she said and Hayden smiled

"Let's love each other" she added and held his hand as they both walked inside the cafeteria

Ivy sat with the CEO of crest entertainment industry in his office as they were both discussing

"So.....after releasing one song,we promise to pay you $400000" the CEO explained and Ivy smiled

"$400000,not bad,I like the amount" she said

"Also,the company will be in charge of your costume and make up"

"Wait,speaking about the make up,I already have one" she said and the CEO arched his brow

"Her name is Rose"
"Rose? I think she works under this company too"

"Yeah,she's gonna be my make up artiste and please increase her payment, you guys pay her so little amount"

"Okay, we will do that"

After the meeting, ivy walked out of the office when Rose ran to her

"Ivy,I heard Trevor turned himself to the police" Rose said

"What? Why?"

"He turned himself in saying he was the only one who killed your dad, I don't think kai know anything about it" Rose said and before she could say another word,Ivy had already disappeared

"What the heck!!"

Ivy ran to skyes dorm looking for Kai, she entered but no one was inside

She ran to the garden but she saw Chris laying on the grass with his headphone plugged in his ear, his eyes were closed too

It was like he was asleep but he was not

He opened his eyes when he noticed someone was behind him

"What are you doing here" he asked
"Chris, you were asleep, I'm sorry for waking you but have you seen Kai?" Ivy asked and Chris closed back his eyes

"No" he replied

"I heard Trevor turned himself to the police, are you upset because of that?" She asked but Chris didn't reply

"No matter what, cheer up Chris, you are handsome when you smile" she said and walked away

Chris opened his eyes after she was gone and sighed

"You are happy as usual" he thought to himself

Kai sat in his mother's graveyard eating ice cream and playing games on his phone

"Mom,I came to play with you today in case you are lonely" he said 

He recalled ivy and sighed

"She told me not show my face before her again, it really hurts" he thought to himself

"Hey Kai!!" He heard someone scream his name

He turned around and saw ivy running to him
"Is that ivy?" He asked

Ivy ran to him and hit his chest twice

"Ouch!that's painful" kai winced in pain

"You jerk! You are so mean, did you know how much I missed you? I waited everyday for your call but you won't call me" she said as Kai stared at her with his arms folded

"That's because you told me not to show my face before you again" he said and Ivy hit him again

"You are so rude and mean" she said with a deadly glare

"I'm sorry" Kai said "by the way..I know I shouldn't say this but I was always following you everyday" he added and ivy arched her brow


"I secretly followed you everywhere, and in the night, I made sure you closed the window of your bedroom and off the light before I leave" he said and Ivy jaw dropped with surprise

"Wow! You really did that?"

"Yes,am cool,ain't I?" He whined and Ivy smiled

"I'm sorry" she said and kai looked at her
"Why are you apologizing?" I didn't trust you,when Trevor said you killed my Dad, I believed him without hesitation" she said, staring at the ground

"Hey" kai said and tilted her head up

"Don't feel sorry" he said and held her hand

"Instead.... Let's trust each other from now on" he added and ivy smiled again

"Promise me you will always trust me"

"I Ivy Scott promise to always trust you, Kai" she said and kai hugged her