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boys in love-Episode 7


boys in love-Episode 7
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai walked to an empty practice room in the company and sat there as he recalled what ivy said to him 

"I don't hit ladies " he said and sighed 


4 years ago 

"I want to become a Pop singer too, Dad please allow me " Kai said and his father scoffed 

"Why are you asking me? I told you many times that I won't allow you " His dad said and drank his cup of beer 

"Why can't I? It's my dream, I have to do it " Kai half yelled and his father looked at him 

"Are you raising your voice at me? I really can't believe it "his dad smirked and Kai sighed 

"I'm sorry, but even if i can't be a pop singer from your entertainment industry, I will have to go to another entertainment industry " He said and his father started moving closer to him while he moved back 

"What did you just say? What did you just say you are going to do?!! " his dad yelled and wanted to punch him but his mom stood in the way and got punched instead 

"Mom !" Kai called and ran to her 

"I'm okay " she said and his father wanted to punch him again but his mom held his hand 

"Stop it! Hit me instead, don't lay a hand on kai please " her mom pleaded as tears dripped from her eyes 

Chris walked to the practice room saw Kai seated alone 

"Why do you like being alone? " he asked and moved closer to him 

"What do you mean Being alone? I came to practice " he lied and Chris sat beside him 

"Whatever. By the way why are you so mean to the new member? He is a nice guy so why are you so cold to him? " Chris said and Kai scoffed 

"Nice guy my foot.... I don't like her..... I mean him " he said and Chris smiled 

"As expected from you Kai, you are very picky when it comes to liking something " Chris said and stood up

"Let's go back to the studio " he said and Kai shook his head 

"You go first, I think I have to go somewhere else " he said and Chris nod before walking out 

Kai drove to his mom's house and walked inside with some food 

"Mom, I'm here " he said and his mom ran downstairs to hug him 

"my son " she said with excitement but Kai noticed a scar on her face 

"Mom, what happened to your face? " He asked but his mom smiled 

"It's nothing much , i fell down the stairs two days ago " she said and kai nod 

"I see " he said and clenched his fist 

"Dad has something to do with it " he thought to himself 

"Anyway, are you good to your  fiancee Lucy? I really like her so you should be nice to her " she said and Kai faked a smile 

"Of course " he said 

He drove back to the company and saw his father waiting for him 

"Why are you here? " he asked and his dad scoffed 

"Let's talk, follow me " his dad said and led him to an empty room 

"What do you think you are doing right now?! " his dad asked 

"I don't know what you mean " Kai replied 

'" I heard you almost hit Lucy yesterday "

"Is that what she told you? " Kai asked and glared at his father 

"Did you just glare at me ?" his dad yelled and punched him 

He fell over the tables and chairs in the room and both his hand and nose started bleeding as he groaned in pain 

"I'm your father and you have to listen to anything i say "

"Hit me the way you want, however, don't you dare lay your hands on my mother " he said and his dad punched him again 

He winced in pain and looked up but he was surprised to see Ivy standing at the door post with her hand shivering 

"What the hell is she doing here? " he thought to himself 


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