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boys in love-Episode 6


boys in love-Episode 6
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose 

Ivy continued to stare with shock as Kai smirked and moved closer to her 

"I've never seen someone as cheap as you are, Getting disguised as a boy " He said sacarstically and scoffed 

"No, you must be mistaken, I'm a boy, I really am " She said and Kai scoffed again 

"Do you know what I noticed about you the first time I saw you? " he asked and ivy arched her brow 

"What do you mean? "

"You are Sexy " he said and grinned 

"Dammit, do you have the time to joke around right now, I'm really serious, I'm a boy " She half yelled and wanted to collect her phone but Kai grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to himself 

They stared at each other for a while and Kai smirked 

"Let go of my hand " Ivy said trying to release herself but kai held on tight 

The door opened and Chris entered 

"What are you doing right now, Kai? " he asked and kai released her hand 

"Why are you here? " he asked and Chris dipped his hands in his pocket 

"Lucy is here to see you " He said and Kai sighed 

"You should have told her I was busy " he said with frustration and Chris smiled 

"I don't lie " he said and Kai walked out 

Chris looked at Ivy and sighed 

"Are you okay, jason? " he asked and ivy nod 

It was so obvious she was furious 

Her eyes were red and so was her cheek 

"Kai can be violent sometimes, all you have to be patient, he is the youngest, you know " he said and ivy nod again 

"Alright " She said 

Kai walked downstairs and saw Lucy sitting on the couch 

On seeing kai, she stood up and smiled 

"Kai, it's been a wh......... " she didnt complete her statement before Kai cuts in 

"Why are you here? " he asked and Lucy smiled again

"Our parents meet and i guess we will be engaged soon " she said and Kai's eyes widened with shock 

"What? " he muttered 

" I just thought you should know" she said and turned to leave but kai grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall 

"Why did you do that? Why?! " he yelled at her as tears gathered in his eyes 

Lucy just stared at him dumbfounded 

"Wh..... What do you mean kai? " she stammered and Kai released her 

"Do you want me that much? Do you want to get married to me that much " he yelled at her again and Lucy tried to touch him but he pushed her away and she fell on the floor and winced in pain 

"Kai, what are you doing?! " Audrey yelled as he ran downstairs and helped Lucy stand on her feet 

"Seriously Kai, Why are you treating me this way? It's true, I like you, I want you so much but I don't expect to be treated this way Kai " Lucy yelled and walked out angrily 

Hayden looked at Audrey and then at Kai 

"Is this who you are? " Hayden asked and Kai looked at him 

"Are you the type that Hit ladies? " He asked and Kai scoffed 

"Darn it, What do you guys know " he said and walked out 

"That cold hearted punk" Hayden spat 

Audrey moved to him and pat him on the shoulder 

"You should stop it too, I know you like Lucy, Don't fall in love with a girl your friend loves " Audrey said and walked away

They all sat in the studio in silence  and the director entered 

"Why are you guys so quiet today? Did you guys fight? " he asked but he was ignored 

"Anyways, you guys should start your practice, Kai and Hayden will take the Rap line, Chris, Audrey and Jason  should take the vocal line " he said, handling them the Lyrics 

"You guys have one weeks to practice, both the song and the choreography " the director said and walked out 

"I can't believe we only have one week to practice " Audrey said as they all stood up except Kai 

"Kai, Aren't you going to join us " Chris asked and he sighed 

"I will. Excuse me " He said and walked out while ivy followed him 

"Kai " she called and grabbed his  hand but Kai jerked her hand away 

"Who said you can hold me? "

"You've been down for some while now, are you okay? " ivy asked and he scoffed 

"Who do you think you are to ask me such questions? " he said and turned to leave 

"Cold hearted bastard " Ivy said and he stopped 

He turned back to her and arched his brow 

"What? "

"What? What are you going to do to me? I called you a cold hearted bastard, so what? " she said and Kai grabbed her by the collar 

"Let go of me " she said and kai lifted her hand to punch him but he stopped when he saw the director coming 

He dropped his hand and sighed 

"I will let it slide today " he said and turned to leave but ivy stopped him 

"Is this Really you Kai?" She asked and he looked at her 

"Are you really the type that hits a lady too? " she asked and Kai smirked 



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