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boys in love-Episode 4


boys in love-Episode 4
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose 

Ivy woke up the next day with a serious headache 

"What happened to me? " She asked herself and stood up 

"You got drunk " Kai said and ivy collapsed back on the bed with fear 

"you scared me " She half yelled at him and he scoffed 

"What? Do the almighty kai laughs too " She said 

"I didnt laugh, I scoffed " Kai said 

Ivy looked at her shirt and noticed one button was unbuttoned

She looked at Kai and then at herself 

"Excuse me, were you the one who unbuttoned my shirt?" she asked Kai who was busy playing games on his phone 

"Chris was about to unbutton your shirt yesterday but I stopped him " Kai said and ivy looked at him again 

"Why...... Why..... Why did you stop him? " She stammered 

"Just because..... I thought you were a Gay " Kai said and walked out of the room 

"What? Gay? Me? How dare you say something so cruel?? " She yelled after him 

The five sat in their studio all doing different things except Ivy who sat staring at them 

"Aren't you we doing anything today? " She asked 

"We are " Hayden who was watching a movie on his phone said without looking at her 

"Then why are you guys doing something else, this is my first time being here, you guys should at least tell me what to do " She said and Chris looked at her 

"You will be having an interview with some Television channel Host"  Chris said and her eyes widened with shock 

"What? Tv channel, are you saying i would be appearing on the TV " She asked and they all nod 

"Yeah " 

"Why? Are you nervous? " Kai asked and she glared at him 

"What do you mean Nervous? I'm not Nervous a bit " She said with fake confidence 

"We will be heading to the dressing room in some minutes, we have to dress you up" Audrey said and she shook her head 

"Alright but I have to visit the restroom, I will be back " She said and walked out 

She entered the restroom and started shivering 

"What should I do? I'm so nervous right now? Tv show? What if they discover who i am " She said pacing up and down 

"Jason, Hurry up " She heard Hayden's voice from outside 

They all walked to the dressing room and Rose started her makeup 

"Make me look like a complete boy " She whispered to Rose who glared at her 

"I should just strangle you " Rose whispered back 

"Oh, Rose, the picture I saw the last time you applied our makeup, I mean the girl,  Can i see her even if it's just once? " Chris asked and Rose scoffed 

"Why? " Audrey asked 

"I don't know but she is just my type " Chris said and ivy looked at Rose 

"It was your picture he saw that day " Rose whispered to her and her eyes widened with shock 

"I think it would be dangerous to meet her " Rose said to chris 

"Why? "

"Because she is a fool, a complete psycho, She's having some mental issues too, I think it's best you do not meet her " Rose said and ivy glared at her 

Kai looked at the both of them and continue playing his game 

"You guys seems close, Is Rose your girlfriend? " Kai asked ivy  and Rose scoffed 

"Girlfriend my Ass " She spat 

"Why? He is handsome " Audrey said 

"Handsome my foot! Why is he handsome? How can a gir...... " Rose didnt complete her statement as Ivy stepped on her toe

"Can I have some word with her for a minute " ivy said and dragged Rose outside 

"Are you crazy? What were you about to say right there?! " She said and Rose glared at her 

"You are the one who is crazy? Once they find out who you are, you will be good as dead " Rose said and folded her arms 

"Have you forgotten who your mother is? " Rose asked and ivy arched her brow 

"What do you mean " She asked and Rose shook her head 

"It's Nothing, you should go for the interview " Rose said and walked away 

She walked to the place where she was going to do the interview and she was welcomed by many reporters 

She smiled and took her seat as the host walked in 

She was shocked by who she saw 

Her MOM!! 

Her mom was the Host 

She suddenly started shivering again 

"Mom is the host? My situation is Hopeless, I give up " she thought to herself 


Mother is the TV show Host 

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