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boys in love-Episode 22


boys in love-Episode 22
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

"Let go of her hand" Kai said and chris smirked

"You changed a lot" Chris said

"That's enough you two" ivy said and released her hand from Chris's "I'm going in" she said and walked back inside

Kai looked at Chris and turned to go but he was stopped

"Why did you come here?" Chris asked 

"I was going to ask you the Same question, why were you here,Chris?" Kai said and Chris glared at him

"I didn't know you were so reckless" Kai added and Chris scoffed

"Why are you getting so mad at me? Don't tell me......you like ivy?" Chris asked

"Why?what if I say I do?what are you going to do?" Kai asked and Chris moved closer to him

"You won't want to start a game you can't end" he whispered to his ear and walked away 

The next day..................

Kai walked to the dorm to pack his clothes

He dragged his box to the car and lifted it in the boot

He was about to enter the car when he saw his father, he ignored him and opened the car door

"Where are you going?" His dad asked and moved closer to him

"I see you are leaving skyes group"

"I never said I was leaving, we are just taking a break" kai said, staring straight into the air

"So what have you thought about joining my entertainment industry,you will become a soloist" his dad said and kai looked at him

It was so obvious he was angry, his face said it all

"You are so shameless" he said


"This was what you said that day mom died,and you are repeating it again,are you trying to kill me now?" He said so furiously, his face was burning up

"Are you crazy?" His dad yelled at him

"Hey, Mr Travis" Kai called his father by his name, his father seemed surprised

"What......did....you just say?"

"Are you surprised? I......am no more scared of you and you have no right to be my father, I don't have a father, don't ever come looking for me,ever" he said and drove off

He drove to his mom's house and dragged his box in

On seeing his mom's picture which was hung somewhere in the living room, he started to tear up

He tried to hold back his tears but they kept coming

Thinking about his father made him even more furious

"Mom" he called as tears dripped from his eyes

Suddenly, the door bell rang and he wiped his tears

The door opened and Lucy entered

"Darn it,I should change the password" he thought to himself

"What are you doing here?" He asked and Lucy smiled "I came because I missed you" she said and kai scoffed

"You must have lost your mind,get out" he said but Lucy ignored him

"That girl,ivy......" She said but was interrupted by kai

"What about her?"

She ran to him and hugged him

"When you said you loved her,you were joking right" she grinned 

Kai tried pushing her away but she held on tight

"What are you doing right now?" He half yelled at her

"I like you kai and you know that" she said

The door opened and both Hayden and ivy entered

Seeing them in this position, ivy ran out

"Ivy,where are you going?!" Hayden called after her

"Darn it" Kai said and pushed Lucy away as he turned to run out of the house

"Don't go,if you leave......I will commit suicide" Lucy threatened

"Do whatever you want" he said and ran After ivy

Ivy sat in a bar near the window

While kai was searching for her,he fortunately saw her sitting in the bar

"Ivy" he called and sat opposite her

"Why did you run away?" He asked panting heavily but ivy didn't reply

"Aren't you going to say anything? Are you mad at me because of the position you met Lucy and I......she hugged me,I didn't hug her" Kai said but ivy didn't reply again

"I......love you........I really love you..." Kai said again but ivy made no sound

"I'm sorry..... I guess I'm making you uncomfortable" kai said and stood up to leave

He suddenly felt someone wrapped her arms around his waist

It was ivy who hugged him from behind

"I love you too kai" she said and a smile appeared on kai's face



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