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boys in love-Episode 21


boys in love-Episode 21
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai walked to his mom's house

He looked around and noticed the house was clean

He also noticed the spot his mom's blood stained were also clean

"Dad must have acted smart" he thought to himself and walked to her room,he opened the window and recalled what Trevor said

An hour earlier.............

"We killed her father together" Trevor said 

"I never killed anyone" Kai replied and Trevor scoffed

"The poison I used, you gave it to me so stop acting innocent" Trevor said and Kai glared at him

"Why are you bringing that up? You never told me you were going to use that poison to destroy someone" Kai said and Trevor moved closer to him

"Stop acting Naive Kai, I won't reveal this to anyone as long as you have no interest in Ivy" he said and turned to go

"What do you mean?" Kai stopped him

"Stay away from ivy, I think I have someone else who deserves her" Trevor grinned and walked away

Kai sighed and stared at the sky through the window

"Mom,I'm scared" he said and his phone started ringing

He checked the I'd caller and it was Lucy

He ignored the call and clenched his fist

"No........I shouldn't be scared, I should make some people scared instead" he thought to himself

Ivy sat in the dining room with her mother who was busy with her phone

"Mom......the person who revealed me was busy" ivy said and her mom looked at her with shock

"What? Rosé..that bitch...I never liked her,why were you friends with someone like her?" Her mom said and continued pressing her phone

"She was the only who stood with me when dad died.....she was the only friend I had" ivy said and sighed

"Why did she do that though? She won't just hurt you if you guys were really close" her mom said

"I don't know...... She looked more dangerous, she told me she never thought of me as her friend"

"What the hell!!I never liked that girl!" Her mom spat

Her phone started ringing

She checked the caller but she didn't pick it

"Why aren't you picking? Who is it?" Her mom asked


"What? Chris? Why is he calling you?you should pick up why aren't you picking it up?" Her mom half yelled

"I'm too embarrassed to pick it up" she said and rested her back on the chair

"Hurry up and pick up,he might have something to tell you"

Ivy had no choice, she breath in deeply before picking it up


"Come out" Chris said and hanged up

She walked out and saw Chris standing with his two hands in his pocket

"Chris" ivy called and he moved closer to her

"I have something to say,I....." He said but ivy interrupted

"I also have something to say, I'm sorry for causing too much trouble for Skyes group.and........" She paused and sighed

"I guess first love expires too, I don't love you anymore" she said and Chris was dumbfounded

"I have to go back inside" she said and turned to leave but Chris grabbed her wrist

"Don't go" he said staring at the ground

"Let go of her hand" kai said ,appearing from nowhere

"Are you crazy?" Chris shot back at him

"I said let go of her hand" Kai yelled at him and Chris scoffed

"You changed a lot" he said to Kai


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