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boys in love-Episode 20


boys in love-Episode 20
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai and ivy both sat on a bench not far from a bar

They couldn't say a word to each other 

They just kept staring at the sky

It was such an awkward moment

"Well........i should go home, my mom will be waiting" ivy said breaking the silence as she stood up

"Are you leaving" kai said in his usual calm voice,staring at the ground


"Why?are you avoiding me because of what I said" He said and ivy clinched

"No,I'm not avoiding and I know you didn't mean what you said" she said and smiled

"I meant it" kai said and she froze "when I said I love you,I meant it" he said and ivy looked at him

Chris went back home and collapsed on the couch

"Is something wrong" Trevor asked from the dining room,he was having dinner

"No" Chris replied and sighed 

"Are you sure? You look like you were betrayed" Trevor said 

"No, I wasn't betrayed' Chris said cracking his knuckles, he recalled what Kai said to ivy earlier

" I should stop thinking about it " he thought to himself 

"Chris, do you want to go on a blind date?I will set you up with a beautiful girl" Trevor said and Chris smirked

"Forget it"

"Why?do you like someone?" 

"Yeah" Chris said and Trevor's eyes widened

"Really? Who?"

"You don't have to know" Chris said and walked to his room

"I think I know who it is" Trevor said and grinned

Lucy walked back to her dorm and threw her bag away angrily

"Kai,that jerk" she cursed under her breathe

"What happened" Tracy asked, cleaning her makeup in front of a mirror but Lucy ignored her

"Did you fight with Kaî again?" She asked and Lucy banged her hand on the table

"I'm going to make him regret this" she said and Tracy stood up

"Just give up on him, oh.....less I forget, Hayden told me to give you this" She said and handed Lucy a shopping bag which contained a designer shoe and clothe

"I think Hayden is hitting on you" tracy said and Lucy dialled Hayden's number

"Hayden, let's meet"

She walked to a football field waiting for Hayden

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"Lucy" Hayden called as he ran to her "why did you wanted to meet me?" He asked and Lucy threw the bag at him

"I don't get why you are doing this but I do not want any gift from you" she said and walked away leaving Hayden dumbfounded

Kai walked ivy home

"Thanks for walking me home" she said and kai smiled

"You should go to your mom's funeral" she said 

"Don't worry about that,I will handle it myself" he said and ivy nod

"Alright.......Kai cheer up" she said and smiled again

"Okay" kai said and she walked in

He sighed and was about to leave when he saw Trevor behind him

"Trevor?" Kai arched his brow

"Its been a while Kai.......you look so happy than I expected" Trevor smirked

"What are you talking about?" Kai asked

"Should I remind you this, we killed Ivy's father together..... Both you and me" He said and kai glared at him



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