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boys in love-Episode 2



boys in love-Episode 2
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose 

  Audrey helped ivy to drag her box to a room 

"Excuse me, Must i share a room with someone ? I mean from what I heard, you guys have your separate room so must i share with someone " She  said and Audrey sighed 

"I also want you to have a separate room but our director won't allow that " Audrey said and she folded her arms 

"Who is gonna be my roommate then? "

Kai stood glaring at their director with his arms folded 

"why me? Why do i have to share a room with that jerk?' he asked the director who was busy arranging some stuffs on his table 

"Because you are the youngest, the new member is even older than you are "

"Wow.  Must i be cheated because I'm the youngest? I didn't like the idea of you getting a fifth member so why must I be the one sharing a room with a jerk like him?" he half yelled and Mr Harper, the director looked at him 

"Are you done? By the way why are you calling someone's precious son Jerk? " he said and kai hit his hand on the table 

"Who cares if he is precious? I don't want to share the room with him! " he said and walked out angrily 

"That little punk......" the director cursed under his breath 

Kai walked inside the room and saw ivy Sitting on her  bed arranging her clothes 

"Hi, I'm Jason, let's be good friends since we are roommate " She said and Kai glared at her 

"We are not closed enough to become friends " he said rudely and walked inside the bathroom 

"What's with that rude jerk?  No wonder I didn't like him. He looks like a girl " She scoffed and continued what she  was doing 

After some minutes, Kai came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist 

He looked up and saw ivy's eyes closed 

"What are you doing? " he asked 

"Nothing " she replied sharply 

"You. You are really strange " Kai said and ivy blinked 

"What is he driving out? Did he found out? That I'm a girl? " she thought to herself staring at kai 

But before Kai could talk, the doorbell rang and Chris peeped in 

"Kai, I think  Lucy is here to see you " He said 

"Tell her I'm not inside "

"Do you think she will fall for that? Hurry up and come downstairs " Chris said and left 

Kai walked downstairs and saw Lucy and the guys sitting on the couch 

"Gosh, why is she here? " he thought to himself 

Lucy is a singer too, she's rumoured to be dating Kai but they both know it's not true 

Her father is also a friend of Kai's father 

"Kai " she called with a smile and wanted to hug him but Kai shifted away  

"He is so mean " Hayden whispered to Audrey 

"I agree " Audrey replied 

"What are you doing here? " kai asked and Lucy smiled 

"Chris told me you are not feeling so well so I brought some food and drugs " She said and Kai looked at Chris who gave him a sign to collect whatever she brought 

"Thanks" Kai said and collected the bag with her 

"Alright . I will leave now " She said and walked outside. 

"Chris, Let's talk " Kai said and walked upstairs while Chris followed him 

"Why did you lie to Lucy so she could come here? Why are you trying to pair us up?"  He said and Chris smiled 

"I just thought you two would look good together, your parents are friends too " Chris replied and Kai handed what Lucy gave him to chris

"I do not want this. Please stop trying to pair us up, I don't like her, she's not my type " he said and walked to his room 

"Why is he so stronghead because of a girl? " Chris said to himself 

Ivy sat in the office of Skyes producer 

"Do you know me? " the producer asked and she nod 

"Of course, you are Mr Oscar, Skyes producer " She replied 

"Since you are also a member now, I guess I will be your producer too but I should tell you about those four boys shouldn't i? " He asked and ivy nod 

"First, We have Audrey, His father is the ceo of a perfume industry, but his parents doesn't live in this country, He is not a bad guy and he is the Rapper . Second we have Hayden , His mother is the second wife of The Ceo of a game industry, he loves smiling and he is cute too, He is the vocalist. Third, we have Chris, His father is The Ceo of a broadcasting station, his father is the sponsor of this Entertainment industry, he is the only boy so his father loves him a lot, he is the visual and the vocalist .  And the last Kai....... " the producer stopped and sighed 

"What's wrong? "

"Kai is the son of the ceo of another Entertainment industry, his mother is a concubine but she is damn pretty, he is also the first son, he is the youngest in skyes group and also the Rapper and the visual too but he has a lot of problems i don't even wanna talk about " the producer said and sighed 

"Problems? Like what? "

"Kai chose this entertainment company instead of his father's, but his father wants him to leave Skyes Group? He also wants him to get married to a celebrity Named Lucy , his father always hits him" he said and ivy kept quiet for a while 

"That's ridiculous " She finally said 

She walked out of the office and her phone started to ring 

"Hey Rose " she said as she picked up 

"Hey . Are you okay? Did you get caught already? " Rose said 

"What do you mean? Don't worry, No one can easily known I'm a girl " she said just then she heard Kai's voice behind her 

"Hey " Kai called and she stopped 

"me?" she asked and kai moved closer to her 

"Did he everything? " she thought to herself 

"I knew you are strange the moment I saw you " Kai said with a smirk moving closer to her and she moved back 

"What are you doing right now? " She asked 


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