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boys in love-Episode 19


boys in love-Episode 19
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai's mom was rushed to the hospital but it was too late

She already died
Kai knelt beside her dead body in the hospital as tears dripped from his eyes

The other members of skyes were there too

"What are we going to do now?" Hayden whispered to Audrey
"The CEO told us to keep quiet for a while, we can't let the reporters know His mom died" Audrey whispered back

Kai stood up and stormed out of the ward with a deadly look 

"Where are you going kai?" Chris called as they all followed him

He saw his Dad standing with some of his friends smiling, he walked there and grabbed his dad's  shirt collar

"No kai,don't do this" Chris said and tried to pull him but he pushed Chris away
"Are you having fun? After killing my mom,you dare smile!!" He yelled and his dad bodyguards pulled him away
"Let go of me" he yelled with tears glaring at his father

Chris watched as kai was dragged away 

He then moved to his father and smirked
"Are you satisfied? After killing his mom you look even more relaxed,you even had an agreement with our CEO to let the story die down..... Once kai get over his mom's death,I will make sure you pay for what you did" Chris said and walked away

"Chris, did you just threaten kai's dad?" Audrey asked and Hayden shook his head
"I know you love kai but you should stay out of it,this is about kai and his dad" Hayden said and Chris ran his finger through his hair

"I know, I was too angry I had no idea why I said that too" he said
"What are we going to do? You know kai's dad is more dangerous than you think" Audrey said

Lucy sat in her dorm with Tracy,her group member and friend

"Lucy, you should go see Kai even if it's for some minutes, his mom died so he needs someone by his side" Tracy said 

"Kai and I are not in good terms right now" she said, her gazed fixed on her phone

"Cmon Lucy,he is your fiancé" Tracy said and Lucy sighed
"I said I'm not going" she said and Tracy shook her head

"Ah.......now that I think about it,was there a day you caught kai kissing that new member who disguised as a guy?" Tracy asked and Lucy looked at her

"What do you mean?"

"I think Kai has feelings for her,you just thought kai was a gay because You thought Jason was a guy" Tracy said and drank her cup of coffee

Ivy took a cab to where her mom lives and collapsed on the couch

"Mom,are you here?" She called and her mom walked downstairs

"Oh.....ivy you came back home? Make yourself breakfast, I'm off to work" she said and walked out

"What was I expecting? You are someone who loves work more than anything else" Ivy grumbled and walked to the kitchen when she thought of kai

"I wonder if he is okay" she said and her phone beeped
It was a text from Hayden

'Kai's mother died,just thought you should know'

She gasped as she read the text

"His mom died" she said and ran out of the house

She texted kai to meet her at a playing ground and texted him the address

She went to the play ground and waited for about two hours but kai did not show up

"Of course, he won't be able to come, I should go to the dorm but I'm too scared to do that" she said and stood up

She was about to leave when she saw Kai coming

"Kai" she called and ran to him "I thought you weren't coming" she said and kai smiled

"What the heck, Audrey said your mom died, why are you suddenly smiling" she asked and kai hugged her

"After seeing you, I felt a little bit happy" he said and ivy slowly disengage the hug
"Really? Then you should be seeing me everyday so you can be happy" ivy whined

"I know right?" Kai said and smiled

Ivy looked at him for a while
"Why are you staring at me?" He asked and she smiled

"Just because.... I'm surprised to see you smiling when you are hurting inside" she said and kai moved closer to her

He placed both his hands and her cheek and was about to kiss her when Lucy interrupted

"What do you think you are doing right now.... Kai" Lucy said and separated them

Chris stood from afar watching them

"What are you doing here" kai asked her and she smirked

"Your mom died,shouldn't you be somewhere mourning her?instead you are here flirting with some losers" Lucy glared at ivy

"Shut up and leave" kai yelled at her
"No'" she yelled back

"I'm your fiancée, have you forgotten?"

"But I don't love you" kai said and Lucy could feel herself getting hurt
"What do you mean?"

"I love someone else" he said and Lucy looked at ivy
"Don't tell me....."

"You are right....she is the one I love not you" she said and Ivy's eyes widened with shock



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