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boys in love-Episode 18


boys in love-Episode 18
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Ivy and Kai both sat in a restaurant

Ivy just kept staring at the food and Kai sighed

"Aren't you gonna eat" he asked but got no reply

"You are really driving me crazy, first, you wanted to jump a bridge and die and now you aren't you eating" Kai said

"I already told you I had no appetite" ivy said

"Were you betrayed?" Kai asked

"If it wasn't Rose,it would have hurt less but any minute I think about it,my heart feels like it is broken" she said and sniffed back her tears 

"Then stop thinking about it" kai said and ivy looked at him

His phone started to ring, he checked the caller ID and it turned out to be his Dad

He ignored it and placed the phone on the table

"Why aren't you picking up your call" ivy asked him

"Its nothing , I think I have to go now,can you go back yourself?" He said and ivy nod

"Yeah,I can take care of myself, don't worry about me and go" she said and kai walked out

She also stood up and walked out of the restaurant as she adjusted her face cap so no one would recognise her

She looked up and saw Chris standing from a distance

"Jason" Chris called but she turned to another direction and ran away while Chris ran after her

"Jason wait!!" Chris called after her 

"My Name is ivy not Jason" she said still running

Chris ran faster and soon caught up with her

He grabbed her hand and they both stopped running

"Why are you running away?" Chris asked and ivy looked at him panting heavily

"Chris.... I...."

"Why are you avoiding me? " Chris interrupted and moved closer to her

"Did you really joined the group because of me?" He asked but ivy didn't reply

She only stared at the ground

"Jason, you....."

"Chris, let's stop talking about it, its true,I joined skyes group because I like you" she said and ran away

Kai walked home and saw his dad sitting on the couch and his mom on another couch "Dad,what are you doing here?" He asked and his dad smiled

"I came here to say something so little, I heard your group has been banned from doing any sort of entertainment, this is a good opportunity kai" his Dad said and kai smirked

"What are you trying to say?" He asked

"Join my entertainment industry and become a soloist artiste" he said and kai smirked again

"Dad,you know that's something I won't do, if that's all you have to say, I will leave now" he said and turned to leave

"You bastard,have you forgotten, your mom is just a concubine" his Dad said and kai looked at him

"Really? This isn't this first time you are telling  me this .....but dad.....your mom was a concubine too" he said 

"You jerk" his Dad yelled and wanted to punch him but his mom stood in the way and got punched instead

Her head hit the glass jog on the table and she started to bleed

"Mom!" Kai called and ran to her

"Mom,are you okay?" He asked and placed her head on his lap

"Kai......kai" his mom called weakly

Kai looked at his Dad who was obviously shocked too

"Mom" kai called again but he noticed she wasn't breathing

"Mom" he called again as tears gathered in his eyes



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