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boys in love-Episode 16


boys in love-Episode 16
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai ran inside the dorm after seeing the news, searching for ivy but she was nowhere to be found

He called her several times but she wasn't picking up

"Where in the world is she?" He thought to himself

Ivy sat on the couch at her house with the TV on, the news was all about her

She sniffed back her tears and dialled Rose number but she was not picking up

"Is she busy?" She asked and turned off the TV

"Could it be kai? Why would he do something like that" she thought to herself as tears gathered in her eyes again

"I should go and see him" she said and changed into a lady dress, she put on wig and make up and a face cap to keep her identity a secret

Kai drove to the company, he searched all rooms and office but she wasn't there

He was about to leave when He heard some workers gossiping behind him

"Have you seen the news? The new member of skyes was a female"

"Really? I knew something was off about him, he doesn't look masculine"

"I know right, how could a guy be so pretty"

"But I can't believe she did that because she has a crush on Chris, she is so shameless"

"I know right, who wouldn't fall in love with Chris? But she took it too far, she is really shameless"

Kai sighed and turned to them

"Do you guys have much time to waste? Why are you  here instead of doing job?do you want to get fired?" He scolded and they bowed

"We are sorry kai" they said and ran away

Kai sighed and leaned on the wall when Audrey tapped him


"Ugh? Its you?" He asked and Audrey nod

"Are you okay? I was looking into the person who posted it,the account is for a high school student, Jennie park, but she wasn't with her phone when it was posted, I guess her account was hacked" Audrey explained

"That's ridiculous" kai sighed

"By the way, where is Jason? " Audrey asked

Kai looked up and saw a lady with face cap walking inside the company

He knew immediately that it was Ivy

He walked to her and drag her outside

"What the hell are you doing at the company? The Reporters will be here in some minutes" Kai said and checked His wristwatch

"Why are you pretending to be nice? The only person who knew about this was you, you always threatened to reveal me to the CEO......"

"So? Are you suspecting me right now" Kai interrupted

"Of course, the only person who knew about this apart from you was my mom and my best friend Rose, they wouldn't possibly back stab me, you........"

"So? Are you saying, I was the one who back stabbed you" kai interrupted again

Ivy wiped her tears and looked at him

"You...........are the only one I don't trust" She said and the reporters arrived

The wind blew her face cap away and one of the Reporters saw her

"What the hell! You look exactly like Jason Aldean" he gasped and they all looked at her

"There she is! That's Jason aldean" a reporter yelled and they all ran to her

"What do you have to say about the rumours about you?"

"Did you really joined the group because of Chris?"

"What's your real name, we know your name isn't Jason"

They kept asking her questions and she was stuck among them

Kai got a text to meet with the CEO

He walked inside the CEO office and saw him pacing up and down

"Did you know?"

"What?" Kai asked

"That he was a girl?" He asked and kai sighed

"That's not important right now" he replied

"Why didn't you tell me!!!" The CEO yelled at him and cooled down later

"Skyes group is in trouble because of her, you guys are all banned from singing or performing at least for now" The CEO said and walked out angrily


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