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boys in love-Episode 11


boys in love-Episode 11
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Ivy went back to the dorm and collapsed on the bed,staring at the ceiling

"Trevor is Chris brother?" She thought to herself and sighed

"I can't believe this" she said and sighed again

"Will you stop sighing, you are disturbing my peace" She heard Kai's voice 

"You are awake?" She heard and kai scoffed

"I wasn't sleeping" he said

"Wipe your mouth,I think you drooled while sleeping" She said and kai coughed

"Whatever" he said and laid back on the bed

Ivy looked at him then she looked elsewhere

She looked at him again and looked elsewhere

"Will you stop staring at me? You are making me uncomfortable" Kai said and his phone beeped

It was a message from Lucy, telling him she is on her way to the dorm

"Dang it!" He groaned and threw the phone away

"Why are you taking out your anger on the phone?" Ivy asked and he glared at her

"It's non of your business" he said and Chris entered

"Kai,I think your fiancée is here to see you" Chris said

"I'm asleep" Kai replied

"You proposed to her so why are you still avoiding her,hurry up and come downstairs" Chris said and left

"I think your fiancée needs your attention" ivy grinned and kai glared at her again

"It's none of your business!!" He half yelled at her

He walked downstairs and saw Lucy seated on the couch

"Kai" she called and kai folded his arms

"What are you doing he......" He didn't complete his statement when he recalled Hus father

He sighed and looked a her

"You are here" he said and Lucy hugged him with excitement

"Kai...you changed a lot, I'm glad you are finally realizing my feelings for you" She said and kai rolled his eye

"Are we really getting married?" She asked and Kai faked a smile

He checked his wristwatch

"It's late, you should go home" she said and Lucy shook her head

"Nope.I'm glad you are worried about me but I just want to stay with you tonight" She said

"No,you can't, this is a boy's dorm...." Kai said but Lucy cuts in

"Don't worry about that, I took care of everything" She said and his phone beeped

It was a message from Audrey

'We left the dorm, have a nice time with Lucy, and you can use the bedroom too'

Kai read the message and sighed

'Why would they do this to me " he thought to himself

Lucy wrapped her hand around his shoulder and their faces were so close

"Can't..... Can't you stay by my side tonight" she said and placed her Lip's on Kai's

Kai couldn't wasn't able to defend himself

He was already tempted

He moved his two hands and placed it on her waist as they continued to kiss

Skip skip skip skip.......

Audrey , Hayden, Chris and Ivy went to Chris's house as they collapsed on the couch

"I'm glad we did this for Kai and Lucy, I Wonder what they would be doing right now" Hayden smiled

"They would probably be kissing by now, I'm sure" ivy said and Chris grinned

"Audrey,did you lay the bed" Hayden asked and they all looked at him

"Why are you asking?" Chris asked

"Kai is a type that can't overcome tempramentations,after kissing,they might......" Hayden didn't complete his statement when Audrey hit his head

"It's Temptamtion you fool" he said and ivy found herself laughing

Chris shook his head and looked at the both of them

"Its Temptation, you fools" he said and they looked at themselves

"Really, I thought it was Temptamtion" Audrey said


Lucy and other three members, Selena, Arlena, Tracy of her group (YOUNGSTERS) all sat in their dorm chatting

"You were with Kai yesterday right?" Tracy asked Lucy and she nod

"So?what happened between you two?" Arlena asked and Lucy smiled

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Selena asked as Lucy drank her cup of coffee

"I never knew Kai was Romantic until yesterday," she said and they all gasped

"So,did you guys kissed?" Selena asked and Lucy nod


"Wow,I'm so jealous of you Lucy,you get everything you want" Arlena said and Lucy grinned

Kai sat on his bed playing games on his phone as the remaining four stood glaring at him

"I just checked the room and it was just the way I left it, kai, did nothing really happened between you and Lucy?" Audrey said 

"Something happened" Kai replied, his gaze still fixed on his phone

"Really? What happened?" Chris asked

"We kissed" Kai replied

"I knew it" Hayden said 

"So,what happened after the kiss?" Ivy asked and Kai glared at her

"Nothing happened, she went back to her dorm,why are you guys asking me these questions?" He asked them and they all looked elsewhere

"You guys really look good together" Chris said

"Whatever. I actually enjoyed kissing her,she was sexy" Kai said and they all looked at him again

"Is he always a Playboy?" Ivy whispered to Hayden who shook his head

"You guys should leave,I want to be alone" Kai said sending them out of the room

Ivy was on her way outside Skye's studio when she bumped into Trevor

"Hi,Jason Aldean" Trevor said with a smile

"Yes...how m...a...y I help you" Ivy stammered

"Now that I look at you More closely, you look so familiar" he said and moved closer to ivy who held her breathe

"What do you mean?" Ivy asked and Trevor grinned

"You look just exactly like my ex girlfriend" he said and Ivy's eye widened with shock


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