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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 31




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 31

Written By Amah's Heart


She try testing the names to hear how it sound

"Florence Richard Adam.... Florence Adam, Adam...Adam...uhhuu! It feels so new. I'm very much used to being Mrs Spence.... I'm so into The name Spence than I am with Adam... Florence Adam sounds naked and empty while Florence Spence or Mrs Spence...is delightful to my ears...

Susan scoffed annoyingly

"Go back and continue being Mrs Spence. I will never stop you Flo. If Cole comes with your dead body to my house, I will dig up the ground and throw you inside. That will be end of you and your Mrs Spence on earth here. Maybe you and the earthworms and underground spirit will continue competing over who Mrs Spence fits better. You can't give me high blood pressure over a stupid, useless name that worth nothing except pain and sorrow. Make your choice quick... you can go outside and choose the exact spot you want to be buried...

Florence quickly interrupted.

"God forbids it!. Suzy... that is a very mean thing to say. Do you wish me death or what? I didn't say I'm going back to being Mrs Spence, I'm only saying that not being Mrs Spence appears all new. It will take time for me to get used to Miss Florence Adam again. It feels so hard, everything... the hardest part was signing the divorce papers. My hands were shaking, I almost had a changed of mind but looking at Cole he was ready. He seems he can't wait to get rid of me. Lizbeth, the new clique in his life was all that matters. I saw the new mistress, madam Lizbeth with her protruding belle, I kinda wish I know what being pregnant feels like. Is hard Suzy... harder than I thought. right now I'm back to being a single woman in her late thirties with no child to call mine. Oh God! I never in my wildest dreams imagined it will come to this. I actually tried to make it work...I tried, I fought, I cried, I prayed, I forgived, I supported, I loved with my entire being. I did all I could Suzy but... maybe marriage isn't meant for everyone. Maybe I don't have a certain aura for a happy home. I really don't know what to think...is just... just so hard.... God....

She bent her face over her two palm. Swallowing hard and trying to held back the tears clouding up her eyes.

Susan who was eating on the dining looked over at her sister.

Is already a month she concluded with the divorce case, Florence has not been able to eat or even sleep well.

There was an untouched food in front of her.

"Flo... Flo haven't you had enough of this cry and sadness? I'm not longer going to pet you because the more I do the deeper you go into self pity and acting all depressed. You should be happy that finally you're free from Coleman Spence and all his nonsense. He is either banging his maid right now or acting as the maid for his pregnant maid...

Susan suddenly started laughing. Florence looked up at her.

"Suzy, you are not helping at all... instead you are making me feel worst. Maybe I should just go to my room...I just want to be left alone...I don't know what to do..."

"Get it together Flo. You Promise to start anew and make haste while there's still sun. But here you are sucking like a child. If you want to go back to being Mrs Spence, the door is very open. I promise this time that I won't stop you. I lost mother and father already, if you care to join them then go back to being Mrs Spence. Life will go on for everyone... which includes your Mr Spence and us over here. I know is hard Flo... your divorce is just a month old. Give it time and you will be alright. Coleman is still enjoying the dividend of selling some of his properties which includes his car. He is very lucky that you went for a peaceful divorce settlement, not asking for anything from him. If I was the one, I can never ever be but if it happened so, Coleman must definitely pay for divorce settlement. I will request for the house and a huge amount of money that he will be indebted for life. He will pay through his teeth and life will never be the same for him again. Flo, I don't know why you are too soft and too nice. That's why this bad ass men like Coleman can take advantage of your vulnerability. You need to eat, be happy because you don't know what God has done for you. You're not only given a second chance to life but freedom from a man like Cole. To hell with "being Mrs Spence"

Susan stood up with her plate from the dining.

She continued talking.

..." Maybe I should call Maxwell. You probably need a friend right now. I can't convince you further over your decision. I will call Ma...

"No Suzy... don't call anyone. I just need time for myself. Beside, I don't think Max want to be bothered with any of my problems again. Is over two months and nothing is heard of him. I appreciate all he did for me but is better he is left alone. I really don't need anyone right now...I want to be left alone... please.

Florence left her food untouched and went to her room.

Is six months counting from the time she came out of coma up till the present moment.

Within the six months, Maxwell only came around three times. And ever since two months ago nothing is heard of him.

After three days, Susan came to inform her that Maxwell was around.

"But I asked you not to call him... Suzy. you could at least respect my decision for now. I'm not in the right frame of mind to see anyone. I'm trying to think a way forward for me. Get a Job, save up money, get my own apartment and know what comes next. I...

"I didn't call him Flo.." Susan interrupted.

"...I never called him. He said he called you earlier today and you didn't pick up. I did not call him...go out there and ask him. Jimmy will be working an extra shift today, I need to go down to my supermarket, check what's going on since I haven't gone there this week. my manager in charge called that we have new supplies. After then I will be going to pick your nephews from school. Max is waiting at the sitting room...I made food, incase you're hungry.

Susan left, Flo later came out to meet Maxwell.

"Hey Flox... how are you?

Max said immediately he saw Florence coming out.

"I'm good.... and you?

Florence replied, taking a seat opposite him.

Maxwell nodded that he was alright.

"... I'm sorry that I haven't come all this while to check how you're doing. I got caught up with lots of things. I got a call from Natalie, after years of locking me out of Alice life. You remember the story I told you on our first meeting at the field park...

Florence nodded quietly.

"... well, I finally got to speak to my daughter... I was so happy Flo. I haven't spoken to her ever since I left Germany. She is almost nine years. Big and got my looks...we did lots of video calls and she is always excited each time my face pops up. She asked me if I was married down here, if I have kids and when next I will be coming to Germany... I told her I was not married and got no other kid except her. She asked when I will be getting married or doesn't marriage interest me...? Her mother shun her from propping me further over marriage but to be sincere I was just happy that she was not only smart, but very outspoken. Natalie, her mother did a great work in raising her well...

Florence listened without interruption.

Maxwell, opened his phone and showed Florence the picture of his daughter.

He couldn't hide his excitement.

Florence saw that aside Alice half-caste look she has Maxwell features.

She was very pretty and looks bigger than nine years old.

"I'm happy for you Max. Connecting with your daughter after many years must be a beautiful feeling. How bout Natalie... her mother. Is she expecting you back in Germany...

Florence asked the obvious question on her mind.

"Nay... Natalie is married and had two kids for her husband. She only allowed Alice to speak to me because the little girl wouldn't let her rest. I'm not going over to Germany yet, not soon but I will. Alice can only be allowed to travel when she is sixteen years and that's another seven years from now. I will travel down and see her before then.

Florence nodded.

There was silent, Maxwell spoke again.

"Susan told me that you are not in the mood to see anyone. She briefed me on the divorce and how hard you have been taking it....

"Did my sister call you over to come and see me? Florence asked

"No...no... she never did. I was supposed to have come around but like I said, I got busy with both work and Alice. I'm sorry Flox... maybe this is for the better. Is all a phase... everything will be alright soon. Life is filled with mistakes, none of us is perfect...but we all try to work towards perfection. I'm sorry for all you have to go through and still going through...

Florence breathed deeply without a word.

"...Do...do you want to come around my place? Or will you like to go to the field park or somewhere else... tell me?

Florence shakes head.

"No Max...I ju... just feel like being left alone. I'm trying to get used to the whole thing. Coming out of coma after a near death experience and then getting a divorce... I'm no longer Mrs Spence nor married. I'm back to being single again. Hmmm...I...I don't know how to deal with all of that. Is too much... that's why I need to be alone to digest it properly before anything else...

Maxwell nodded. There was another long silent between them.

He later stood.

"Is better I leave then. Will you atleast call me whenever you need a friend to talk to...I will be looking forward to it" Maxwell said while standing.

"Sure Max, I will. I appreciate all you have done for me...I can't repay you for all your kindness but I'm certain that heaven will reward you greatly for your selflessness..."

Max curved a smile and looked up at her kindly.

He turned and started towards the door.

"....What of yo...your girlfriend... The one I met at your place?

Florence finally asked as Maxwell was leaving.

He turned and looked at Florence strangely.

"What girlfriend...I don't understand Flo? Wait...are you talking about Stephanie...my niece?

Florence blinked severally, she was speechless.

Maxwell continued

"...C'mon, you've met Steph back when we were still together. She was around seven years old then, her brother Eric was four... do you remember? She is seventeen now. Flox, that's Steph...my niece who came visiting all the way from USA and she has gone back to her family.

Florence quickly flashed back and screamed out her shock.

"I remember her and Eric her brother. You took us all out after returning from one of those your long journey, that was before they relocated to America. Oh my goodness... she's so big and pretty too. She looks way more than a teen, I could have swear it that she was above twenty five years. She doesn't look seventeen at all. What kind of food did they feed her with? I remembered her Max... She didn't even recognize me... neither did I. Wow... how time flies. I was thinking all the while that she was your girlfriend...I thought you quickly moved on after what happened between us...

"Well, I haven't yet... moving on is not as easy as it seems. That's why I went crazy in the car that day... ranting out my pain. I know that was crazy but I felt a little better after then but not until Susan called to inform me that you were in coma. You tried killing yourself...I almost died within that period. I thought I was the cause...I thought I pushed you hard to committing suicide. I couldn't eat, sleep or do anything...I kept praying for God to intervene and save you. How happy I was when you came out of coma. Flox, I can't seem to take you out of my heart, It would have been easy if I your thoughts stop occupying my mind. I can't seem to get you off my head Flox. I can't...I have tried. I'm still trying...but is..hard. I know now isn't the right time for this... you are going through so much already and I'm least of your worries. That's okay...I won't bother you Flox, take your time...I only want you to be happy because you deserve it..."

Florence sniffed, wiped a tear off and flashed Maxwell a smile.

He swallowed hard, nooded before walking out of the door.

Florence watched him from the window as he sat in his car for a while before driving off.

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