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15days Fiancee - Chapter 24




15days Fiancee - Chapter 24

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



📲Mark we need to talk.

📲What's going on? You sound damn serious and that's really weird.

📲I sound damn serious because I am damn serious *in frustration*

📲Just calm down okay? What is this about?

📲 It's about Jace.

📲 Seriously? You want to talk to me about your crush?

📲C'mon Mark, it's more than that. Don't worry, we will discuss when we see. I am on my way to your house.

📲What? You didn't even ask if I am at home.

📲I know you have nowhere to go. So you are at home. See you soon.

I hung up the call and waved down a taxi. I hopped in and told him where I was going which was Mark's address.

We hit the road, and I kept thinking about Jace's behavior. Why was he asking me to lower my voice while I was talking about the institute?

There is something he doesn't want Elena to know. And I need to find out what that is.

Or is it that he is planning a surprise for her in the institute?? Orr......

Or she doesn't know he is the owner, and she thinks she is just a judge! That's insane.

Why would she live with him and not see the obvious. It's something different and I will find out from Mark. 

I got to his house, and climbed down from the car. I paid the driver off and walked to the door. I pressed the door bell waiting impatiently for him to open up.

Finally the door opened, and he heaved seeing me. 

"You are just one determined b**ch." He said opening the door wide for me to come in.

"Yes I am. And you are going to provide me with answer my fellow judge." I said and he narrowed his gaze.

"Answers? To what?" He asked and I sat on his couch.

Shared on whatsapp by Martino. 

"I am just coming back from Jace's. And I know you know about his girlfriend or puppet or whatever she is." I said angrily.

"She is Elena. Call her that." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. One thing I am sure of Is that he is hiding something from here. I went there to discuss about the institute's wellbeing which you supposed to have done..."

"Elena was with us and then when I mentioned the institute, he asked Elena to excuse us. And then he started whispering and kept asking me to lower my voice."

"He kept looking around like he committed a crime, and then I guessed he was hiding something from her. So I am here to know what." I said smiling.

"You felt Jace was hiding something from Elena and then you thought I am the only one you can ask? Seriously, can't you go ask Jace himself?" He asked and I smriked.

"Jace won't talk to me and you know that. And I know you are his best friend and you know why that lady is in his house in the very first place. So start talking." I said.

"I know nothing about all this. You know Jace can be secretive some times. And why do you care anyways? He doesn't love you and Elena isn't a fan either. So why are you so concerned about what Jace is hiding from his new love?" He asked.

"Now I know you know something. His new love, that's... New. Well will you just tell me what he is hiding or I can just go to Cassandra and tell her that you are having an affair." I said standing up and his eyes widened.

"You won't dare." He said angrily.

"Oh yes I would. Or you can just tell me what Jace is hiding and then we are cool. Why should you care anyways?" I asked standing akimbo.

"Fine. You will keep your mouth shut! The only thing I know he is hiding is hid status in the institute. She doesn't know he is the owner." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"She doesn't know? And yet they are living in the same house?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I told you all I know." He said.

"And would he hide his status from her? Why would he be so secretive about his position as the CEO? If he had not told her a different thing." I said staring into space, trying to get the puzzle.

"I don't know. I told you everything I know." He said and I smiled.

"I know. You don't want to spoil your relationship with Cassandra. Got it. Thanks for the information, I think Elena and I will be good friends now." I said walking out of the house.

"Why can't you just let them be. Look for someone who will love you for who you are. You don't need to force someone to love you." He said.

"Thanks for the words Mark. But I think you should mind your business because you don't want to break dear Cassandra's heart."

"Whatever i do to gain Jace's attention is none of your business. You can just help me win him back instead." I said grinning.

"Count me out of your evil deeds Lydia." He said angrily and I laughed.

"Of course. But don't stand in my way. I like you more than to destroy you." I said walking out of the house grinning widely.

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