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15days Fiancee - Chapter 20




15days Fiancee - Chapter 20

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 




I woke up and dragged my feet to the bathroom to have my shower. I couldn't sleep well at night knowing Jace was seeing Celine.

And I could stop feeling it was all my fault. I was too hard on him and he was forced to focus on someone else.

I had my shower and I walked out of the bathroom with my towel around my unclad body.

I walked to the front of the mirror and stared at myself sighing. 

"Maybe I should forget about Stefan after all. But it looks like we are beginning to make a couple again."

"What if he finally goes with Celine at the end of the contract, and then I have lost Stefan too? That won't be good at all." I thought.

"Elena?" I heard Jace call at my door.

"Hey." I said walking to the door to get it. I opened it and when he saw me on towels he turned his face.

That was actually weird because he once told me I was too attractive for him look away. I guess I am not attractive to him anymore.

"Actually I have postponed the outing with Celine today, so I will be taking you the voice trainings today." He said and I felt over joyed.

"Why did you postpone it? Is it because of me?" I asked and he smiled.

"Actually she said I should focus on very important things first, and then she can drop by at the house anytime." He said and my mouth curved into a circle.

"So training me is more important than going on a date with her?" I asked eagerly and he shook his head.

"Not that. But she understands the meaning of this contract to both of us and she said she would keep a low profile, even when I said no. She insisted, she is very understanding." He said and I felt great jealously inside of me.

"I am happy for you once again." I said and he nodded.

"Thank you Elena. We should get to work now, incase Celine decides to drop by, we would have the time to talk." He added and I forced a smile on.

He walked out of the room and I breathed out loud. He is really happy to be next to Celine's heart.

I am happy he is happy. At least, they aren't fake like both of us. I searched my closet for a casual clothe to put on.

I saw a large shirt Which I fell in love with Immediately. I wore it and it stretched down below my a*s.

I picked up my bumber shorts and wore it under it. As I walked in front of the mirror, my a*s couldn't stop shaking in it.

I brushed my air, and Packed it in a ponytail. I wore my floppy slippers and headed out of the room.

I got to the living room and I saw Jace was already sitting up the place like he always does.

"Give me a minute, and I will be done." He said without looking up and I nodded.

"And.. I am done!" He said dusting his hand and his gaze finally landed on me. He couldn't stop staring at me for some minutes before he looked away quickly.

"We will be dealing with breath control today." He said and I nodded smiling.

"Sounds like fun to me." I said and he shook his head.

"I doubt that. It's not as easy as you think it to be." He said.

"And that's why you are here. To teach me right?" I asked standing akimbo.

"Right." He replied passing the microphone to me.

"You follow my lead." He said and i nodded. 

"Doh." He pronounced shortly and I did the same thing in the microphone.


"That's good. So now, we are making it longer." He said and I nodded.

"Dohhhhh." He sang and then I took a deep breath before I sang mine too.

"Dohhhhh." I sang and he shook his head coming closer to me.

"You changed the key on your way. You need to be on the same key throughout the pronounciation." He said and I nodded.

I breathed in and out again before taking it.

"Dohhhhh." I sang.

"Way better." He said smiling and I smiled Happily.

"Now we are going as far as we can." He said and I felt scared just hearing him say that.

"Doooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." He stretched on an high volume and my eyes widened.

"I can't do that Jace. My vocal cords are going to explode." I said and he laughed.

"No they won't. You need to know when you are doing it correctly." He said moving to my back and placing his hand around my waist and I shivered.

I was about to ask what he was doing when he spoke up.

"Once you get it, you feel your lower tummy here hurting as you hold your breath. It tends to tighten as you sing." He said moving his hand around my lower tummy and I felt some weird sensation between my legs.

I turned my head to the side to look at him, he stared at me and I turned a little further to look at him. 

The staring got intense and our heads began to move closer.

"So, I bet you understand what I told you." He said leaving me and walking away. 

I bit my lower lips shutting my eyes before facing him, and I nodded to his last statement.

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