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15days Fiancee - Chapter 19




15days Fiancee - Chapter 19

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 


                           🥼 JACE 🥼

📲We would see tomorrow right? 

*Walking into the house*

📲Yes. Tomorrow it is. 

📲Take care of yourself *smiling*. 

I hung up the call and then I saw Elena sitting in the living room. I smiled as I approached her. 

Her back was against me, so I couldn't see her face. I walked closer and then looked at her face to see she was fast asleep.

I smiled widely looking at how beautiful she was as she slept. I moved my face to hers staring at her Intensely.

"Hey." I whispered and for the first few seconds, it was like she was still very fast asleep. 

Then after that, she tightened her eyes and when she opened it and saw me she shook in fear.

"Oh my... Why are you so close?" She asked and I laughed moving to the other couch.

"Wanted to check if you were truly asleep. You know you are the funniest person I have ever met." I said and she rolled her eyes.

"I doubt that. How is Celine?" She asked and I furrowed my brows.

"You know Celine?" I asked and she nodded.

"Yes. She is my Best and only friend." She said within gritted teeth.

"Wow such great coincidence. I don't think this Celine is your Celine." I said grinning.

"She is. Because I saw her." She said and I narrowed my brows.

"You saw us? Were you following us?" I asked and she shook her head immediately.

"Of course I was not. I was in the same restaurant with my date when you came in. I bet you didn't see me since you were so busy." She said and I laughed.

"Yeah. I didn't even think you would be there. That's Awkward. When did you leave?" I asked getting rid of my shoes.

"After we were done." She replied looking away.

"Really? But as soon as we were served food I looked around the Restaurant and I didn't find you." I said and she nodded swallowing hard.

"Yeah. We weren't planning to stay long because I was tired and sleepy. You even met me sleeping you know." She said laughing and I nodded.

"I will go to the room now." I said standing up and she stopped me by speaking up.

"So what are our plans for tomorrow?" She asked looking at me.

"Nothing. Tomorrow is free for both of us." I said happily.

"Why is it free? We haven't even covered anything in the voice training." She said and I sighed.

"I am occupied tomorrow. And for the voice training, that's the least of our problems. I am a good coach and you are a fast learner. Very easy." I said facing forward and walking away.

"What are you occupied with Tomorrow. Since I am free, I can tag along you know." She said and I smriked before looking back.

"Actually that won't be a good idea. Celine won't appreciate a third party." I said finally walking away so she wouldn't stop me again.


I got home grinning widely and happily. Going on a date with Jace the Judge was a dream come through for me.

I walked Into the house and Mother rushed to me immediately. 

"Celine tell me how it went." She said happily and I flushed.

"Mom it was awesome. The way he looked at me, the way he smiled, the way he spoke, I couldn't do but smile." I said and she clapped Happily.

"I am.so happy to hear that." She said and I nodded heading to my room.

"I want to rest now mother. I will give you the full details when I am awake." I said and she allowed me go up to my room.

I shut the door and jumped on the bed happily. I stared at the pictures we took and then used one of my phone's wallpaper. 

It looked perfect on it. I began to undress when my phone began to ring. I reached for it and it appeared to be Elena.

📲Hey Girlfriend!!

📲Hey Celine. You sound so happy what's up?

📲 Nothing. I am just In a good mood today.

📲Really? And what's the cause??

📲 Nothing much. How are you??

📲I am great. Just came back from a dinner with Stefan.

📲Really? Seems you two are getting together quite well than expected.

📲Yes we are 

📲That's great.

📲Really? You are not going to say anything about it?

📲What do you want me to say? You already warned me not to talk to you about Stefan anymore. Which shows that you love him and I want the best for you.


📲Of course Elena. Why are you sounding this way?

📲 Nothing much. I am not just In a good mood.

📲 Really? You can talk to me, or someone next to you if you can't share it on phone. I can come over.

📲No, don't bother coming. I will rather talk to Jace. Thanks for advice.

📲 Okay then. Take care of yourself okay? I need to really rest now. It's been an hectic day.

📲Of course it has been. Bye for now.

I hung up the call and smiled placing it on the bed. Finally getting rid of my whole dress so I could take a good nap.

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