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15days Fiancee - Chapter 15




15days Fiancee - Chapter 15

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



I opened my eyes and then met myself on the bed, in the midst of the naked ladies I partied with last night.

I stood up yawning staring at their naked a*ses. I got up and I spanked one of the a*s as I headed to the bathroom.

I searched for my towel and then I found it in between the legs of a lady. 

"Ewwww." I picked it up and perceived it. It smelt like alcohol so I left it with her pressing her b**bs. I took my robe which was neatly hung on the door, and I headed to the bathroom.

On my way, I saw a left over cake from yesterday party, and I threw the last pieces of the cake in my mouth.

I got to the bathroom and I turned on the shower. I shut my eyes and bowed my head absorbing the feel of the water on my skin.

"Wait. Where is my phone?" I thought and quickly rounded off my shower. I walked out of the bathroom tieing the robe around me.

I was still looking for my phone when I heard the door bell ring. 

"Who is there?" I asked still searching for my phone and the next thing I heard was a loud bang on my door.

"What the heck! Who the hell wants to break down me f**king door." I asked angrily walking to the door.

I opened it and to my surprise I met Celine at the door.

"Celine?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes Celine." She said looking at me from head to toe before finding her way into the house.

"Now I see. Having this kind of ladies around you early in the morning." She said and I shut the door sighing.

"Celine I know we are not a fan of each other. But that doesn't make you fit to barg into my house anyhow." I said and she folded her arm.

"After I tell you why I am here, then you can defend yourself about that." She said 

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You know it's annoying to see you partying and sleeping with all sorts of girls while my friend is still obessed about you." She said.

"So this is about Elena. Celine, you and I know I have nothing to do with Elena." I said.

"I know but she doesn't. You need to make her Understand you don't love her anymore." She said and I furrowed my brows.

"And why should I do that?" I asked folding my arm.

"Because she is still in love with you, and you are not worth it. So if you want to do the right, you need to tell her to the face that you aren't here because of her and that you don't love her. It's quite simple." She said and I sighed.

"Fine. If that's what I can do to make you stop getting on my nerves. Fine! I don't like her anymore, so I will just make her understand that. Happy?" I asked and she smiled.

"Now for the very first time, we agree on something. It's for the good of both of you. If you don't tell her, she wouldn't move on just like you have done, obviously.." she said looking at the sleeping beauties.

"So if you really care for Elena, you will stay away from her." She said and stormed out of the house. 

I shut the door again and resumed the search for my cellphone. And there it was close to the bar table.

I breathed out and reached for it. I forgot totally to switch off my online connection last night, so I had tons of notifications.

I wanted to place a call across to Elena, but before that, I was forced to open the excess notifications.

And then I saw Elena's post on Instagram. I opened it and then I see her and another guy looking very happy. They even kissed in the photo.

I looked at it trying to link it to what Celine told me. If she is looking like she has moved on, why is Celine saying all these? 


"She wants me to feel like she had moved on! I think I am going to play along in this game."


I almost got home hoping Stefan will do as I said. I can't just let her ruin her life for that b**ch.

I kept walking and then my phone began to ring in my jean pockets. I reached for it and wanted to check the caller.

I saw it was an unknown number. Maybe it's Stefan calling, he must have talked to Elena.

I picked it up and spoke up first. 

📲Hey. Have you spoken to her?

📲Spoken to who?

*Realizes that it isn't Stefan.*

📲Sorry who is this?

📲This is Jace. Jace Bone.

📲Jace Bone??! You mean Jace the judge.

📲That's what people call me so I can say yes to that. 

📲Oh my God. I am honored to have you on the phone. What can I do for you?

📲 Actually I need a favor from you.

📲A favor? 

📲Can we meet? It's kinda confidential, I can't say it on the phone. 

📲We should meet? Hope no problems? Is Elena Okay?

📲There are no problems, and trust me when I say Elena is okay. She is perfectly fine 

📲So where and when is this meeting holding?

 📲 Tomorrow. I will text you the address and time now.

📲Okay. Tomorrow it is.

📲And please come alone. And Elena shouldn't know about this, or the other meetings till I think she should.

📲Other meetings?

📲You will understand better when we see. I got to go Celine. Thank you for listening.

📲You are always welcomed. 

He hung up and I stared at my phone for several minutes, I couldn't believe my ears.

Did I just speak to Jace the judge? And he wants us to meet, at a restaurant?? 

That is indirectly a date!!! Oh My.......  And he doesn't want Elena knowing.

Those that mean. ...


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