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15days Fiancee - Chapter 10




15days Fiancee - Chapter 10

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



The door opened and I saw Jace at the door smiling faintly. I felt immediately that something was wrong.

"Welcome." He said kissing my cheeks and helping me with my bags. I walked in and then I saw Lydia standing in the living room with her hands crossed.

I smriked and turned to face Jace kissing him on the lips and wrapping my hands around his neck. He held me by the waist and kissed me back.

"Seriously?" Lydia asked angrily and I smiled disengaging. I stared at Jace and he stared back.

"Do you think she bought it?" I whispered in his ears like I was hugging him.

"Yeah. I think so." He stammered.

"You didn't tell me you were having a visitor." I said walking to where Lydia stood.

"Don't you dare come near me." She said boiling in anger.

"Why? Because I finally have what you have been after for a very long time?" I asked and Jace cleared his throat.

"Can we not make sure a scene please?" Jace stated and I looked at her.

"I knew something was going on between you two. I knew something was fishy when you talked about leaving your work." She said and he sighed.

"I am sorry you had to find out this way." He said and she grabbed her bag.

"When you are doing using her, I will be right here because I know you don't have feelings for her. You don't have feelings for anyone." She said and walked past me hitting my shoulders.

She got out and slammed the door pretty hard.

"Is that true? That you don't have feelings for anyone." I said and he nodded looking away.

"At Least we made her believe we are something. That's the goal of this right?" I asked and he nodded.

"And about the kissing, can you please stop doing that? I mean, it's not a must we kissed before they know we are couples." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah that's true. I shouldn't do that and I am sorry. That was the only way to punish her." I said and he looked at me.

"So you kissed me to punish her?" He asked and I nodded.

"Of course. You don't know how happy I am to see that look on her face. That's how much I hate her." I said looking around the house.

"Oh okay. I will show you the room." He said picking up the bags.

"The room or my room?" I asked and he looked at me.

"Your room for the mean time. Don't worry I won't ask you to sleep on the same bed with me." He said and I laughed.

"Of course you won't. This isn't real." I said and he breathed out carrying the bags to the room while I followed behind. 

"You have a nice house." I added and he smiled.

"Thank you." He replied opening the door and letting me walk in first.

"I think I am beginning to like this gentle man's act of yours." I said and he carried the bags into the room.

"It's not an act, that's me for you. You shouldn't always believe that everything is an act." He said.

"Everything we do here is an act expect for the voice training aspect. After that, the fiancee shit is an act." I said sitting on the bed.

"So you don't think we would make a great couple if this were real?" He asked and i laughed looking at him.

"Says someone that has no feelings to someone whose heart belongs to someone else. Of course not, we won't make one." I said and I saw him swallow hard.

"It's cool." He said Smiling and I nodded.

"And don't worry. I won't kiss you again if it makes you feel uncomfortable." I said and he nodded.

"Feel at home. I need to attend to somethings." He said and walked out of the house, while I layed on the bed enjoying the texture.

This would be the best 15 days of my life, living with Jace Bone in this mansion, and seeing Stefan die of jealously.

That's the best thing that had ever happened to me. He left me for another lady, now he has to know how it feels. 

And that starts now. With Jace.

                   🥼 JACE 🥼

I drove out of the compound to the restaurant where I asked my friend Mark.

I got to the restaurant and came down, I sighted him at our regular spot in the restaurant. I walked in and he smiled as soon as he saw me.

"Jace the judge." He hailed just as always.

"Hey Mark. Not in the mood for that." I said sitting down sadly.

"Tell me everything, I am all ears." He said and I sighed.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" I asked and he narrowed his gaze looking at me.

"Love at first sight. Well I do, from certain people. But if it's from you, it will be hard to believe." He said.

"I know but I think I fell in love the first time I saw her." I said 

"Who?" He asked.

"Elena Valentine." I said and he almost laughed.

"Seriously? That girl with the horrible voice?" He asked and I frowned.

"C'mon Mark. I am talking about my feelings here and you are mocking me. Seriously?" I asked and he stopped laughing.

"Okay I am sorry. It's just that it's quite funny falling in love with lady who sand horribly on stage." He said.

"No. I met her before she climbed the stage." I said and he nodded.

"Okay so what's wrong?" He asked.

"When she got disqualified by us. I told her I could help her get into the institute if she could act as my fiancee for 15 days." I said and my eyes widened.

"Seriously? Did you have to go that far? You are the owner of the institute. You could bring her in without anyone questioning you." He said and I nodded. 

"I know Mark. But I want her close to me. I feel weird going tell her I fell for her on first sight." I said and he sighed.

"So she doesn't know you are the owner?" He asked and I shook my head.

"She doesn't know and I don't want her to know. Not yet. Cos I just made her pack into my house telling her that I would have to give her some Coaching on how to sing and we won't be entertaining distractions. I told her that's the only way to get into the institute."  I rapped.

"Wow it looks like you have everything under control. So why are you worried?" He asked.

"Because I thought she may feel something for me too but she doesn't. We have kissed twice but it was just part of the act. She reminds me every time that this is just an act and her heart belongs to someone else."

"She even told me that we can't make a perfect couple if it were real." I said and he breathed out loud .

"This won't be easy Jace. Been rejected isn't easy. What do you plan on doing?" He asked and I shook my head.

"I don't know. That's why i am here." I said.


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