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Through The Shadow 3 - Final Episode




Through The Shadow 3 - Final Episode
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   Louisa briefed them on Schwezilia's evil doings... How she abduct children and train them into something else..

How she uses them for her own selfish desires.. by transporting hard drugs, stealing and prostitution..

She encouraged them to be of good behavior as report any suspicious person to the authority... 

And they shouldn't worry cause as she's speaking right now to them, the police has been sent to the various hideout of wicked Schwezilia to rescue the children..

She also promised to help the helpless and needy in whatever way she can. And she wants others to emulate good behavior to Newyork city a better place to live.

They all agreed to the terms and clapped for her later on.
      Hours Later 

  Seon, Louisa, bayley, Damon, Andrea, Aiden and Ciara drove to Louisa's place to spend the night there.

It was a special day of reunion for all of them as none couldn't let go of each.

Louisa on the other part sat with Ciara on her laps as the little girl slept peacefully... She has really missed her so much and she finds it hard to let go of a even for a minute.

Bayley sighted Louisa and walked up to her. Taking a seat beside her..

"She's asleep already Louisa.. do you mind if I take her to your room?"..

"Don't bother.. I don't want her out of my sight. Never again!" Louisa retorted.

"I am so happy this is all over louis .. I mean, who would have thought you'd overcome your shadows?"

'' I never thought that one day ,the world will get to know my dark past... I'm so happy that I'm finally Through with my Shadows" 

"You're d@mn right.. Through the shadows my friend... And I guess it's high time I get over mine...
I recently discovered that My lifestyle has become my Shadow... If I can change the way I live... My conquests, smoking and drinking... I'll still go through mine" Bayley replied smiling softly.

"I'm happy you have finally realized your shadows... And I promise to go through it with you" Louisa sffirmed smiling warmly at her.

"Thank you Louisa...." She paused, biting hard on her lips...

"And by the way,... Do you still uhmmm... I mean, is there still a vacancy at Lintel?" Bayley asked 

Louisa chuckled lightly

"Even if there's none.. I'll definitely create one for you " 

"Thank you so much Louisa .. You're one in a million" she appreciated...

" So what now? You and Seon?" Bay asked 

"Isn't it obvious already? .... We'll get married and start a family of our own.. and I think that also applied with damon and Andrea" Louisa smiled... As she watched those two laugh together on their own...

"Don't you think you need to get hooked up too with a real-real date Bayley?" 

"Huh? What do you mean?" Bayley asked throwing Louisa a puzzled look.

Bayley traced Louisa's eyes to exactly whom she was referring to.... And her eyes met with Aiden... Who was obviously staring at them.

"You ought to be kidding Louisa!" Bayley burst out...

"What?? He's cute.. your kind of guy" she chuckled out.

"We only just met today idiot" 

"I think he likes you .. can't you see he's staring.." Louisa crooned.. raising her brows...

"Oh... Really ...."

"Yes Babe ... " Louisa nodded...

    Bayley excused herself to get a drink when she mistakenly bumped into Aiden  who was equally on his way to ~God knows where~

"I am so so sorry!" Bayley apologised..

"My bad" He scoffed..

"No... I wasn't looking at my direction so it's my fault" 

"It's okay... So where were you up to?" He asked.

"On my way to get a drink...."

"Alright then.  Let me walk you there..." Aiden gestured... 
"Alright... It'll be a pleasure"  Bayley blushed hard...
And together, they left for the cellar.

" Those two will get along pretty soon. Don't you think?" Louisa asked seon who sat beside her smooching her hair..

"I trust my friend " he chuckled... Staring at the two who were obviously engaged in a chit-chatted. Smiling and drinking with ease.

"But first, let's talk about us". Seon stated... Pecking Louisa on her cheeks

"Together we'll become one perfect family... You. Me. Ciara and our unborn child... 

I love you so so so much". Seon tilted her face claiming her lips... Kissing her so passionately.

"Gosh! I'm so crazy about you" she smacked her lips as they disengaged.

"And I love you too" she added resting her head on his shoulder.

Louisa's joy knew no bounds... Karma has finally smiled on her. 
She's finally with the man of her dreams and together, they'll make a lovely family...

All she has ever wanted ...

~~~Through The Shadows~~~
A new beginning awaits...
      As time went on, Louisa got married to seon 
And Damon also wedded Andrea... 

Bayley got into a serious relationship with Aiden which would later on lead to marriage.

Louisa and Andrea put to birth same week and gave birth to beautiful baby girls..

Louisa named her baby "  Rosiana"
And Andrea " Jasmine "
They were so so happy and their union only grew each passing day.

Few months Later,
Bayley and Aiden got....

Ciara lived happily with seon and Louisa who equally took her as family.. she'd most times spend weekends at Bayley's place or Andrea's...

Life went on smoothly for them and they cherished their union more than anything 

There's a lot to learn from this book... But I'll specifically list out some important Lessons which I want us to learn and Emulate.

From the case of Louisa.. we should learn to forgive and move on.
She forgave her friend even when she knew Bayley was the cause of her prosecution.. she forgave without hesitation.

We should learn to let go for the benefit of others.
When bayley discovered her friend had interest in Seon whom she was obviously having Feelings for, she let go..
      Shared on whatsapp by Martino. 
It wasn't easy but she however did.. to satisfy her friend because Louisa means Alot to her.

Louisa also let go of seon for her baby's safety..
It was the hardest decision to ever make but she however did..

We should learn to let go when need be..

But not all the time... Cause most situations are worth fighting for 

(This doesn't mean when tough time comes you should let go of your man/woman... No ! Please fight for what you love... If that person is worth fighting for, please fight! And never let go)

Never give up:::
Ciara never gave up despite her tight situation...
She held on to her faith and always believed that she'll be alright.

Most importantly, we should most times act like seon,... Who forsaked all he had and went in disguise..
He had everything he could ever ask off but he decided to go far away from all that and live a normal life..
It was very tough for him 
And guess what?
He made the right decision 

We should also learn to stand and defend our loved ones in times of hardship..

Seon, bayley and Ciara stood by Louisa and saved her from a life-time prosecution..
Y'all can as well write what you learnt from this book in the comment section..
I know most people learnt differently... So please, kindly drop below👇 so others will learn too..

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