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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 9




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 9
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis

      *Two Days Later*

   Seon sat at the balcony obviously lost in thoughts..  he's back to Milano city.. ~his home town~

He's back for some reasons and it's very obvious that he didn't achieve anything during his stay in New York City. 

No Louisa... No happiness.

He actually came back for two reasons. 
One for the search of Ciara. Since it's clear to him that she is somewhere around Italy. 

Second is Louisa. 
He never saw a reason to stay back in new York after being fired by Louisa. There's virtually nothing there to hold on to. 

Louisa gave him up and firing him meant she's done with him.

What happens to the love they shared for each other? He thought she confessed she loves him.

What really happened to that love?
He die she just say it back to him for reciprocation?

He couldn't tell for now cause he has already cut all links leading to Louisa. He's so heartbroken and he doesn't know if blocking her number was the right thing to do.

He should forget about her. Just the way she's trying to forget him. 
It does hurt like hell 🤒

For just two days away from her he isn't himself. He has bluntantly refused to speak to him parents about anything concerning his stay in New York.

All he needs now is to be alone... All by himself and maybe get along with Andrea who is pregnant for him.

He's gonna do the needful since he's responsible...

He suddenly jerked from his thoughts when he felt a touch on his shoulders. He took a glance at the hand before tracing it to the person's Face.

"Aiden" he trailed off.

"Why did you flinch that way? It's just me man" he chuckled lightly, taking a sit beside him.

"You look lost seon" he blurted out staring at his friend..

"Is it that obvious?" Seon asked with a slight smile.

"Yes...  So what's wrong? Since you came back from your trip you haven't really been yourself. You never told me how exactly you spent your time over there. 
How you managed to cope managed to cope without any assistance... 

I really don't like your mood. It's ridiculously terrible" 

Seon exhaled sharply. 
"I got a job at Lintel companies at new Jersey and within some weeks, I was transferred to the headquarters in New York City"

"Whoa! That's cool man. Hope you made progress?" Aiden asked, snapping into his words.

Seon cackled,. "yes. At my new site, I kind of fell in love with a lady.." 

He paused when he noticed the way Aiden winked at him in a mischievous way...

He smiled at his friend's reaction and then went on to tell him everything that happened there,.... Their love affair and heartbreak.

" Everything started crumbling the moment Andrea showed up .... 
 I really don't Know what Happened.. she told she is...

"Pregnant for you" Aiden snapped in, completing his statement.

Seon's brow furrowed..

"Hey man. Don't look suprised. I've got something with eavesdropping... I kind of eavesdropped on my dad and Andrea last night. And he knows about the pregnancy too" 

Aiden added, and then continued...

"Is that why you came back? Because Andrea got pregnant for you?" .

.Seon sighed out, shaking his head.

"Not really. I came back for some private reasons... And also because she fired me. 

She wasn't really okay with Andrea's pregnancy. I tried to explain things to her that it wasn't my fault. I tried to tell her that Andrea had practically drugged me and made me get her pregnant. 

She wouldn't listen to any of it" 

"Andrea drugged you? Why am I not even surprised" he blurted out...

"The morning she fired me, I kind of bumped into Andrea' on her way out of Louisa's office" 

"Wait a sec.... Andrea left her office the same morning she fired you. Don't you think Andrea has a hand in this?" Aiden asked trying to figure a clue.

"I know Louisa . If you're trying to say Andrea threatened her then you must be wrong cause the Louisa I fell in love with isn't scared of threats... 
What can Andrea hold against her, or threaten her with?" Seeing scoffed.

"Louisa isn't scared of anything  Aiden... One of these days I'm gonna fill you in with Louisa Sullivan's history" seon added causing Aiden to smile a little.

."I'm sure you're aware it's my sister we are talking about here. You act as if you don't know her anymore.

Andrea has her way of doing things. She's got a dirty way of getting what she wants. 
She must have done something to make Louisa fire you. 
I mean it's no coincidence. Seeing Andrea leave the office that same morning you got fired. 

My sister plays dirty seon!" Aiden commented truthfully.

Seon was getting really confused no, he doesn't know what to believe anymore. 

He knows Andrea' and her dirty games. But he also knows Louisa.
Louisa isn't the scared type that will flinch at threats.

Louisa is tough and brave.

~but one thing seon doesn't know is that, coming into Louisa's heart melted those tough and bossy attitude of hers. He was gradually turning her heart to be soft as it ought to be~

  "I don't know what to believe Aiden. But there's one thing I know.
I'm not going back to New York City. 
Whatever reason that made Louisa fire me must be best for the both of us. Especially for her. 
I respect her decision for that" 

"If that's what you want.. what next step are you taking?" 

"I guess I'll have to stick to the proper arrangements for which has been made by your sister and your dad."

"You want to pull through with the marriage? With Andrea?" 
The concern on Aiden's voice caused a deep furrow across his brow.

"It's on Probation. At Least I'm Responsible" seon sighed out in defeat

"But you have no feelings. For my sister. You can't marry someone you don't love" Aiden retorted disgustfully.

"I may not love her now, but I'll learn to..."

"Seon are you sure about this? Do you really want to do this?" 

"There's nothing more to do Aiden. It's the next step from here. " Seon concluded..

As his vision turned blurry.... Not knowing if he's making the right decision.

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