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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 7




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 7
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


      Andrea' got dressed in a jean trouser and a crop top that morning. 
Damon has travelled back to Italy so it's just her alone in her apartment.

She applied her necessary make ups and picked up her bag. She's going to see seon to make arrangement back to Italy. She headed out of her room to the sitting just to see bayley seated 

"Jesus Christ! You startled me" she flinched and then continued
"How did you get in?" 

"Saw the door opened so I made my way through" 
She replied staring stalwartly at Andrea..

" You know.." She began, getting up from her seat 
"This is no good dress considering your condition" she blurted out moving closer to her.

Andrea scoffed, she clearly understands her point. "What do you want Bayley?" She asked moving away from her.

"Good question" she smacked her lips.
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"Stay away from my friends Andrea. Stay away from seon and Louisa. Louisa has done no wrong to you and you can't just barge into her life to make decisions for her. You don't threaten my friend for chrissake" Bayley spat out to her face.

"Threaten? You don't know the meaning of threats do you?" Andrea clipped turning her gaze to her.

"It wasn't a threat Bayley. That's my way of telling her to do something politely" she added causing bay to chuckle

"I'm not here for sh!tful words. Just stay clear from my friend... Stay very far from her.." Bayley warned sternly.

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to to beg for forgiveness or squirm under my toes?" Andrea' bluntly asked.

" I'm done here. Don't take my word for granted" she finalised heading to the door.

"You care so much about your dear friend Louisa and yet you sold her so easily" Andrea smirked.

Bayley frozed at a spot, turning Swiftly to Andrea in a puzzled manner.

"What do you mean?" She arched

"You really don't know what you did do you? That night...." Andrea' arched in a meaningful way.

"What happened that night?" Bayley asked gripping Andrea's top to her throat.

"Whooa! Easy there feisty. This is no good way to handle me considering my condition" She smirked wickedly.

Bayley maintained her grip for a while before letting go of her.

"What happened that night Andrea?" She asked trying to hide her nervousness.

"You sold your Friend to Me. That's what happened" 

"What did I say? Andrea' what the Fvck did I say?" She asked almost in tears.

"You said something you shouldn't have said" Andrea blurted out.

"Andrea' I was simply drunk that night and I said Alot of things that I never meant. You don't have to believe any of it. They are gibberish" ..

"Oh you mean I shouldn't believe the part where you stated Matter of factly that your dearest friend Louisa Sullivan killed Jonathan Bucks"

"What??? That's nonsense. Don't tell me you're actually buying that" Bayley quibbled with a cackle

"I believe whatever I want Bayley. Everything you poured out that night is right here with me. 

But fear not, I don't mean to expose your friend. I've got no business with Louisa. All I want is Seon . So if you value your friend so much and her reputation, you'll advice her to stay away from seon" 
Andrea stated as Bayley sighed out in relief.

"I'll try to do that. But since you have no business with Louisa. Why not just let whatever I said that night die down?"
Bayley asked in a pleading manner.

"I wish I could but whatever I've got with me here, isn't really for my use. It's actually for my mom" 

"Your mom? What has your Mom got with Louisa?" 

Andrea paused as if trying to remember something. Then she shrugged

"Well I don't know. But time will tell. So bayley I really have to see someone. Shut the door when you're out" 
With that , Andrea left the house.


 Louisa dialed seon's number continuously. But it wasn't going through. 
It's almost noon and she really wanted to talk to him. Please for the drastic decision she made and tell him she's never letting go of him for anyone.

She has no option than to pay him a visit. It's worth everything.


"What do you mean by Seon has be a cleared out?" Andrea asked the lady on blue in Anger.

"He cleared off his name this Early morning. He no longer lives here"

"That Son-of-a-ßitch!" She exclaimed in horror.
"So he has finally left! To where for chrissake?" 
"This is no Time for hide and seek seon" she bit her lip tentatively.

Andrea Huffed and walked out of the receptionist sight only to bump into Louisa at the entrance door 

"Look who has come to pay her sweet heart a visit" Andrea squealed sarcastically.

"Speaking of the devil, what are you doing here" Louisa asked giving her a disgusting look.

"Ain't I supposed to be asking you that, I mean it's work day Louisa"
She retorted rather rudely

"Yeah, good thing you are aware of that. So you better not waste my Time with your rambling" Louisa eyed her out of her way as he headed for the door.

"He isn't around for your information. Seon no longer lives here"

"Make me believe that" Louisa replied nonchalantly rolling her eyes at her.

"See for yourself then. I came here for same purpose you know"

"Where the hell is Seon Andrea? And what the Fvck is this all ab....

She was cut off by Andrea's phone which rang out.

"Hey Mom" she smiled...

"What? I can't come over now. I've got some unfinished business here..." Andrea frowned.

"Fine!" She sighed out in defeat as she ended the call.

She turned to Louisa and smiled...
"Goodbye cupcake... My mom just called saying  she has already sent a private plane for  me that.she wants me back in Italy. So .. see you when I see you next"

Andrea bade farewell to Louisa and flagged down a taxi. 
"Airport" she ordered as the taxi took off.

Louisa sighed in relief. It's a good thing Andrea is leaving for Italy. Now she'll have enough time to look for her seon.

His new location and apartment. 
it's a search for her SEON


Seon has gone M.I.A

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