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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 6



Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 6
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Seon left his office and headed home straight in so much disappointment. 

So Louisa has finally let go of him... It hurts so much. And he can't bear such pain...

Since Louisa has rejected him, he see no reason why he'll still be in New York...

He'll leave town back to his country for good.. if that'll make her happy.

Seon walked over to his apartment and found the door opened, he had actually locked his door before leaving the house.. 
He thought making his way into it

Who must have...

"Hello Seon.. back from work so soon?" Andrea drawled startling seon who threw her a Stern look.

"What are you doing here and how did you get in?"

"Easy there angry bird. I told the lady downstairs that I'm your fiancee and I needed to get in"
She blurted out.

"You are going too far Andrea.. you know what? I want you to get out" he ordered pointing towards the door.

"Don't bother showing me out, I was actually waiting to pass an information to you.  I already told my dad about our baby and he says he's expecting you" 

"Is that all?" He asked in disgust.

"Yeah... So i want you to prepare lover boy... We are going back home" she smirked picking up her bag and made out of his apartment.

Seon flinged his files away collapsing on the bed.. 

He sat upright and clicked on his laptop. His eyes fell on the name visible on it...

There's just one more thing left to do in Italy...

          Late Evening 

Louisa was so lost in thoughts. What has she done? She has done something she don't think she'll forgive herself for.

She doesn't think she can make it through the night all by herself. She needs bayley now...
She texted her friend who assured her she'll be there in a moment.

What has she done?
 She feels so weak and tired right now .. she's becoming soft and she doesn't like it. Though it isn't her fault what can she do to overcome pregnancy hormones and her soft heart?

      Minutes Later 

 Bayley noticed the cold behavior of Louisa ... She isn't herself this evening and it's scaring bayley. 

"What's wrong Louisa?" She asked pulling Louisa into her arms.

Louisa saw no need to hide her feelings. She was loosing her mind and she needs someone right now to console her..

There and then, she told bayley about her pregnancy, Andrea's threat and How she fired seon.

Bayley was kind of surprised to hear about her friends pregnancy. she never predicted such to happen. 

But then again, she remembered Louisa telling her what they shared together on his first night at the mashion.

"That's so unfair Louisa... You never had to fire him all because of Andrea's mere threats" 


"Louisa .. I must say this out loud and clear. I don't like your new attitude.. I don't like the way you put up things. How could fire seon because of that idiot? .... You are growing too soft for my liking Louisa and Andrea is using this pregnancy as your weakness." Bayley ranted out..

"From what I've heard do far bay... Andrea is tough..."

"And you are tougher! " Bayley retorted standing up from her seat in demonstration.

"The Louisa I know isn't a bluffer! She doesn't take bullshits from people. She's got her own way of doing things and not because of some Dirty threats!

The Louisa I grew up with is Fierce! She doesn't squirm because of threats. She is the Boss of all bosses! She gives ten folds to brats like Andrea.

Louisa doesn't let some outsider make decisions for her. 
My Louisa kick asses! She is my super woman and she never gives up on something she loves. 

She is the fiery Boss Lady! 
That's who Louisa is. And I know that she is the one sitting before me..

Because you are carrying something in you doesn't make you a weakling.

You are stronger than they think Louisa. You are stronger with the baby in you because it only makes you two-in-one.

Never forget who you are Louisa... You are my hero and friend!" 

Bayley listed out all these to Louisa making her realize herself.

Louisa smiled in agreement.

"You are right! You are fvcking right for once Bay! I just can't let Andrea make my decisions for me. 
Who the Fvck does she think she is? No one tells me what to do. I am my own boss 

And Andrea is just a spoilt rich brat who needs to be taught some lessons. And I'm gonna be her perfect teacher"

Louisa stated Matter of factly.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Bayley chuckled, smacking her hands together with Louisa in the air.
"Way to go girl" she added with all smiles.

"First thing's first bayley... I'm gonna get my Seon back.. the company needs him! I NEED HIM!" Louisa clearly stated.

"I shouldn't have fired him at first place. I will set things right" she lamented.

"Thank you so much Bayley. For making me realize who I truly am" she added pulling her into a tight embrace.

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